Comparative Analysis of Marcio Alaor and David Neelman

Marcio Alaor was found in recent days giving a message with regard to the aviation businessman David Neelman. In this message, Alaor conveyed a sense of pride in the achievement of Neelman. Neelman’s accomplishments as a businessman and entrepreneur bear great resemblance to the Marcio Alaor’s own success, but also bears stark differences. This article will address these differences.
Marcio Alaor has improved upon and lead his company for several years. His financial group, the BMG bank was founded by his grandfather years before Alaor was born. The group had small beginnings and grew organically, and has remained in the control of a family member since its inception. Marcio Alaor’s business success differs from the success of David Neelman mainly due to the preparation each man received with relation to their future companies. As the heir to a family business, Marcio Alaor knew from an early age that when he reached maturity, he would be expected to take a leadership position in his family’s financial group. With that expectation in mind, he gradually prepared himself for the position by becoming employed with a financial group at an early age in order to “learn the ropes” and become adequately prepared to be an executive in the company. Upon maturity, Alaor earned the leadership position in his family’s business.
David Neelman, in contrast to Marcio Alaor, had no intentions of becoming the leader of a business when he first decided to venture into the world of the traveling industry. After taking a job with an traveling airline company, Neelman gained knowledge about consumer practices and relationships that few groomed executives will ever receive. As a former employee of the type of business he eventually launched himself, he was able to clearly view and respond to the needs and desires of his passengers. Later, after years of working directly with airline passengers, Neelman began to develop companies and tools that catered specifically to the airline passengers in a way that had not been done before. This caused his airline company to flourish and prosper rapidly. Because he was not specifically groomed for leadership in the way Alaor was, he may not have been as thoroughly prepared to lead from an executive’s point of view, but his advantage came through his expert knowledge of the travel industry in general, as well as his knowledge and skill of detecting consumer needs. Though these businessmen came from different backgrounds and embraced different goals, they have both established successful and lucrative companies and led these companies to be the top company in their specific industries. The history of these companies reveals that there are several paths to progress and prosperity. While there are many paths to choose from, all paths require labor and sacrifice.

What Top Shelf Ingredients are Really Healthy for Dogs?

If you’re like most loving pet owners, you’re starting to realize that there are some nutrients and some ingredients that are both healthy for you and healthy for your pet, including:

-Coconut oil a popular ingredient in adult and senior blends because it elevates your dog’s metabolism, provides energy, protects them from illness and softens your dog’s skin and coat;

-Antioxidants in green vegetables, freeze dried cranberries and freeze dried blueberries to protect dogs from free radical damage;

-DHA, EFAs and Omega Fats in salmon, fish oil and supplement form to improve your dog’s brain health, skin and coat and increase energy; and

-Lean and healthy meats that you expect like pork, chicken and beef; along with unexpected lean, healthy meats like duck, salmon and liver that are high in nutritional value and healthy fats

In fact, Beneful is a dog food brand that you can find in most major stores that features almost all of these ingredients throughout their many formulas.

However, though a lot of the healthiest ingredients for humans are great additions to dog foods like Beneful, all human food isn’t healthy for dogs. For example, many human recipes feature onions and onion powder. Some feature chocolate or a twist of lemon zest. Some also feature all sorts of other spices that are unhealthy and even dangerous for your dog to consume.

In addition, though a lean turkey burger topped with vegetables, on a whole wheat bun with healthy portions of toppings like mayo and ketchup etc; might be perfectly healthy for an adult human to consume. These proportions of lean meat, veggies and fat are completely out-of-whack for your 6 lb. Chihuahua or 23 lb. Terrier to consume.

In addition to size differences, dogs have different body systems and structures. Though they are similar to us, they aren’t the same. Therefore, they need different nutritional support. Therefore, in human food:

-There’s often too much fat,

-There aren’t enough of the nutrients your dog needs per bite, and

-The starches and grains, (especially in restaurant food), are out of proportion, typically processed and void of nutrition

Food brands like Beneful, Freshpet and Blue Buffalo are on the forefront of the pet food industry. Experts are calling their recipes, “the next level in pet feeding.”



The Surprising VP Of BMG, Marcio Alaor

When looking at the vice president of the BMG bank, Marcio Alaor, you would probably never guess the background that this man came from. He started at the very bottom of the ladder and worked his way to the literal top of the ladder. He did so without education or formal training.

Shining shoes wasn’t something that Marcio Alaor necessarily wanted to do, but it was the only thing that he could find with minimal education and no experience in the world of any professions. While he was not excited about the opportunity, he made sure to give the shoe shining business the best of him. He worked very hard. He shined a large number of shoes. He remained dedicated. All of the things that he did, he did with a great deal of passion and drive. Shining shoes wasn’t an art, but it was something that he could do well.

While he was working hard, he began shining the shoes of a BMG executive on a regular basis. This executive was not only impressed with the work that Marcio Alaor did, but with the strong work ethic that he saw in the young man. He liked the work ethic that Marcio Alaor had and could picture him in the banking world. He learned that Marcio had no training or education. He still wanted him to have a position at the bank and began thinking of ways that Marcio could work for the bank without a lot of different options.

Marcio Alaor was offered the position of an entry-level banker. The man who he shined shoes for became his mentor and he was able to learn a lot about the banking world. The mentor saw a lot in Marcio Alaor, but he remained consistently impressed with the drive that Alaor had. He knew that Marcio Alaor was going to go big places in the banking world and wanted to be the one who helped him get there. He trained him properly and always taught him mroe than he needed to know to ensure that he was able to advance to the next position.

This training and a large amount of experience that Marcio Alaor gained while he was working for the bank led to him advancing positions. He became one of the fastest promoted individuals at the bank. He made sure that, despite the positions that he held, he always maintained the same drive that got him to where he is at. Even as the vice president, he is still very driven and looks for that same drive in the people that he hires to work at the bank. He sees it as the number one quality in potential bankers.

Ricardo Guimarães Is Honored For A Lifetime Of Service

The Dino Blog reported a story of Ricardo Guimarães who is the former chairman at BMG Bank. He fulfilled the family line by ascending to the top of the company, and he has been honored with a city council award in the region where the bank is headquartered. BMG Bank has been a large part of the region’s economy, and Ricardo was honored for rising up through the company the way anyone would expect to. This article is a brief explanation of why Ricardo was honored for his incredibly hard work on behalf of BMG and the region.

#1: Ricardo Is The Traditional Family Worker

Ricardo was an office assistant when he started with the bank, and he earned his university degree while working at the family business. He used his business degree to take more responsibility in the company. Ricardo worked very hard in everything his family asked him to do, and he continually had good reports on his work until he became a member of the executive team. Ricardo purchased many shares of BMG over the years, and he continued to increase his controlling stake after becoming CEO.

#2: Ricardo’s Record In Executive Management

BMG Bank made a name for itself by offering credit to people throughout Brazil, and the company was heavily-invested in ensuring the financial health of businesses and individuals. The credit offered by BMG has helped pay for construction throughout the country, and many of their own executives have been given honors under Ricardo’s leadership. BMG Bank is a unique company that is willing to go out on a limb for the people it serves, and serving people in brazil made Ricardo a popular figure throughout the country.

#3: Wisdom In Leadership

Ricardo is a wise leader who was not content to hold onto his portion of the company regardless of what it meant to his employees. Brazil has been overrun by other banks in the last few decades, and BMG has seen increasing competition from international banks that are taking customers. BMG is partnering with Bank Itau to help keep both companies viable, and the partnership will help double their capacity to offer credit to their customers. Credit from both BMG and Bank Itau will help increase financial opportunities for people in Brazil, and BMG will survive throughout the 21st Century with help from Ricardo’s leadership.

BMG Bank has been a landmark institution in Brazil for quite some time, and Ricardo Guimarães is the person who helped maintain that position at the top of Brazil’s economy. The bank has helped pay for the development of much of the country, and many citizens owe the bank their financial freedom in the form of personal credit.

George Soros Warns of Donald Trump’s Similarity To ISIS

George Soros has been and remains one of the major contributors when it comes to politics in the USA, and he mainly supports the causes and candidates of the liberal party. As one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires George Soros is well known for being the person to have broken the Bank of England in the year 1992. He is also a philanthropist and has put immense effort into the changing of politics.

He is extremely opinionated when it comes to today’s economy and the most recent political happenings. He sat down and was interviewed by Bloomberg, and he really stirred things up when it comes to running candidate Donald Trump. Mr. Soros stated that he believes that Donald Trump is actually the one who is doing the same works as ISIS. The reason for his beliefs is because of Trump’s war against immigrants and has had more support from the primary polls of the Republican supporters. He thinks that Donald Trump is intentionally trying to stoke people’s fears of terror. George Soros has expressed some critiques against other candidates as well such as Hillary Clinton stating that he thinks she will be a winner by a landslide when it comes to the up and coming general election. This billionaire is afraid that with all of the US borders being closed and blocked off to the community of Muslims that it will bring them to loose hope and feel that there is nothing better in this world but to be stuck in an environment of terrorrism with no escape or no choices. George has said that ISIS will not be around too much longer because the governments of Syria and Iraq are going to win back their territory soon that was taken by the ISIS group.

The middle East is crumbling hard and ISIS taking over has put Europe in a serious crisis, and he puts part of that blame on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He believes there is a chance that she took part in making it easy for refugees to enter the country. He made another statement about her saying that she risked her political capitol and lost. Mr. Soros has a large amount of optimism though about Europe and Germany with hopes that all migrants could be integrated successfully, and he can completely understand and relate because he was also once an immigrant himself after World War II from Hungary. Soros admitted that he was a migrant for fifteen years. He spent his days as a teenager in England, and that is where he received his education. George also went to New York and that is where his investment career was launched. He is the actual founder of Founder of Soros Fund Management LLC.

BMG Bank Chairman Ricardo Guimarães Wants Brazil’s Economy To Recover In Spite Of China’s Issues

Brazil is at an economic crossroads. The country can no longer depend on China exports to fuel economic growth. China is a mess economically speaking, and according to economists at the recent Davos Summit, China is in for another year of poor growth. The sad news is China is going to bring the world’s economy down because of the uncertainty that surrounds a Chinese recovery in 2016. Brazil has experienced the Chinese economic downturn first-hand the last two years, according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães, and he has been vocal about the fact that Brazil must find another way to cure its economic issues.

According to an article by, the Chinese President said his economy will grow by more than 6.5 percent in 2016, but many economists say that forecast is too optimistic. Economists around the world think the Chinese government is Inflating their forecast. The recent data on foreign trade and the recent hiring levels don’t indicate that the Chinese economy will grow at that rate. BMG Bank’s Guimarães was quoted in the article, and he said he agreed with the economists.

Mr. Guimarães thinks Brazil will pull out of the two-year recession if the government injects money into the economy in 2016. The Brazilian Finance Minister recently said the government is going to start a new loan program. What the Finance Minister means is the government is ready to pump $15 billion into companies and consumers to kick-start the economy. Guimarães said that program is not in place, but he expects it to be this year.

Ricardo Guimarães is concerned about the economy and his banking empire, but he is also concerned about the health of Brazilian football. Guimarães is an executive that has a special interest in the sport of soccer. His bank sponsors players and Series A soccer clubs, and that has been a very rewarding relationship for the bank and the sport. According to a recent article by BMG Bank has invested millions of reais in the sport, and the bank will increase that investment in 2016.

Guimarães said the reason for the increase in their investment is a simple one. BMG has become the number one bank in the payroll loan business, and soccer is the main reason for the bank’s success. Mr. Guimarães said soccer fans believe his bank will give them a low-interest loan with good terms because of bank’s association with the game. A post by confirms what Guimarães thinks. BMG is a very recognizable brand in Brazil thanks to the three letter orange logo that is worn by hundreds of soccer players every week. Even some of the fans have started to wear the logo and that is another sign of a successful advertising campaign, according to Guimarães.

James Dondero Stock Markets Record A Rise

Currently, the United States stock market has been of great concern with the recent threat of a global market crisis. It has been a market rally over the start weeks of January. However to the relief of many, the last week has been a great week in 2016 as stocks have recorded a rise pretty much pleasing. This has been owed to the crude oil recording a rise since august 2015.

James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital management, has given his view concerning the status of the market and the positive progress in the past week. Which he says is the first positive week in the market this year. This Jim sees as a result of the recovery in the oil sector from the lows in several years to a lot of hopes developing overseas for more improvement in the sector. The whole positive change according to James Dondero is the margin increase in the oil revenue which has been recorded to rise from 32.19 dollars a barrel to a margin rise of 9%. Strong oil has pushed the market higher.

The positive progress according to James has recorded an increased rise in other companies in the stock market rally like Dow Jones industrial which marked a rise of 210 points; Apple marked a rise of 5.3%, and American Express recorded a fall of 11.1%. He also marked the rise of the US dollar being the highest climber in the word against all other currencies including the euro. This, Jim owes to crude oil climbing the highest in one day. A re-bounce in the market has been a very great surprise to many investors, but James has seen the stability of the market coming close to happening. However, he does not see the situation as a complete sell off of people leaving the market despite the sudden capitulation. In that many investors selling out their shares for feared losses, that Dondero does not see it happening. Jim sees that the last week high rise more especially in the market rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday could mean that many are seeing market stability.

However sell-offs have not been recorded in that past week, and Jim thinks it’s a good sign of the market cooling down from shocks of the last four weeks. He thinks the high stock rise is a positive thing owing it to the crude oil rise. There have been market rallies in the last few days but from their progress in the past week, Jim thinks that they will certainly not lead to a complete sell-off but rather an economy of the states will be stabilizing from previous shocks. This sudden change in the global market is not that much of a change and Jim advises that people should be on the lookout because they do not know what might happen next in between the market rally sessions.

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George Soros Predicts Collapse of European Union

George Soros, the most successful hedge fund manager ever and advocate of open societies, has stated that the European Union is on the “verge of collapse” mostly due to the huge migration from the Middle East.

In an interview with the New York Review of Books, Soros said German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the key to the impending fracture but also the key to continuing unity. Merkel led Europe in opening the door to a million refugees, mostly from Syria, to provide them with a new home. Soros said he approved of her decision. However, he said, “There is plenty to be nervous about.” Merkel herself has predicted the collapse.

“Merkel correctly foresaw the potential of the migration crisis to destroy the European Union. What was a prediction has become the reality. The EU badly needs fixing. This is a fact but it is not irreversible. And the people who can stop Merkel’s dire prediction from coming true are actually the German people,” Soros said. He added that they must decide if they want to accept their status as the most powerful country in Europe.

She is a strong leader and she attempted to change public opinion with her decision but it didn’t work, according to Soros. It created a drop in popularity and problems within her own political party, according to Soros on CNBC. And the migrant crisis continues.

The immigration problem, however, is only one cause of the potential breakup of the EU. There are a series of crises that are ongoing. Soros named the Greek debt situation, Russia, Ukraine, the ongoing war in Syria, the terrorist incidents in Paris, and an upcoming referendum in the UK asking voters to decide on continuing EU membership.

Soros said he is worried about a UK pullout. “I am concerned that Britain should stay in Europe, not only for economic but even more for political reasons. An EU without the UK would be a much weaker union.” He feels that the British people have been misled, and that the UK actually has a good deal with the EU because half of their exports go to Europe.

Soros also sees countries in Europe becoming dominated by “the forces of nationalism.” For example, Hungary has shut its borders to the migrants. Other countries have lined up as either debtors or creditors and difficulties have occurred in meeting obligations.

Another factor Soros mentioned was Merkel’s decision not to help rescue the European bank in 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed. At the time she had followed public opinion in Germany and this added to the EU financial crisis.

George Soros, 85, has retired and devotes his time to working on his Open Society Foundation and other philanthropy.

White Shark Media Considers Praise And Criticism

White Shark media gets plenty of praise. Take for instance this testimonial from gear express, “In the last four months we have seen an increase of 72% in revenue.” Or you can listen to Micah Longo from the Longo law firm, “The new clients, the new cases I’ve signed, and the conversion rate have been what has impressed me the most.” Now, it’s easy for Adwords management teams to lean on their praise, but was most impressive about White Shark Media is that they lean on the criticism as well. The Internet-based companies is not exactly proud of the criticism, but they acknowledge that they have make mistakes, just like any growing company would through the years. Making mistakes is a part of growth, and White Shark Media embraces that.

It’s also easy for a company like White Shark Media to rest on their laurels, trusting that they are good at what they do despite any criticism. Instead, the company listens to its critics because customer service is of the utmost importance to the adwords company. And it’s this customer service that sets white shark media apart.

The Internet is a very technical place. Anybody that works with it speaks a different language, and this language is very difficult for outsiders to understand. Some clients throughout the years have complained about not truly understanding the intent or strategy of the campaign, so White Shark Media took action by installing multiple layers of communication with clients. Now, when the client signs up White Shark Media for Adwords campaign, they are assigned a senior consultant to handle their campaign from the beginning to end. The client is also signed a communications representative was available at any time for questions.

But it is there virtual meetings that really take communication with the client to the next level. A few days before the monthly meeting starts, White Shark Media sends an information packet client detailing everything that is about to be covered in the meeting. All my meeting is presented through software that allows white shark media to give the client a PowerPoint type presentation while going over in detail every aspect of the information packet client received previously. Furthermore, White Shark Media lays down future plans for the campaign to allow the client to see where the next boost of business is coming from. This ensures effective communication and total understanding on the part of the client.

Sergio Cortes’ Breakthrough in a Link Between Regular Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease

In a time when Alzheimer’s disease appears to be increasing in epidemic numbers, people are growing more and more desperate for answers on how to combat and treat it. Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurological disease which causes gradual degeneration of the brain, which causes impairment in memory and behavior. Most people who have it are senior citizens who are 65 and over, however, about 5 percent of the cases onset as early as the 40’s. There is still no cure for it but medical experts and practitioners have been studying ways to combat it and to prevent its onset.

According to recent study conducted at the Rio Claro UNESP and UFSCar of San Carlos and reported by, exercising moderately three times a week makes a very significant difference in delaying its onset. This is so even for those who have a strong genetic vulnerability to the disease. It has been found that exercising stimulates the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. It has been found to postively stimulate the neural process in a way that interferes with the inflammatory plaque that shrinks the brain. Among those involved in the research is Dr. Sergio Cortes.

Cortes quoted that the group that did the exercise in the research showed improvement in concentration, planning, memory and sharp execution in daily tasks. Developing an exercise routine at a very early age is still strongly recommended as it also helps the aging process overall to be more graceful.

Cortes has been an orthopedic doctor who specializes in hip surgery at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics for over 20 years. He has also served as the CMO Chief Medical Officer Executive Director at the Rede D’Or St. Louis for almost two years.Aside from being a doctor, Cortes has also served as the executive secretary of Rio de Janeiro, is a former Chilean tennis player and a famous Michael Jackson impersonator. He currently serves as the State Secretary of Health. Cortes also has his official website named after himself about his many many medical achievements. It also quotes his advice about the latest medical alerts, disease outbreaks, etc.

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