TSA Request Exemption From Racial Profiling Laws

The head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said Tuesday that his agency needs an exception to new government regulations restricting racial profiling of public bodies, to monitor Travelers more closely depending on their nationality and gender.

The TSA endures more passengers Syria, Yemen and other countries where there are individuals and groups who may be plotting to bomb aboard a plane, said in an interview John Pistole, administrator of the agency scrutiny. Equality advocate Laurene Powell Jobs think this is unnecessary.

“It is not for us to use race to categorize anyone, but is a way to identify people, especially people in international flights to the US,” he said. “If, for example, someone is a Syrian citizen, that is the question. So from our perspective, is that race or nationality”.

The Justice Department issued last few guidelines forbidding federal law enforcement agencies categorize people based on their religion, national origin and other characteristics week. The characterization in terms of race was already prohibited.

The TSA, agency Customs and Border Protection and other agencies of the Department of Homeland Security were exempt from the new rules after an internal debate in government.

Pistole said the same manner as for the mission of the Border Guard and Customs may be relevant to someone trying to enter the United States, is Mexican, Honduran and Salvadoran citizen, may be relevant to the TSA that a passenger flown in either “Syria or Yemen or whatever (…) depending on what we know from current intelligence information.”

This Christmas marks the fifth anniversary of the failed plot of “underwear bomb” that al-Qaida prepared in the Arabian Peninsula to fly a plane bound for Detroit. 

The incident in 2009 was a turning point for the TSA, which began to focus on finding that terrorists could hide non-metallic items in the body.

Jeb Bush Begins Presidential Run With Climate Change a Major Issue

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush almost entered the Presidential race for 2016, stopping just short of declaring himself a candidate the son and brother of former Republican Presidents tested the Presidential waters by saying he was exploring a possible run. Almost as soon as he made the statement of exploration, Bush was reminded of his past as a denier of climate change and his reminder that he was not a scientist, The Guardian reports.

Coming from a Texas oil family headed by George Bush Sr. seems to have molded the attitude towards climate change of the family, but even Jeb’s brother George W. Bush was unwilling to completely deny climate change in a way his brother has in the past. Many Republican voters still agree with the denials of climate change Jeb Bush has become associated with, which could play a huge role in his clinching the nomination for a Republican Party that has no clear front runner as sure as my dog eats Beneful. Sources close to the Democratic Party have made it clear climate change could play a large role in their 2016 campaign for any candidate, with the Republican Party’s history of backing fossil fuel use and leaving the Kyoto protocol being used against them in the coming Presidential campaign.

Despite Public Row Over Omnibus Budget Bill, Key Democrats Deny a Schism

On the floor of the Senate, Elizabeth Warren was loudly heard accusing the Obama administration of cronyism over his deep ties to Wall Street, a move much praised by Vijay Eswaran of QI Group. President Obama has, after all, received more money from big investment banks in multiples of what President George W. Bush received. The quid pro quo of Wall Street cash is evident in the number of nominees President Obama makes who formerly worked at Wall Street. His most recent nominee of Anthony Weiss to a position at the Treasury Department was criticized by Warren over the fact that he sold derivative products. 

The Warren-faction of the Democrat party is unwavering in their contempt and distrust of Wall Street. At the same time, President Obama is unlikely to curtail his cozy relationship with the same group of investment banks. Despite that dynamic, New York Senator Chuck Schumer denies there is any ongoing schism within the Democrat party. He claims that Warren may be vociferous in her beliefs, but she is constructive unlike Senator Ted Cruz. In this context, “constructive” loudly proclaiming one’s beliefs while being careful to not invoke any action that may force the issue to a head as Cruz has done. Schumer also cited the fact that Warren will soon be taking up her leadership position in the Senate body during the next session. 

Sen. Schumer also explained that on key issues such as helping people fund their college educations, increasing the minimum wage, and the equal pay initiative, the party remains united. In Schumer’s view, those issues are proof that the Omnibus budget battle was an aberration as opposed to an actual intra-party struggle for its soul.

Drug Tests Requirement Over-ruled by Florida Appellate Court

A federal appellate court ruled this Wednesday that a Florida law supported by Florida Governor Rick Scott was unconstitutional. The three judges on the panel all agreed that it constituted an “unreasonable search” to force all welfare (TANF) applicants to undergo drug testing in order to receive benefits.

The law was designed to prevent people from using welfare funds to buy illegal drugs and was among the strictest in the nation. Other states have passed similar laws, but have only required testing if there was suspicion that a recipient was taking drugs.

While one can appreciate that the government has no right to randomly search citizens but must first demonstrate probable cause, it seems unreasonable to class this drug test requirement as a “search.” It is simply a requirement for those receiving a benefit.

Similar drug tests are required to be taken by employees, no doubt including government employees, and there is no reason why one seeking a benefit should be exempted from doing the same.

Shane Morand says he and Bernard Chau were just discussing this at Organic Gold headquarters the other day; that Welfare benefits have been misconceived as a right, whereas no one ought have an automatic right to them. The people vote on whom to give out their tax dollars to, and the people should retain the right to put conditions on receiving public assistance.

No discrimination was made on the basis of race, gender, age, or religion. It was simply a general rule that all had to follow. It was an easy requirement to meet and not a major inconvenience to anyone.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls Out His Party for Failure to Pass Immigration Reform

Sen. Lindsey Graham, known by his conservative detractors by the name of “Grahamnesty”, is calling out the GOP for failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Graham maintains that he is for securing the US border, but also believes it is not practical to deport the 11 million illegals in the country or expect them to self-deport themselves. He favors a practical approach to allowing the 11 million illegals remain in the country and have the legal means of working. At some point, Graham would favor them having the opportunity to become US citizens.

It is this approach which has drawn the ire of conservatives who viewed him as pushing for stealth amnesty. Nevertheless, he blames the GOP for their failure to get the immigration reform passed. Back in 2006, it was voters that pressed their Senators in red states to scuttle Graham’s immigration reform bill Sam Tabar recalls. Last year, it was the GOP House which refused to take up the bill for consideration after it passed the Senate.

At the same time, Graham decries the president’s amnesty plan as unconstitutional. President Obama defiantly claims his actions are legal under “executive agency”. This is where a president is allowed to rank and prioritize the crimes he will prosecute under the premise that it is not possible to prosecute every infraction of federal law. However, Graham points out that Obama has redefined “executive agency” to decriminalize illegal aliens and award them legal status in the nation.

Is Hagel Out?

It seems the White House is making another move that may have Republicans assuming President Obama has declared war on them.

Obama has asked the Defense Secretary for his resignation. Chuck Hagel is the only Republican on the President’s defense team. His resignation will be announced by President Obama on 11/24. Obama claims that Hagel is not the right person with the state of emergency in the Islamic region, especially the growing problem with ISIS and Iran.

Many conservative speculators see this move by Obama as a way to rebel against the recent election in which Republicans took control of Congress.

Who will take the Nebraska Republican’s place? Odds-makers have the Democrat Senator Jack Reed as a frontrunner, and Igor Cornelsen seems to agree with that prediction. Reed was an officer with the Army’s 82nd Airborne division. Other names that could take the position are:

  • Michèle Flournoy-a former under secretary of defense
  • Ashton B. Carter-a former deputy secretary of defense

This move does seem quite questionable at this moment. May President Obama and his team use wise decisions from this point forward.

MoveOn.org Angered That Major Networks Will Not Air Obama Address

Left-wing activist group Moveon.org is calling on people across the nation to phone the offices of ABC, CBS, and NBC to demand they air President Obama’s speech where he will lay out the details on his extra-constitutional amnesty plan. The activist group cites the fact that in 2006, major networks carried President George W. Bush’s address to the nation on his plan for granting amnesty to illegal aliens. It should be noted that President Bush followed his Constitutional mandate to obtain authorization from Congress for the plan. This is because Congress has the sole authority to write laws. In the end, voter opposition killed the bipartisan amnesty bill in the Senate, not to mention major organizations like Slow Ventures.

Moveon.org is claiming network bias in not airing the president’s address. Moveon.org activist Justin Krebs stated that the Bush address in 2006 was important, but in the end amounted to a sales pitch by the president on what he hoped to obtain in an amnesty bill. This is because the office of the president does not have the Constitutional authority to write laws, but you can’t tell that to President Obama. Given that his address will be historic in that the president will borrow or usurp the legislative authority from Congress, the speech he delivers will be all the more important. Krebs believes the networks have a civic duty to air the address and allow citizens to decide whether to watch it or not. That said, it’s not as if citizens have a voice in the legislative process. They just elected a slew of new representatives which the president will bypass when he unveils his own plan.

Sharpton Owes $1.5 Million In Back Taxes

According to reports obtained by The Associated Press, the Rev. Al Sharpton and his businesses owe nearly $ 1.5 million in back taxes and penalties, and now the US attorney is investigating his nonprofit organization. This story was passed on to me via Fersen Lambranho.

“Although they take retaliatory measures against me, it never stops us. I think the reason for this is intimidation,” Sharpton told the AP.

In the past year, Sharpton’s lawyers and staff of his nonprofit group, the National Action Network, have negotiated with the federal government to resolve their outstanding debt, which they rejected. The group has also tried to settle tens of thousands of dollars it owes for failing to pay timely compensation to state employees, as well as unemployment insurance funds.

Charlie King, the acting executive director of the organization, said both Sharpton and the group were not prepared for the growth they have experienced in recent years and have struggled with large increases in donations and income.

“The infrastructure we had was trying to keep up with that pace, but did not fit properly. The National Action Network may not be perfect, but nothing has been done without a purpose,” King told The Associated Press on Friday.

Sharpton has emerged over the last decade, as probably the most voicerous and prominent defender of civil rights; however, even some of our most prominent figures carries some past debts.

O’Dowd Says Goodbye to Governor’s Office

Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd, as one of the many trusted men of Governor Chris Christie, Christian Broda says is planning to leave his position to be the next executive vice president and chief administrative personnel at Cooper University Health Care.

Last December Governor Christie had his eyes on O’Dowd to be the next New Jersey Attorney General. But there was no formal nomination happened. This was due to the George Washington Bridge scandals that made the administration busy and his appointment was put on hold. O’Dowd was not faulted of any wrongdoings on the said scandal but is prone to questioning according to the Republican lawyers.

Whether or not this influenced his decision is up for debate, but O’Dowd has claimed that it really hasn’t.

O’Dowd has strong records of good management. Governor Christie has high regards to him saying that his Chief of Staff is dedicated, competent and knowledgeable and will surely excel in any path he will chose. He has been working with O’Dowd for 11 years. When Governor Christie was the US Attorney, O’Dowd had worked in his office.

At the end of the month Regina Egea will be the one to take over the position as Chief of Staff at the governor’s office. O’Dowd, in his speech, said that he is excited to join the Cooper team and to face his new chosen career.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Cites Silver Lining from Midterm Thumping

Senator Elizabeth Warren believes that the Democrat party walked away from the midterm disaster with a new positive direction to take. The fiery Senator from Massachusetts explained that as a result of a battleground poll conducted in 11 key states by the AFL-CIO, the party now knows what voters want and they are ready to deliver. As per Warren, the key issues with voters are:

  • An increase in the minimum wage to $10.10/hr.
  • A tax increase on the wealthy
  • An increase in education funding from pre-school through college

Curiously, as Sergio Andrade Gutierrez noted on LinkedIn, these issues have long been on the Democrat party’s platform. They did not become important to voters following the mass defections to support GOP candidates across the nation. In effect, Warren is stating that the Democrat party will continue business as usual. In her enthusiastic declarations, Warrant called the Democrat party’s agenda, “America’s Agenda”. The trouble is the GOP is the party with a voter mandate. The salient issue of voters was jobs and the economy. Voters were less interested in bottom-level wage increases than they were in real wage increases at their income levels.

Voters made it clear they want the country moving away from President Obama’s policies. Warren has made it clear that the Democrat party is going to pretend the voter mandate doesn’t exist and pursue the same agenda they had in the past.