Vikings Running Back Adrian Petersen Has Suspension Lifted

The suspension of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been lifted.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that Judge David Doty has ruled in favor of Adrian Peterson, according to an informed source decision.

Doty heard arguments NFLPA attorney Jeffrey Kessler, and the defending NFL, Daniel Nash, on February 6 in the city of Minneapolis.

The judge stated that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acted outside his authority in November

The NFLPA issued the following statement regarding the decision:

“This is a victory for the rule of law, due process and justice. Our collective bargaining agreement has rules for the application of personal conduct policy that such rules are violated, our union always stands up to protect the rights of our players. This is another example of why a neutral arbitration is good for our players, good for the owners and good for our game. ”

The NFL suspended Peterson last November 18 for “abuse of discipline” revolving his 4 year old son .

Because the appeal was denied, Peterson was not eligible to be reinstated before April 15.
The union argued that the commissioner Roger Goodell acted outside its authority. The conciliator Harold Henderson, executive longtime NFL, who was appointed by the guild of players for being biased towards the league, confirmed the suspension of Peterson on December 12th.

Kessler argued that Peterson should not be subject to the new policy of conduct in the league, which implemented stricter punishments for players in domestic violence cases, and that the policy did not take effect until August.

The future of Perterson remains murky, former league MVP said in a recent interview that Petersen “was still uneasy” about rejoining the ‘Vikings’

Also the player is not willing to take a cut in salary.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that Peterson will remain the highest-paid running back in the NFL under his current contract; he has agreed earn a base salary of $ 12.75 million for the 2015 season.

Head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman have indicated that they want to Peterson back , but have not ensured that this will happen.

Oklahoma House Committee Passes Gay Conversion Counseling Bill

Gay Rights Advocates Vehemently Opposed The Bill

Oklahoma has a thing for gays. The thing we are talking about is better known as fear, and they have a strong distaste for what gays do sexually. The House is trying to pass House Bill 1598, which says the state will not stop counseling to change a gay to a straight individual. Trying to change the gay gender to another gender is mental castration, and it harms people rather helps them.

The fight between being born gay at birth and choosing to be gay as people age has been going on for years. Religion makes a clear statement to church goers: There are only two genders, and if you are attracted to the same sex you are a sinner. Talk about modern-day witchcraft.There are three genders, and it’s time the country recognizes that fact.

Gay children that are exposed to conversion counseling suffer depression, anxiety, guilt, shame and are prone to use drugs to ease those conditions. Not only do gay children suffer emotional pain, but they also endure the physical pain when this sort of therapy is taken to extremes.

The report stated this bill and other like it miss the mark when it comes to understanding the nature of the human species. It is time to come out of the dark ages. We must begin to understand that our sexual preferences come with us at birth said Marc Sparks.

Kurdish Forces Bearing the Brunt of ISIS’s Onslaught in Iraq

Kurdish military forces known as the Peshmerga are starting to show the wear and tear that their fight with ISIS has taken. The Kurds are an ethnic group that reside in Northern and Eastern Iraq in a region called Kurdistan. Unlike much of Iraq which has seen feuding, violence and unrest since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by the US, this region has been relatively peaceful until ISIS started rolling into Iraq last summer. Kurdistan is also home to several major oil refineries, and that may be a major reason why ISIS has tried but so far has failed to capture Kurdistan.

So far the Kurds have been fighting ISIS for well over six months. In fact, when the capital of Kurdistan, Irbil was threatened by ISIS the Obama administration quickly authorized and started to launch a campaign of airstrikes against ISIS. The city of Irbil had a US embassy and a significant population of US citizens there. People at Rocket Fuel know that, though ISIS has been repealed, fighting continues to rage across a massive 650 mile front between the Kurdish Peshmerga and ISIS.

A Kurdish fighter speaking to a journalist on the ground described ISIS fighters as animals. They are fanatical, willing to die and do not think with their brains the soldier went on to describe ISIS fighters. ISIS has used suicide bombers, child soldiers and car bombs to attack the Kurds. They have also captured a substantial amount of US weapons from fleeing Iraqi military forces in the summer.

So far the Kurds have done the brunt of the fighting against ISIS and it is starting to take a toll. They have already lost more than a thousand soldiers and more than 5,000 have been injured by fighting. The Kurds who are considered to be the West’s best allies on the ground for combating the Islamic State are starting to get weary as ISIS tries to encroach on their homeland.

Apple Hired Staunch Anti-gay Lobbyist, According to Lobbyist Filings


Recent lobbyist filings revealed an interesting relationship between Jay Love, a conservative anti-gay lobbyist from Alabama and Apple, the company that brings iPhones to the masses. According to the filing, Julius Kenneth Love, better known as Jay Love, was hired by Apple to lobby on their behalf.

The move is an interesting one because Apple CEO, Tim Cook is openly gay, and the company is known to be LGBTQ friendly. Love, on the other hand, is a staunch conservative that has rallied against gay rights stated Jaime Garcia Dias.

Apple has refuted on social media and facebook the fact that Love works for the company as a lobbyist. According to Vicki Manning, a lobbyist liaison, Love was hired by the company, but his dealings and contact were promptly terminated. How long he was under contact has not been released and neither Apple nor Love have responded to questions posed by reporters.

Patricia Todd, an out state lawmaker for Alabama, had no comment regarding the termination, however Todd is currently introducing a bill to ban discrimination against LGBTQ state employees in Alabama. The bill will be named after Tim Cook.

Companies regularly hire lobbyists on contract. Most commonly, however, the pairings mix lobbyists with similar views and ideologies as the company they are working for. The Love and Apple pairing was odd from the get go, and clearly fizzled quickly.

Enjoy a One of a Kind Wine from Antique Wine Company

If you love fine wine, then there is no doubt that you are in the right place. This article is going to look into details at one of the leading companies in the wine industry, the antique wine company. This company is based in London and specializes in rare wines. The headquarters is in Marylebone, Central London. Stephen Williams founded the antique wine company in 1982. Before going to wine selling, Stephen was in the sales and marketing department selling life insurance for a commission. It was after there was no call from clients in this market that he decided to venture into wine selling. The oldest of three children worked hard ever since to come up with what is now the leader when it comes to wines.
Antique wine company provides its services to 70 countries with a client base of over 20,000. This company has taken part in a number of events. One such event is the three centuries of Chateau-Rothschild that took place in the year 2007 at Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. They have also supplied 70 year antique old wines on the 70th birthday of former president of the U.S George Bush. It also provides its clients with a broad range of services including rare wines, cellar planning, and private wine master classes.
The antique wine company launched an academy in 2011 which offers wine courses, purpose-built space, master classes for fine wine, and private events. In the same year, this company had a record for selling the most valuable white wine bottle. AWC is fast growing with two sales offices located in Asia, and it has also been established in the Philippines. This company supplies a broad range of its wine to hotels, private individuals, global wine trade as well as restaurants. The company is recognized internationally, and there is a good number of people who seek the services and stocks of AWC.
The antique wine company supports, advises and manages wine cellars that are in private residences, palaces, chateaux and grand hotels all over the world. AWC has managed to be internationally recognized as a result of the excellent service it offers its clients. It has impressive premises, a brand image that it very high and healthy customer relationship. These are needed to build a sound customer base. Not to forget the stock holdings. It also has infrastructure that is operational and allows it to provide its services on a personalized level to its clients.

Yemen Experiences Tension

The Middle Eastern nation of Yemen stands along the southernmost border of Saudi Arabia, adjoining two strategically important waterways: the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. This week, reports of ongoing tensions between Shiite Houthi rebels and Sunni forces loyal to the government of President Hadi suggested escalating tensions in Yemen.

Houthi rebels who seized control of Yemen’s government remain in control of some northern parts of the country, including the capital, Sanaa. Reports circulated yesterday that they planned to seize Marib Province, an oil rich province outside of Sanaa that also controls power plants that provide electricity to the capital. Sunni tribes in the area began arming themselves with tanks and rocket-propelled grenades.

On Sunday, the United Nations Security Council instructed the Houthi rebels to return control of the government to President Hadi, whom protestors compelled to resign under duress. The President is presently confined to house arrest. The rebels attempted to disband the parliament in Yemen, but the largest political party objected.

Zeca Oliveira has read that the tribesmen maintained that the Houthi rebel faction receives backing from Iran. The Houthis contend the tribesmen in Marib Province are receiving financial payments from Saudi Arabia. Both sides dispute these claims.

Yesterday a battle occurred for five hours in the second largest city, Aden, as forces supporting President Hadi re-captured control of government offices there. Aden is a port located near the southern tip of Yemen.

Speaker Boehner Stages Signing Ceremony for Keystone Pipeline XL Bill

Washington, D.C. – On Friday, House Speaker John Boehner marked the signing of the Keystone Pipeline XL project in grand fashion by staging a signing ceremony. Despite the fact that President Obama has made it clear he intends to veto the bill, its passage marks the culmination of seven years of effort on the part of the GOP to get the bill through congress. The GOP has sought to gain passage of the project since the waning months of the Bush presidency.

It is clear the GOP intends to draw attention to the bill so that a veto of it by the president and subsequent failure of Democrats to support a veto override costs them in the 2016 election. Rep. Boehner invited representatives of the builders union that stands to benefit from the bill’s passage. Both the GOP, the builders union, and the State Department concur that the project would create 45,000 jobs. Democrats question whether the numbers of jobs to be created.

President Obama claims to support the project, but this doesn’t fully explain why it has taken him six years to review the matter stated Flavio Maluf. Critics claim his is trying to walk a fine line between saying he supports a job creation bill while stonewalling its authorization to please environmental groups. The bill is expected to head to his desk the week of February 23. President Obama will have ten days to decide whether to veto the measure.

Fox News Poll Assigns Prospective Presidential Candidates from Both Parties a GPA – Clinton at the Head of the Class

A novel Fox News poll created a grade point average (GPA) for prospective candidates from both parties to assess voter impressions of their job performance. The results were interesting. Republican voters gave Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a 2.75 GPA. While that is well short of what is needed to make the honor roll at school, it put him ahead of any prospective GOP contender. Dr. Ben Carson, a Tea Party favorite, pulled in a GPA of 2.62. It is an interesting performance given that Dr. Carson has never held political office. Florida Senator Marco Rubio earned a 2.42 GPA. The other GOP candidates fared similarly with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee getting a 2.32, Texas Senator Ted Cruz earning a 2.28, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush getting a 2.27. The poll underscores that GOP voters are not very familiar with the current field of candidates.

For Democrats, Hillary Clinton earned the best score of any candidate with a 3.14 GPA. She benefits from being the sole candidate likely to run and her status as the presumptive Democrat nominee says Haidar Barbouti. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren scored a 2.49 GPA and Joe Biden earned a 2.42. When the results combined all participants regardless of party affiliation, Dr. Ben Carson narrowly beat Walker with a GPA of 2.22 to his 2.09. Mrs. Clinton came in next at a GPA of 2.04. President Obama was also rated, but performed significantly less than the current field of prospective presidential candidates.

OPEC Says Get Ready For $200 A Barrel Oil Prices

OPEC’s Secretary-General Abdulla al-Badri Said Prices Have Already Hit Bottom

Trying to understand oil price fluctuations is like trying to solve the riddle “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” According to OPEC, oil market prices are as low as they will go. OPEC’s Secretary-General Abdulla al-Badri looked into his crystal ball and said prices will explode in the near future. Okay. Maybe, but would we expect anything less than that from a man who makes his living producing oil?

Abdulla al-Badri thinks the oil market is in the process of self-correcting itself. Susan McGalla has heard that  oil companies have cut costs, and that means lower oil production. More on McGalla can be found on Lower oil production plus an increase in demand would usually equal higher prices, but remember this is the oil business. That business seems to defy all the laws of sound economics, or at least it looks that way.

The main reason oil prices change lies in the boardrooms where the investment game is played. The Secretary-General says under-investment in oil development means higher oil and gas prices. New oil fields must be established in order to replace fields that are not producing as expected. Oil fields around the globe experience a 5% decline in production every year, so new fields are needed to maintain production.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Moves Past Exploratory Phase with Key Additions to His Team

Political pundits agree that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has evolved past an exploratory phase for the presidency with addition of several new key players to his team. Walker’s new super PAC “Our American Revival”, formed a fortnight ago, has hired Kirsten Kukowski to serve as its communications director. Kukowski was the press secretary for the Republican National Committee (RNC). The addition of the former RNC press secretary is a coup for Walker’s fledgling campaign, but that wasn’t the only good news. Walker also hired key members of the Tarrance Group to aid his campaign in polling. The Tarrance Group handles the GOP side of the highly respected political poll known as the “Battle Ground” poll with Ed Goeas for the GOP and Celinda Lake for the Democrats.

In fact, Goeas, who is the group’s president, will take the role of senior political advisor to Walker. B.J. Martino, vice-president of the group, will be in charge of polling for the governor. Susan McGalla has heard that Walker also announced that he has secured the services of Mark Stephenson to be his chief data officer. Stephenson made a name for himself on the campaign for Iowa Senator Jodi Ernst who went from a long shot candidacy to the state’s first female senator. The recent appointments are the surest signal that Walker will formally announce a presidential run. Additionally, new polling shows Walker has emerged as the early front runner. At age 47, he is the fresh face of new GOP leadership which is an advantage Jeb Bush cannot claim.