Republicans state Iran letter was never sent to leaders

Amid the many excuses and issues provided by the Republican party for the open letter sent to the leaders of Iran is the latest that the letter was never actually sent anywhere, MSNBC reports. Those who signed the letter created under Republican Tom Cotton have largely backtracked over the contents and distanced themselves from Cotton and the claims the President has no power to negotiate on behalf of Congress. The National Review has stated the letter was not physically sent anywhere and therefore does not constitute a lack of patriotism those who signed the letter have recently been accused of.

This is the latest claim that has been made to explain why so many GOP leaders were willing to sign the letter in what has been highlighted as one of the most high profile mistakes made in recent years stated Forbes Magazine. Former Presidential candidate John McCain blamed a large number of letters passing over his desk and the Washington DC snowstorm could both be blamed for the letter being sent. Questioning whether the actual sending of the letter to Iran pardoned the Republican group fro responsibility has been a source of controversy in recent days.

White House Fence Jumper Pleads Guilty to Two Felony Counts

White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez has coped a plea bargain with prosecutors following his high profile scaling of the White House fence. He subsequently bum rushed the White House and managed to get inside before being tackled by Secret Service agents. The incident, which took place this past September, drew intense scrutiny to the Secret Service over how the man was able to get so far into the White House before being subdued. After being arrested, prosecutors threw the proverbial book at Gonzalez charging him with four counts of resisting arrest, one count of uttering threats, and two felony counts of assaulting a police officer.

Still, the plea bargain will leave Gonzalez scarred for life with a felony record. He has accepted guilty pleas for one count of assaulting police officers and one count of unlawful entry. Guidelines call for each count to carry a maximum of 8 and 10 years respectively. In all likelihood, he will serve a minimum of 12 months and possibly up to 18 months for the offense. The Secret Service is wanting him to receive a psych evaluation to assess his level of recidivism stated Zeca Oliveira. The U.S. prosecutor explained that Gonzalez should be thankful to be alive. He could well have been dropped by Secret Service agents. In all likelihood, if the agents had been more attentive that day, he likely would have been. After his arrest, he was found to have been carrying a knife. His car had hundreds of bullets.

Univision Host Fired Over Racist Michelle Obama Comment

Amid a Univision program,”El Gordo y la Flaca” the presenter Rodner Figueroa made ​​some questionable statements against the first lady, Michelle Obama, which ended in his dismissal from the channel.

Figueroa, commenting on Mrs. Obama’s makeup, referred to her as appearing to look like the movie “Planet of the Apes.”

Univision sent out a statement.

“Yesterday, during the entertainment program El Gordo y la Flaca, Rodner Figueroa commented on First Lady Michelle Obama were completely reprehensible and in no way reflect the values ​​or opinions of Univision. As a result, Mr. Figueroa was fired immediately “said the statement from the chain.

“I feel embarrassed, I apologize (…) I take responsibility for this lack of judgment on my part, but I can not accept being called a racist by anyone,” replied Figueroa in an open letter.

Sergio Cortes has heard that since Wednesday night, his biography and photograph has disappeared from the pages of the programs in which it participated.

The dismissal of Figueroa recalls other instances of TV presenters who have gotten in trouble for comments deemed racist.

Recently, Giuliana Rancic, of Fashion Police (E!), offended singer and actress Zendaya by making a disparging comment about her dreadlocks hairstyle.

You Can Contribute to Wikipedia

People love to share information with others. Sharing information can be a great way to engage with people who share a person’s specific interests and passions. There are many ways to share information with others. One of the ways that people have found quite satisfying is by sharing information online. Many people they enjoy being part of an internet community devoted to a specific subject. Those who want to share information about the latest scientific discoveries or discuss their love of Maine Coon cats will be happy to find they can find a group online of like minded people.

Many people may also want to share their knowledge by writing. Writing about a subject they find with others. Writing an online article can be a way for someone to sharpen their skills, demonstrate their ability to adhere to writing guidelines and interact with others along the way. While someone may choose to start a website where they can share their thoughts with other people, others want to work with an established site where they can write articles for a great many people to be able to read.  A site of this kind allows someone to get maximum exposure for their articles.

One such site is Wikipedia. This site was started with the intention of providing an online encyclopedia where people from all walks of life could easily share information of all kinds. People can contribute articles on many subjects to this site. They can also correct any mistakes they may find on most posted articles such as an inaccurate date of a slightly misspelled name. They can also make corrections to the kinds of links that are typically found in most Wikipedia articles. Someone reading the article may wish to outsource their Wikipedia company page creation, in which case providers like GetYourWiki can be sought out.

Users can register on the site in order to write articles and correct mistakes they find. This process often requires that the person to be able to follow the basic guidelines set out in the site as well as correct information properly. Many articles posted on the site will have hundreds of views over the course of a single day. The pool of readers will often quickly make sure that any errors in an article will be quickly corrected, often within a day or even minutes once it is made.

Chelsea Clinton is Open to Running for Office

Ex-president Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, has stated she would be open to the possibility of running for office stated Marcio Alaor BMG. Currently, she does not have any plans to run for office. Nonetheless, she does not discard the possibility of it changing in the future. Hilary Clinton tried to run for president of the United States, but she was not elected. Now, her daughter Chelsea Clinton, could have a greater shot at becoming the first female president. Chelsea Clinton is well known after her father, Bill Clinton was president. She was one of the first president’s daughter to grow up in the media. It was always well known that she was studying at Stanford. As an ex-president’s daughter, she has advantages that other candidates may not. Well she is still young, she is not new to the political world. Her father and mother have been very involved in politics. In 2008, she helped her mother with her presidential campaign. If Chelsea were to run for office in the future, she would have her parent’s support and knowledge. Her mother paved the pavement towards getting a woman on the ballot. Chelsea will surely have a greater chance as we continue moving towards the future and bringing political change. After all, the United States of America has already seen its first African-American president. The next thing is for the first woman to be elected as president of the United States.

As per John Kerry, Netanyahu Quoted Him Out of Context

During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s raucous speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, he quoted his good friend and current Secretary of State John Kerry. Netanyahu used Kerry’s words to bolster his claim that Iran may have 190,000 uranium enriching centrifuges by the end of the 10-year accord. The point the chancellor was making is that Iran would possess a vast infrastructure with which to produce nuclear weapons. In fact, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says  the Israeli premier added that the Obama deal with Iran would in fact promote them to nuclear power status.

On Wednesday, the State Department pointed out that Kerry’s words were taken out of context. They claim the speech being referred to have Kerry acknowledging that a peaceful non-military use of nuclear power could have the nation equipped with as many as 190,000 centrifuges by the end of the accord. In some respects, it seems like a distinction without a difference. This is because Iran could easily use the same centrifuges to produce weapons grade uranium and plutonium. All they would need to do is switch the use of the centrifuges from civilian to military purposes. Point in fact, this is exactly what Netanyahu was claiming: the Obama deal ensures that Iran will become a nuclear power.

Still, the latest statement by the State Department is part of the Obama administration’s attempt to blunt the effect of Netanyahu’s speech. While it has only been a day since the speech was given, it appears that the Israeli prime minister succeeded at getting his message out.

Barbara Mikulski, Longest Serving Senate Female, to Retire

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat, has announced that she will not seek election to the US Senate for a fifth time. The powerful senator is also the longest serving female in the senate having first been elected to Senate in 1987. Prior to that time, she served five consecutive terms of office in the House of Representatives. She is viewed as the “Dean” of female senators who is noted for reaching out to the GOP and crafting bipartisan agreements. Up until her party’s rout in the recent midterm elections, she was the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. That powerful chairmanship now belongs to Senator John McCain of Arizona in Highland Village.

It is common for veteran members of a party to retire after losing power. The same thing happened to the GOP after they lost control of the Senate in 2006. In making her announcement to retire, Sen. Mikulski detailed how she struggled over the decision to retire. Ultimately, she believes that it was time to make a decision about what she needed rather than what her constituents wanted stated Haidar Barbouti.

Her announcement will begin a flurry of activity among Democrats to see who will run for her open seat in 2016. The presumption is that the Democrat party will retain the seat. It is a logical conclusion given the state’s large voter edge over the GOP. At the same time, Maryland just elected a Republican as governor in a race no one expected the GOP to win.

Why BRL Trust Investments is the Right Choice for Everyone

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