Florida Taking Obama Administration to Court Over Obamacare Medicare Expansion

The national health care plan known as Obamacare will face yet another court challenge. However, this time the challenge will not be to derail the program based on constitutional grounds. Instead, the state of Florida is pushing back against the Obama administration’s threats to withhold vital federal Medicare funding if the state does not further expand Medicare coverage under Obamacare. The federal government believes that using existing funds as a wedge to force states to comply with other “voluntary” federal programs is completely legal. Governor Rick Scott of Florida believes otherwise.

Thus far, most GOP governors have refused to adopt Medicare expansion under Obamacare both out of a reluctance to support the controversial health care plan and to avoid costly increases in state contributions which occur several yearsafter adopting the expansion plans. Given that most state governorships are under GOP control, this has a significant number of states minimally participating in Obamacare. Bolstering Florida’s position is a 2012 ruling by the Supreme Court which barred Obamacare requirements from forcing states to comply with Medicare expansion against their will.

The Obama administration claims that the Supreme Court ruling is being interpreted falsely by Florida. The administration states that just because they will withhold significant sums of money from the state’s federal Medicare funding does not mean they are coercing the state into compliance. Quite likely, the Obama administration’s actions are an attempt to flout the 2012 Supreme Court ruling. Alexei Beltyukov found this very interesting.

Outgoing AG Eric Holder Says It is Hard to Leave DOJ

To critics, Eric Holder had a personal agenda to advance a far left wing agenda at the Department of Justice. Supporters saw history in his nomination given he became the first Black person to serve as attorney general. Now, his 6-year tenure has come to an end at the DOJ. In making one final farewell address to employees, Holder expressed the difficulty he personally felt in walking away from the post. He resigned as attorney general this past fall. The move was likely meant to both quell lingering GOP investigations into the “Fast & Furious” gun running debacle that put hundreds of armed assault weapons in the hands of brutal Mexican drug cartels. Both Holder and Obama were being scrutinized for the deal over concerns regarding its legality.

For his part, Amen Clinic customers say that Holder said it was always his intention to defend the rights of minorities including the LGBT community. Despite the criticism levied against Holder, his role in the developments in Ferguson, Missouri, proved important to helping quell potential rioters. In the end, Holder begrudgingly exonerated the police department of any wrong doing and confessed that so-called witnessed perjured themselves. While not explicit in his reference to false witness statements, the widely reported “hands up, don’t shoot” testimony witnesses claimed to have heard proved to be fabricated. For the remainder of President Obama’s term in office, Loretta Lynch will occupy the post. She was confirmed late last week by the senate.

TPA Bill Takes Another Step Towards Passage in the House

President Obama usually does not enjoy working with the GOP, but on the matters of free trade and the benefits he says it brings to the economy, he would have to acknowledge the GOP is right and his party is wrong. On Thursday, the bill which would finally grant him fast track authority for trade treaties cleared the House Ways and Means Committee. That said, it did so on a near party line vote. This underscores the challenge the president will face in getting any legislation regarding free trade passed through the House and Senate: he must rely upon the GOP majorities to secure passage.

At this point, the conventional wisdom is that the House will narrowly approve the trade promotion authority (TPA) bill, as it is formally called. This assessment comes from none other than House Speaker John Boehner. At the same time, it isn’t guaranteed that the full block of GOP congressman will get behind the TPA bill. This is because many conservatives are deeply distrustful of President Obama given his penchant to arbitrarily reinterpret existing statues so as to exercise authority congress has not specifically granted him. This is the case with raising the federal minimum wage of contract workers, granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and amending Obamacare provisions and deadlines without congressional authorization. If GOP congressman use the TPA bill to voice their displeasure against the president, Democrat votes will be needed. Jaime Garcia Dias knows that for sure. Those at Feegow don’t know what to expect. This will set up a high stakes battle for the Obama administration to overcome stiff opposition within his party to free trade agreements.

Fracking Has Been a Boon for the Energy Sector, but it May Be Causing Earthquakes

People who live in California may be used to the occasional earthquake, but it is a rare event in the state of Texas, or at least it used to be. Tremors and earthquakes used to be something that Texans only read about happening in other parts of the country and the world. Then around 2008 earthquakes started hitting and have been ever since. A lot of them have been clustered around the city of Irving, which is near Dallas. The only thing that some can come up with to explain this recent spate of earthquakes is fracking. This is a process whereby you drill down into the earth and pump water at high pressure to break up the ground underneath to release natural gas. There are approximately 2,000 fracking wells around Irving, Texas according to the LA Times. The trend is something Bruce Karatz and others will be monitoring.

Fracking is a relatively new process in the energy industry, so long term studies on its efficacy and any potential dangers have been few if any. However, quakes and tremors are happening in Oklahoma as well where there has also been a tremendous amount of fracking occurring. The main culprit seems to not be the drilling itself but rather large underground areas where the waste water from the fracking process is stored. For the sake of our economy, we should all hope experts can come up with a way to safely dispose of this waste water in a way that does not cause quakes as fracking has been largely responsible for this huge natural gas energy boom we have been experiencing for a few years now.

Gallup Poll Finds Uninsured Rate is Lowest Yet

Although there has been a lot of debate in the news between political parties over the usefulness and political implications of Obamacare, statistics reveal that almost nine out of every ten adults in the US now carry health insurance. In 2013 just a bit more than eight out of every ten adults were found to carry health insurance.

Christian Broda (crunchbase.com) knows that the future of Obamacare is still undecided and will likely be tied to the final decision made by the Supreme Court and what Republican leaders will do in states that have vocally announced they are against the expansion of Medicaid.

The statistics recorded by Gallup-Healthways survey however are encouraging for those in the health industry that want to see people carry insurance so that they can access better health care. The survey discovered that only 11.9% of adults in the US did not carry health insurance at the start of 2013 which is the lowest level since the survey was started in 2008.

Gallup found that about 3.6 million adults picked up health insurance before the all sign up period was over. Dan Witters, the research director for the Gallup poll, stated that cleared coverage across the US is increasing. Since the start of 2013 the Gallup survey found that over 14.75 million adults picked up health insurance many of which carried it for the first time.

Against Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Announcement, Core Liberals Still Want More Choice

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s announcement of a presidential campaign will not quell calls by core liberals for challengers. At issue is the fact that the “Tea Party” equivalent of the Democrat party does not trust Mrs. Clinton. Her years of defining any women claiming to have been intimately interfered with by her husband as being “bimbos” with ulterior motives will likely turn off a number of millennial voters who are quick to lambast anyone having the aura of Bill Cosby. At the same time, many liberals want to support a candidate whose hands are clean from Wall Street money. In Mrs. Clinton, they have a candidate who will likely rival Barrack Obama as the president to accept more Wall Street money than any other president.

Thus far, AnastasiaDate reported that the movement to draft Elizabeth Warren continues on. The movement underscores a real desire to have a fresh challenger to Mrs. Clinton. While some Democrats are saying they want a vigorous primary so that Mrs. Clinton can train for the general election against political “sparring” partners, there may be more to the desire of a vigorous primary. Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton ran her campaign with an aura of entitlement. She was so secure in her belief that she would easily win the party’s nomination that it gave Barrack Obama the window to pull off an upset victory. It may be that many Democrats are hoping for a repeat scenario in 2016.

Non-News About Jeb Bush

On Monday, April 6, several news outlet reported that the brother of former President George W. Bush and son of former President George H. W. Bush, Jeb Bush, marked his 2009 voter registration form with a Hispanic ethnicity although he is Caucasian by birth.

Why is this non-news?

It appears to be nothing more than an error on his part said resume.com. Yes, the former governor of Florida depended a great deal on the Hispanic vote in that state, but there is zero evidence that he purposely marked his ethnicity off as Hispanic to get more votes no matter how much news outlets would like to make a story out of this incident.

What they should be talking about is the voter ballot layout, “hanging chad” and missing ballot issues in Florida that occurred during his brother’s run for President against Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election. Although Jeb Bush excused himself from any official role in the Florida recount, many have questioned how it was his state that had such a huge voting issue take place given his relationship to George W. Bush. The Florida recount resulted in George W. Bush winning the state and ultimately the presidency by a 537 vote difference. Many question to this day whether Jeb Bush should even be allowed to run for president in 2016 given the many incidents that happened while he was governor in 2000.