Rand Paul Filibusters the Patriot Act and Succeeds

You may not agree with Rand Paul’s politics, but it’s hard to deny the determination he showed yesterday in Washington when he took the floor of the U.S. Senate for 10 hours and 31 minutes to filibuster the renewal of the Patriot Act. Paul, who recently announced his bid for presidency, held a long discussion with three other republicans and seven democrats in which time they debated privacy laws and the bill of rights among other topics.

The politician from Kentucky got ready to filibuster by dressing down a bit, wearing a pair of tennis shoes with neon laces to avoid being uncomfortable during the long debate. Paul has long stood against the activities of the NSA who have been secretly collection data from everyday Americans for years, without their knowledge or permission.

Many voters involved with Boraie Development are aware that Section 215 of the Patriot Act is on the verge of expiring, unless it is renewed by popular vote in congress. However, several politicians, including Paul, are going to do whatever it takes to make sure the controversial bill cannot be renewed by the May, 31st deadline. Although, congress will have to move even fast, many deadlines are approaching this week but thanks to Paul and others filibustering the legislation, it is unlikely the paper work could be submitted on time by those who are in support of the renewing Section 215.

Will The Show Go On For The Duggars?

Many companies have already pulled the plug on supporting the popular show “The Duggars.” For instance, General Mills is one that is no longer backing the popular brood. However, the girls’ recent weddings and birth of Jill’s baby were a ratings rocker for TLC. Will the show go on without Joshua and his family?

TLC has a few options in dealing with the latest scandal according to Adam Sender. They can either cancel the show all together, they can remove josh and continue filming, or they can just keep things full steam ahead as usual. The Duggar girls are the real reason many are tuning in these days. People could care less how many babies Michelle and Jim Bob make, they have fallen in love with the children. There are also other Duggars who are dating and entering courtships. This is also what the public likes to see.

Even if the show does go on, will they have the financial support it needs to keep it on the air? Mike Huckabeestands behind them, but is he willing to financially support and sponsor the show? Negotiations are going strong and from what officials say right now, it appears the show many go on without Josh or Anna. Since he is off in Washington DC with his family, he is easy to write off the show. However, with no job and all those kids to raise, it is possible he will head home to mom and dad for help.

The Shooting Of Cedrick Chatman By Chicago Police Is Questionable

The Chicago police have shot more than 1,600 people since 1986 which averages out to more than one person per week. Of the 208 cases in which shootings have been investigated, not one shooting has been found to be unjustified. It has become all too common for African-Americans to be shot while unarmed- this has been a national issue.

Increase in questionable police shootings have risen since; Michael Brown from Ferguson, MO was shot by officer Darren Wilson, Twelve year old Tamir Rice from Cleveland, OH was shot by police for holding a toy gun and Walter Scott from North Charleston, SC was shot by a police officer five times for fleeing after a traffic stop. Larquan McDonald from Chicago was armed when police fatally shot him. McDonald was shot 16 times by only one officer present at the scene. This incident was filmed and is currently being investigated.

A shooting that occurred before any of these big headline cases occurred was the fatal shooting of Cedrick Chatman. The incident had made headlines when it happened; but then disappeared. Chatman was one of 118 people to be shot by Chicago police since 2008. The media accounts of what happened in the Chatman shooting were mainly based on statements made by Pat Camden, a former police officer.

Camden told NBC Chicago when Chatman was chased an officer saw him holding something. The officer shouts out that he is holding something, but the object was not identified. The officer, claiming he feared for his life at this point, shoots and fatally hits Chatman. These statements would later be altered, and charges would be filed against the officer who shot Chatman as the incident did not occur as Camden originally reported. This incident underwent intense investigation with the complaint against officer Fry being sustained. Sustained does not mean the charge against Fry for unlawful shooting was false, it just means they could not find the evidence against him for charges.

Techcrunch reported that Handy noted it has been more than two years since Chatman was shot, and investigations are still going on as his mother is suing officer Fry. She is filing a suit that will seek eight figures in sum. Chatman’s mother, Linda says it’s not about the money, because that won’t bring her son back.

Chicago Police Videotapped As He Sleeps in his Squad Car

A Chicago Police Officer fell asleep on the job, in his squad car. Passerby’s could hear the officer snoring and nothing jarred him from his nap.

A man recorded the officer and posted it on Facebook, garnering 716,000 views.

According to a spokesperson for the Chicago police department: “Officials had been made aware of this video and the matter is under investigation, which could result in disciplinary actions. It’s apparent that the officer is not adhering to the high expectations expected of all our officers by this department and the residents of Chicago – and the behavior is unacceptable.”

Crime in Chicago’s south side is a big problem, and there are two ways to look at this;

The police officer placed himself in harm’s way. It was easy to videotape the officer sleeping for more than two minutes, and with the window down, he left himself vulnerable.

That officer was also sleeping on the taxpayers dime. Citizens that expect more police presence on the south side did not receive that during this officers slumber.

Gianfrancesco Genoso is surprise, but the police department has not announced any disciplinary action.

The Governor Of Louisiana Issues Executive Order To Put The Religious Freedom Act In Place

Governor Bobby Jindal Order Goes Against The Legislators Vote To Reject The Act

Here we go again. Another governor wants to push his bigoted ideas on the voters. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana went out of his way to issue an executive order than puts the Religious Freedom Act on the state books for 60 days.Jindal is one of the governors that believes same-sex marriages break God’s law.

Keith Mann (chicagobooth.edu) has found that the order that Jindal put in place is an amended version of the original bill, but the message is the same. Jindal says religious liberty is trumps equal rights. In June, the Supreme Court will have something to say about that message. The way it looks now, Jindal won’t be happy when he hears what the Supreme Court says about same-sex marriages.

Jindal’s order gives businesses the right to discriminate against the LGBT community. The governor’s personal and religious beliefs are influencing his political decision making, and that is dangerous for him and his constituents.

Louisiana will feel the pressure that Indiana felt recently when they passed the Religious Freedom Act. The state will lose money, and a lot of friends around the country that love the “Big Easy for being easy and free.”

US Military Knew of Threat ISIS Posed as Early as 2012

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is the nation’s main organization to monitor foreign espionage and operates as part of the Department of Defense. Recent documents reveal that the DIA had concluded that if an ongoing trend in arming the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) did not cease, the group would in fact rise up and establish a caliphate. A caliphate is a state operated under an extreme application of Islamic law believed to extend from the Prophet Mohammad. A caliphate has been the goal of Iran, Al Qaida and other Middle East despots for years.

At the time, the DIA discovered ongoing arms shipments from Benghazi to ISIS rebels in Syria. This was occurring at the time that President Obama underestimated their resolve and famously referred to them as being “junior varsity” terrorists. Sergio Cortes says the group now controls much of Western Syria (the Levant) and Eastern Iraq. US efforts to repel the group are having mixed results. However, ISIS recently launched an offensive that successfully captured the city of Ramadi after a siege lasting several weeks. In fact, the report was completed only weeks before the September 11 Benghazi attacks. It is not known if the president was briefed on the DIA’s assessment and dismissed it. The report suggested that both Mosul and Ramadi could fall into ISIS’s hands. At this time, ISIS has declared a caliphate in the territories they control in Iraq & Syria.

Scott Walker Heads to Beltway to Build Support for His Looming Campaign

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will spend Tuesday inside the Beltway, an area he previously said is encompassed about by reality. Obviously, the implication is that Washington D.C. is itself out of touch with mainstream America. Still, the city is the power base for both parties and as such, he will need to court GOP support in the city to fund his looming presidential campaign. Walker has the support of fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan, the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee. Sam Tabar has learned that Ryan will be presenting the governor to a group of as many as four score Republican lawmakers in the morning.

By the afternoon, Walker, the son of a preacher, will be schmoozing with the pro-life groups Concerned Women for America (CWA) and Susan B. Anthony List. Despite the governor’s high profile battles with big labor unions and the Democrat Party apparatus, some conservatives are unfamiliar with him. The event will allow them to see his human side which one member of the CWA said was essential to decide whether to support him. The governor will also meet with trade lobbyists and K street powerbrokers as well.

Critics of Walker are saying he spends too little time in his home state managing affairs. It is the reality of time constraints that anyone holding a current office faces as they mount a presidential election regardless of party affiliation. Still, Walker has many enemies in Wisconsin over his successful curtailing of public sector collective bargaining rights.

Senator Sanders to Introduce Bill for Free College Tuition

Senator Sanders has made it clear that there are things which Germany and Scandinavia do quite well. In his view, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that and emulating those aspects of Northern European Socialist Democracies in the United States. One of those things which Northern Europe does well is provide low-cost or free college tuition. For this reason, the 2016 presidential hopeful plans to introduce a bill to completely overhaul the United States higher education system. Under the bill, Americans would be able to obtain free tuition at 4-year colleges. It is not clear if the bill would provide free tuition at private colleges in addition to public institutions.

The legislative initiative is definitely designed to force Hillary Clinton to shift further left in order to secure the party’s liberal base. Thus far, she has been mum about how she would enact free tuition, but she has indicated she is favoring a solution akin to the Sanders bill according to Igor Cornelsen. Whether Clinton, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee, takes the bait and makes her own position known is unclear at this time. Sen. Sanders has already attempted to force Mrs. Clinton to take make her position on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) public. The Democrat Party’s base is squarely against the epic trade agreement. Most pundits believe Clinton, a supporter of free trade agreements including NAFTA, will announce her support of the treaty, but she has yet to do so.

Investing in Brazil is made simple with BRL Trust

One of the often misunderstood areas of the world in terms of financial issues and investing is the continent of South America where most countries are seen as unstable and difficult for investment tracking. The country of Brazil could not be further from this image and is now one of the most important economies in the world with even the most difficult of times seeing the country remain in the top ten lists of thriving economies. The emergence of financial services companies like BRL Trust has added to the number of options for investors to look to the future and place their hard earned funds in the hands of a company known for the high skill levels of its employees.

The BRL Trust has only been in existence since the early part of the 21st century, but has quickly grown to become one of the most important and respected financial services providers in Brazil. Emerging as a loan administrator the company was quick to grow and was handling more than 100 loans by the end of its first year in operation located across the country. As the success of BRL Trust has grown its reputation for success and high quality employees has also expanded with top employees from many Brazilian financial companies moving to BRL Trust to further their careers.

Brazilian investment opportunities from BRL Trust now go much further than just providing loans to companies and a wide range of high level opportunities are now available to meet the needs of anybody looking at a South American investment. The election of a stable government and the return to a more traditional economic plan should also drive the economy of Brazil forward and create a financial landscape that will be positive for many years to come. The BRL Trust will also play an important role in this financial plan as it is now seen as one of the top companies in the country and the world.

Tamir Rice Finally Laid To Rest

Nearly six months after 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a police officer on the Cleveland’s west side, he was finally cremated. Police were holding onto Rice’s body as part of their ongoing investigation. Rice was shot and killed back in November by a Cleveland police officer after a civilian made a 911 call reporting the boy was walking around a park waiving a gun.

Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother final put her foot down and requested that her son be cremated. According to Samria, six months was long enough. She was tired of agonizing over her son’s death and felt like it was time to pay her respects and officially lay him to rest. In order to do so, Rice’s family filed civil action against the Cleveland Police Department. The civil action also highlighted Samaria Rice’s stint of being homeless. While this was embarrassing for her after it was revealed, many people have pooled donations to help Samaria get back on her feet after the tragic loss of her son.

Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann was the one who shot Rice back in November. Earlier this week, it was announced that the investigation over the shooting was near the end. It’s only a matter of time before we will know if Loehmann will face criminal charges for his actions against Rice.  Authorities are waiting on the last of the witness and interviews and review of forensic evidence before a conclusion can be made. On his personal-website Igor Cornelsen mentioned how eager he is to see how this one turns out.