Dr. Sergio Cortes Juggles Two Professions And It Works For Him

The 1980s and 1990s were called the running years by the enthusiast that got up every morning and logged in four or five miles before breakfast. A lot of good things happen when a person gets the cardiovascular workout that the heart muscle needs to function properly. But other things happens to the body if it is not prepared for long distance running, and Dr. Sergio Cortes decided to do something about those issues. More and more young people are turning up with hip injuries, and some of the experts say running is the reason. In the United States, the number of hip replacements has increased, and the reason for the increase seems to be body abuse as well as bone deterioration.
Dr. Cortes always want to be an orthopedic surgeon after graduating from the University Souza Marques in Rio. Cortes went to the United States to study orthopedic surgery. After learning all he could learn about hip replacements and hip surgeries, Cortes traveled to the Tissue Bank at the Federal University in Buenos Aires, and he worked there until he returned to Rio. Dr. Cortes took a position at the Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto. He was named Doctor for Brazilian volleyball team in 1989, and he practiced medicine at the Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto for more than two years back in the 1990s.
His U.S. training had paid off, and his reputation as a gifted surgeon spread around Rio and in other large Brazilian cities. Cortes got very involved in volleyball and the Olympics, but he realized he missed his orthopedic practice. Dr. Cortes took a position at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, and for the next 16 years he practiced orthopedic surgeon.
But all that all changed in 2002 when he was named the director of the Institute. He became an administrator, and he made several important political friends in that position. In 2007, his title changed again. People were now calling him the State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense as well as a doctor. President Dilma Rousseff wanted Cortes in her administration, and he jumped at the chance. Dr. Cortes has been the State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense for the last eight years.
People ask Cortes how he juggles being a doctor and a politician at the same time, and he always answers them the same way. Dr.Cortes says both professions help people, and that’s what he always wanted to do. He likes to serve people, and he does it well.

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Consigning Credit With BMG President Ricardo Guimarães

Consigned credit is a fairly new concept in the world of banking. It is credit that has been recycled from other customers of the bank to customers who need the credit. It allows customers who need credit an extra opportunity at getting what they need and it allows other customers the opportunity to use up credit that they don’t need, while profiting off of the interest rates from other customers. It is a somewhat tricky concept to get ahold of, but BMG has perfected it. They are one of the top banks in Brazil and have done this through their consigned credit program. This has allowed them to not only become the best at one they do, but has allowed them to be one of the best banks for customers who wouldn’t have been able to do things without the help of the bank.

The bank is one that is successful and has bee able to gain their success through the help of their programs. The consigned credit program is innovative and allows customers to have an idea of what they are going to be able to do with the credit that they have. It has given many customers an opportunity they would not have had without the program to help them. This has been accomplished not only with the innovative program, but also with the people who have worked to make the program a possibility. In particular, the company could not have done this without their president, who came up with the consigned credit concept for BMG.

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of the BMG bank, but he was not always the president of the bank. He began his career with the bank in 1980 and rose to his high position from the various successes that he had. In 1989, after he was appointed financial executive officer, he began working on the consigned credit program. This allowed him to create a large amount of credit options for all types of customers. It ensured that customers were able to purchase the things they needed while they were working toward other parts of their financial life.

After the program was a success, Ricardo Guimarães was again promoted. He was made the CEO of the company in 1996. This was due to his success with the consigned credit program and allowed him to do better at what was right for the bank and the customers. After a successful run as CEO and an increase in the consigned credit program, he became the owner and the president in 2004.  At this point, he was able to push the program even further and this allowed the bank to become more successful than it has ever been.

Ricardo Guimarães loves sport a lot. He has contriduted with social investments by sponsoring some major sport events and clubs.

US Money Reserve; Giving Back Is As Precious As Gold And Silver

The holidays are a time for giving back to the society. This is because it is during this time that most people break from their routine working schedules to relax and get a breather. It is a time to spend quality time with family friends. What a better way to celebrate your holiday by sharing the goodness with the less fortunate in the society. This spirit of sharing with the needy during the holidays have prompted the US Money Reserve CrowdRise holiday campaign. Using CrowdRise, US Money Reserve hopes to raise funds to give those to those in need in the Central Texas Area. Branded US Money Reserve: Holiday Drive for Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, the campaign encourages the US Money Reserve clients, friend and family to give back to those in need. The Capital Area Food Bank has always been on the fore front when it comes to hunger relief with the help of around three hundred Partner Agencies in twenty one counties across Central Texas. In 2014 they provided thirty one million pounds of foods to families in need. To help the surpass that record in 2015, you can make your contributions to the campaign.
US Money Reserve is one of the largest and most trusted distributors of U.S government gold and silver coins in the world as rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. It is also the only precious metal company led by a former U.S Mint Director. The president of U.S Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl was the 35thDirector of U.S Mint. Founded by gold market veterans who realized that there was need to combine excellent customer service, expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance which is necessary when purchasing precious metals, it is no doubt that US Money Reserve has the reputation it holds.
With a team of over a hundred professionals such as gold specialists, numismatic experts and coin research professionals, US Money Reserve has had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients who have clearly taken the advantage of financial benefits that come with owning precious metals.Their commitment to excellence especially in customer service has seen many clients place their trust in the company’s ability to help them choose the coins that can earn them the highest returns over the years. Because of this, many have been able to make wise purchases that has made them tremendous profits.

The George Soros Empire.

George Soros cuts the figure of an outspoken and influential business mogul. He made his name in investment banking and hedge funds in a career spanning three decades. Today, he took the back seat having had a career to envy and making billions for himself and partners.
The year is 1930; George Soros is born in Budapest, Hungary at a time when the international system was full of anarchy. His homeland found itself right at the center of the violence. Like other citizens of the time, there wasn’t much to look forwards.
In his late teenage years, he embarked on an intellectual journey that would lead him to greener pastures. He settled in England and became one of the few lucky individuals to study at the London School of Economics. This was no mean achievement for Soros at the time. The institution was producing some of the best brains in Europe.
George Soros reveled in this rare opportunity. During his stay at the college, he mastered politics and economics. In 1952, he ventured into investment banking in a junior capacity. This exposure enabled him to learn and develop his business talents.
A few years down the line, he found himself on the shores of the US where his expertise in business analysis and investment attracted many employers. Over the next seventeen years, he enjoyed working relations with three prestigious firms. These investment companies include; Wertheim & Co, Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, and F. M. Mayer. While working for these enterprises in New York, George built a foundation for a very successful future.
In the early 1970’s, he decided to call it quits on employment. He had the knowledge and skill to go it alone. He established the Soros Fund Management company that did some very profitable business ventures in the coming years.
George’s prudent management and venture capitalism earned him massive profit margins. Armed with the financial muscle of investors who had confidence in him, he made billion in dollars over two decades. In 1992, a currency speculation he made on the British pound ended up earning him a $1 billion profit in one single day.
George Soros is perhaps one of the best financial minds ever seen. He uses his global reach and influence to advocate for social and political change. Since his retirement from active management, he has dedicated his entire resources to the empowerment of societies. His organization remains profitable and now operates as Quantum Fund.
George Soros’ influence is now felt in philanthropic and human rights sectors of society. Just like in the business world, his influence across the globe serves a focal point for democracy and human rights. His ideas shape humanitarian policy. He is an active author and writer on social and political topics.
He serves as the leader of the Open Society Foundations. These umbrella body links like-minded partners, civil organizations and change makers to promote education, economic empowerment, good governance and human rights. They mobilize resources to sponsor Democratic campaigns, education of the young generation and the campaign for human rights.

Your Kids Should Go To Next Level Lacrosse Camp For Training

If you are a lacrosse player, you may be considering going to a lacrosse camp. There are many great reasons to do so. If your looking into lacrosse camps, you are probably curious what camps use effective strategies and which ones don’t. One camp that uses strategies that are likely to drastically boost your playing ability is Next Level Lacrosse Camp, headed up by Jon Urbana, a former star for the Denver Outlaws. The camp is geared for those who live in Colorado, and it is very well known in the state.

Next Level Lacrosse has a number of unique advantages over other lacrosse camps. The people that teach you lacrosse are not simply coaches, but many of them have had experience playing major league lacrosse! And there is no better teacher of lacrosse than Villanova lacrosse defender, Jon Urbana. His teaching style is very engaging, and striking improvements have been reported from going to the camp. Some players say it was an important part of their process of becoming a better player on the field.

One of the people who founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp was actually a major league lacrosse player himself! According to the Aviation Business Gazette, Jon Urbana has succeeded as an airplane pilot, an entrepreneur, and a major league lacrosse player. This extensive experience, along with a passion for tweets through his @jonurbana1 handle, helps him to be an extraordinary coach to anyone who goes to Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Urbana said in a website bio that he believes that the best way to learn lacrosse is from a very skilled player. He mirrored these thoughts on a WordPress blog post. For this reason, he has brought other former major league lacrosse players to help him out with coaching at the camp. They have contributed greatly to the efficacy of the camp, and many people can attest to the effectiveness of this Facebook profile posting strategy that is used by Urbana.

Jon also knows how to successfully market the camp to a lot of people. He operates an Instagram account to help spread the word, and photos of the camp during the offseason have done a great deal to help his recruiting efforts.


A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

He has done more than run the lacrosse camp during his career. He also has had a great deal of success working with Ellipse USA to sell services for skin care. He firmly believes that businesses are most successful when they are well marketed and provide a quality experience. He certainly takes this philosophy with him when managing Next Level Lacrosse.

And he also extends this philosophy to other local organizations like Earth Force, and ARAS. Currently running online fundraisers for both of these nonprofits, Jon invites you to contribute any amount of money to either cause.

Donate to Earth Force
Donate to ARAS

Urbana certainly helps to make Next Level Lacrosse a great experience for its guests. His ownership philosophy is laid out neatly in a document he linked us to last week.

However, he is not the only reason why it is a great place to go. He has many other equally skilled players helping the guests to his camp. When you go to Next Level Lacrosse Camp, you are nearly guaranteed to improve as a player. If you are considering going, you can register on the company website right away!

QNet: Mastering The Basics

In a world where the internet is fast approaching ubiquity, more and more companies are taking their products online. This includes QNet. In addition to selling a wide range of life-enhancing goods, the company offers entrepreneurs a business model that can help facilitate financial independence and vocational freedom. To get a basic understanding of the company purpose and infrastructure, review the outline that appears below:

QNet: Mastering The Basics

QNet is a multi-level marketing company. Established in 1998, the company is predicated on the principle of business excellence. By providing independent representatives with ongoing mentoring and skill-building classes, the company enables them to become effective in marketing and selling its wide range of products.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

Although defined broadly, multi-level marketing is basically a business model that involves recruiting independent business representatives to sell a company’s goods and/or services. The business representatives earn a percentage of the profits for the services and products sold. Additionally, the representatives engage individuals within their social network to determine their interest level in becoming new representatives for the company. When an individual is recruited to a representative’s team, the representative earns a percentage of the profits that the new team member generates from sales. This model replicates itself over and over, thereby enabling business representatives to earn an unlimited income.

About The Company’s Products

QNet is pleased to offer the public a wide range of wonderful products that can enhance their physical and mental health. Moreover, these products can be purchased from the privacy of the consumer’s own home. In recognizing that the world is currently experiencing a health crisis, QNet is pleased to be a part of the solution by offering wonderful products such as their InShape Meal Shake. This weight management product incorporates the latest science to help consumers regulate fat cells, curb their appetites, and lose weight. Moreover, the product empowers customers to lose weight without undergoing the “yo-yo effect” of losing weight and then putting it all back on quickly.

In addition to offering wonderful weight loss products, QNet is pleased to offer goods in the sectors of personal care, home care, fashion, and luxury.


If you are interested in running your own company in order to control the direction of your personal and professional life, QNet may be the right business for you to pursue. And if you’re not interested in becoming an independent business representative, you may still find yourself wanting to try some or all of the company’s wellness products. To learn more about QNet and what the company can do for you, visit their website at www.qnet.net.

BMG Bank’s Marcio Alaor Is Honored

As with any city, a bank is one of the driving forces in the town. People depend on their local banking institutions for car and home loans, payday loans, credit cards and various other financial transactions. In Brazil, there is one bank that stands out above all the rest, BMG. It could be because it has been here for decades, or it could be that it is run by one of the most prominent and loved families in the community. The Guimarães family has run this financial institution for nearly 100 years. At the helm of this tightly run ship is the Vice President, Marcio Alaor.

Alaor recently joined forces with another company in an effort to extend their banking services to the people. So many people don’t have the credit that is necessary to secure a personal loan these days. Alternative lending services have become a big part of any industry. Payday loans are loans that allow someone to receive funds guaranteed by their next paycheck. A person must have a checking account and be able to pay back the funds in a short period of time. By teaming up with Itaú Unibanco S.A. back in 2012, they bank made a historical leap forward. Not only were they offering more services to their customers, but they were also giving back to the community once again.

In a recent ceremony held by the city, Alaor was given an award. It’s one thing to be a big and powerful man, but it’s another thing to be loved by the community. BMG has done many things to try to improve the cities around Brazil. To make things better is just what the people want. Unlike so many other banks whose presidents are cold and standoffish, Alaor is welcoming with open arms to his valued customers. He carries on the family traditions well and though he is a business man, he never is too busy to stop and talk with one of the people that keep him where he is.

In the deal that brought payday loans to the area, BMG holds 40 percent of the stock while Itaú Unibanco S.A. retains a 60 percent holding. Though this program has only been in effect for two years, it seems that it already has brought much business to the bank. The bank didn’t always focus on the type of lending it does today. When they first began, they were an institution that focused on mergers and acquisitions, as well as traditional credit requests. Being able to change with the times is one of the best features of this bank. They are not bound by rules or models from institutions of olden days, they make their own path.


The importance of life is living together. Being there for someone is paramount and a sign of support and a good heart. That is the whole meaning of Crowdrise. It’s about giving and raising money the success for everyone. Besides raising money in a fun and enjoyable way and helping others join in too. It helps raises money for medical reasons, tuition for needy students, projects and for those with other needs. It has successfully helped over a million charities in America raise funds to cater for various expenses. It’s among the top leading fundraising sites for raising money for the needy members of the society .The Crowdrise is rated as the best and leading website in fundraising sector online.
To join this success cause to help the less unfortunate, us money reserve has joined Crowdrise in the drive for capital food bank of Texas. The campaign aims at giving back to those in need at the central Texas. The drive is open to the clients, friends and families. Donations are channeled to the capital area food bank in Texas. The bank is at the forefront in relieving hunger to those affected. With over 300 partner agencies, the bank reaches over 21 counties in Texas to provide food to those in need.
US money reserve is a leading company in selling and buying of us government issued coins. The company was founded by gold veterans who saw the need for a combined platform of offering gold advice. Since then, the company has grown to be among the most trusted gold dealing companies in the US. The company has a reliable customer service. The over 100 professional employees coordinate to offer the fastest consignment shipping to the clients.
Us money reserve is a partner and advisor to those willing to buy us issued gold coins. It has expert advice and relevant information to its customers. Over the years, the company has propelled its customers top leading profit positions from its trusted business. The company offers gold, silver and platinum coins. The company .it’s the only gold company to be headed by the former US Mint Director, Mr. Philip Delhi. He was the 35th director of the US Mint director. The company is also rated by the AAA business consumer alliance. Despite its leading role in the gold industry, the company’s Crowdrise campaign has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing community life. They have joined millions of Americans in the drive to raise donations to the needy citizen in Texas.

How to Vet Different Professional Lawyers in Brazil

Law is a wide area that few rarely understand. There are many confusing terms that are a bit complicated to understand and this is one of the things that you should never take for granted while handling a legal suit. It is rather advisable to hire a professional to help you in handling a case of you find some issues complicated to understand. Professional lawyers in Brazil can help you make the right decisions and can avail the right materials to help you handle a case in a better manner. However, many people have been facing problems while choosing the right professionals to work with. This is mainly because there are many quack professionals in the field, who are not fit to offer legal services. Here are simple guidelines that will help you to make the perfect choice while searching for a lawyer in Brazil.

First you need to consider the number of years the person has been in the legal field. Sometimes novices may mess with your plans and this could lead to huge losses. Take some time to analyze the reliability of the professional before choosing to work with the person. Someone who has been in the legal arena for many years will have sufficient experience to handle even the most complicated case. So, when hiring a lawyer in Brazil, you need to consider the time factor as it matters a lot.

Also check to ensure you are working with a registered professional. This eliminates the chances of ever choosing a quack with no experience on matters regarding law. Most registered lawyers are trained and have passed all the required tests before they are granted the status of a fully certified professional.

Consult with leading veterans who have been in the arena for a long time. Such include people like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, who have worked as a lawyer for more than 10 years, offering specialized services to different clients. He is a well disciplined professional who believes in maintaining the right code of conduct in the legal world. His contribution to ensuring the right practices are maintained in law has been celebrated by many individuals.

When you need honest reviews about certain professionals, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho will assist you. He is among professionals who have been considered for advice by different upcoming lawyers, so he is able to offer referrals to well experienced and trained professional lawyers in Brazil.

Terry Bradshaw’s Success On Today In America

Terry Bradshaw in an individual who has been in the media for quite some time. After his successful career as an NFL quarterback, Terry Bradshaw created a great name for himself as a TV analyst. He has also been the host for many different TV shows, most notably Today in America. This is a show where Terry has been able to tackle some big issues and also showcase some great companies and individuals. The information that Terry Bradshaw shares with the nation on his show is a testament to the great skill that Terry Bradshaw has gained as a television personality.

Terry Bradshaw tackles many different issues in the world and the economy is just one that he happens to tackle in the episode featuring Madison Street Captial. Terry Bradshaw tackles the ever changing market and addresses some of the big changes affecting the economy. Terry addresses the fact that it is harder now for companies to find the capital funding that used to be so much easier in the past. These changes have made a big change in the world of capital investments as well. Banks are much less willing to give out businesses loans. This is where Madison Street Capital comes into play.

Madison Street Captial is a firm that allows individuals to create the type of capital that they need for their business. Madison Street Captial has a unique ability to work hand in hand with CEOs to bring their business to a new level. The investment professionals at Madison Street Captial have the ability to give CEOs the type of information that they really need to hear. This is important when it comes to crucial changes that need to be made in a company. Madison Street Captial continues to push forward as one of the leading forces in the world of capital management. It will be amazing to see where the next few years takes Madison Street Captial. Madison continues to help companies get the funding that they are looking for in the most crucial times of growth. As Madison Street Captial continues to grow so will many small businesses grow as well.