Charles Koch and the Encouragement of Entrepreneurs

Many people see poverty as a problem. However, there are people that see poverty as more than a problem. They see it as an opportunity. One of these people are Charles Koch. However, the welfare programs and other problems set in place by the government to offer assistance seems to hold back some people. One thing that people seem to target are those that are trying to make their way. One thing that people can do when they reach poverty and a point when they become unemployable is become an entrepreneur. However, a poor entrepreneur seems to be a lot of people’s worst nightmares. However, Charles Koch encourages that.

Charles Koch is of the belief that people can pursue their dreams in any circumstance, a message often preached, yet at the same time fought against by the same people that champion that idea. The mentality behind these reactions to people who actually try to pursue those dreams is puzzling. However, Charles Koch has the opposite of that mentality. If anything, he encourages people to pursue their dreams, even if it is a hopeless pursuit. He understands the value of striving for something. Even if he knew it will get the person nowhere, he understands that this is for the person to discover for himself.

Charles Koch is not going to be one of those people who jump in the way of an aspiring person and pile up on him in order to choke out that passion. If anything, he is going to help stand up for that person so that he could continue to pursue what he is after with little help if any. He often understands that people, welfare and governments often do whatever they can to sabotage someone who is pursuing constructive activities in the name of trying to help him out.

Charles Koch understands that while entrepreneurial pursuits are not the only way out of poverty, it is not the worst way out of poverty. While helping people out, he respects the boundaries of people. He remembers that the poor are every bit as intelligent as the people that are in higher levels of wealth. He does not intend to stand in the way out of an egotistical need. He also doesn’t close his heart towards the poor and tell them to get a job. He does provide different options for entrepreneurial pursuits in order to help give the entrepreneur ideas.

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The Importance of Higher Education to Charles Koch

Higher education has become one of the most popular investments to make as higher education tends to have more profits to make. Investing in higher education ensures long term improvement. One of the biggest investors in higher education is Charles Koch, one of the famous Koch brothers. Charles Koch, in recent news, has invested over 23.4 million dollars in certain universities. The reason is because Mr. Koch wants to become involved with the decision making process and wants to learn as to how higher education can be improved for both teachers as well as for the students.

The billionaires have created private foundations as a way of not only improving higher education, but also for investing in the future. One of 2014’s major recipients was George Mason University which is located in Northern Virginia. This particular University received 16.8 million dollars that was to be invested in George Mason’s free economics program. As George Mason University has one of the most prestigious economics departments in the United States, this matched up perfectly with the Koch brother’s intentions. The Koch brothers are firm believers in the free market as it is beneficial to all. As George Mason as a similar belief, this investment will prove to be valuable for the future.

Though the Koch brothers have made millions of dollars in investments, they want professors to continue having free reigns on their teaching styles. The Koch brother’s donations have actually helped thousands of students not only receive grants, but also scholarships. Out of the 50 states in the United States, 41 of the states have received generous donations for at least one university within the state.

Charles Koch is a firm believer in making long term investments which is why he has also made generous contributions to think tanks, media organizations, and educational centers. When being interviewed, interviewers are always struck with how passionate he is about the investments he makes. This demonstrates that he is serious about every single investment. Charles Koch commented on the fact that he is serious about high education investing because of the fact that he wants to add improvement. As the United States is a Capitalist society, the Koch brothers believes that it is the best solution to invest in universities that emphasize learning around this particular model. That is why Charles Koch began paying attention to the prestigious economics department at George Mason University.

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Madison Street Capital Handles Mergers & Acquisitions

Madison Street Capital takes the time to work with their clients when it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions. They makes sure that the precise needs of their clients are met. They take the time to sit with their clients and find out what it is that they are looking for. Then they move forward with their services in order to make sure that their clients are satisfied. Madison Street Capital figures out a strategy that is both rewarding and efficient. They are also helpful with managers when it comes to putting together earn outs and other forms of compensation triggers that are forward thinking.

Madison Street Capital offers its services from the standpoint of a company that values people. They are also interested in helping their clients build strong businesses. They do more than just perform business transactions with their clients. After all, they are investing in the company. It is also important that they exercise their influence in the company so that they can maximize the success of both the company and their investment. They are very involved with their clients. They also give their clients a lot of information that they could use to their advantage so that they can successfully expand their businesses.

Madison Street Capital is also involved in philanthropic efforts that give people who are at a slight disadvantage a chance to improve their lives. Among the different charitable efforts that they are supporting are United Way Disaster Relief efforts. This is so they can help people that have fallen victim to natural disasters and other catastrophes. As one could see, it can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, a little bit of relief can be helpful to those who have found themselves in such and unfortunate incident. Madison Street Capital makes it so that it could happen.

So as one would see, Madison Street Capital does more than deal with clients and businesses. They truly care about people. They understand that it is people that are the greatest assets for businesses. Without people, businesses will fail. In this case, they treat their clients with decency and respect. They also advise that their clients treat others with the same respect and care that they were given. When a customer feels good about shopping or doing business with a company and is treated with respect, they are more likely to return to do business with the company again.

Charles Koch Foundation funds schools in the South

The Charles Koch Foundation has funded a Center for the study of Free enterprise at West Carolina University. This project is part of a larger $90 million project by Charles Koch and other organizations which are pushing the free-market agenda. With the aim to encourage more people to embrace the free-market idea, Charles Koch, his brother and other interested parties fund education programs mostly in the south including: economics centers, academic programs, lecture series, professorships, conferences and scholarships.

The center at the West Carolina is however yet to be approved as the school’s faculty senate is still carrying out deliberations. Once approved and put in motion, the foundation will donate $2million in the course of 5 years and the university will contribute $1.4 million in a year. This will be a great opportunity especially for schools in the South that do not have enough financial resources to provide adequate educational facilities.

The Charles Koch Foundation working together with the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute have funded programs in 366 colleges costing $108 million. Out of these colleges 147 of them are from the Southern parts and they have benefitted over $91 million or 85% of the total monies donated. The donations are made with a bias towards universities that teach and promote free-market economics as this is the heart of the agenda behind Koch’s foundation.

According to the National Institute on Money in State politics, Koch industries have a lot of influence in the geopolitics of the South. University office appointments in the South greatly depend on the external politics. Koch’s political as well as academic influence in the region is therefore rattles people who disagree with his ideologies. However, amidst the economic recession and university budget cuts by state legislators the funding from The Charles Koch Foundation plays a very important role in the South.

Charles Koch is an American business man, a billionaire and a philanthropist. Koch is the Chief Executive officer and the chairman of Koch industries. The company which was inherited by Koch and the brother from their father deals with the manufacturing of pollution control equipment, fertilizers, fibers and polymers among many other things.

Koch’s wealth and political influence made him to be ranked as the 9th richest person in the world by the Hurun Report of February 2014.Koch is affiliated to the Republican Party and is passionate about the free-market agenda. Koch has two children


Yeonmi Park’s Struggle and Mission to Share the Truth

Yeonmi Park‘s book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” on Amazon begins with Park’s very first steps out of suppressive North Korea in March of 2007. She and her mother made the incredibly difficult journey, including crossing the Yalu River, which was frozen, in the middle of the night. Together, they arrived in China and began what would be a horrific journey to freedom that would last years. Due to Yeonmi’s illegal status, she was subject to constant abuse and starvation as she tried to survive. As with anyone making these kinds of claims against North Korea and receiving this level of fame, Yeonmi has her fair share of naysayers. Pyongyang has produced a long video that tries to discredit parts of the story. “Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” accuses both Yeonmi and her mother of being United States Agents and vilifies them both. North Korea, of course, completely disagrees with her claims about her homeland and its suppressive nature and refer to Yeonmi as a celebrity defector. Yeonmi has remained strong through the attacks, and insists her story is true. She did alter a few details to protect friends and family members who are still in North Korea. As Yeonmi herself has said, she didn’t know what freedom was, didn’t know the word, and had no clue of the concept until she was finally free of the entire ordeal. She was simply happy to just have food prior to all of this. Her compelling story sheds much light on the plight of North Koreans, and the tens of thousands of refugees world wide. Any mistruths could set refugees back, their entire cause depends on the credibility of these stories, but sadly most are locked in secretive nations making them almost impossible to verify. For her part, Yeonmi has stated on Youtube  that she knows the truth of North Korea well and refuses to let the tragedy and oppression be silenced. All information originally obtained from

The Business Skills of Brad

Today’s business climate requires people to be able to understand many aspects of business. Someone who is going to start a company must be able to work well in many areas of customer service. They must also be able to know how to manage capital effectively as well as how to spot investment opportunities that might have been otherwise overlooked.

One person who has done much to help companies do their best in this field is Brad Reifler, and his CrunchBase does a great job of detailing what he’s accomplished for the industry. Brad Reifler is a highly respected entrepreneur and the following he’s developed on Twitter proves as much. Many people know him best perhaps best known as founder and the chief executive of Forefront Capital, a highly respected capital firm. Reifler is also heavily involved in many other kinds of business capital ventures including that of Pali Capital where he has held many positions over the years. Pali is known as a global financial services company that works with many clients around the world. His leadership has helped provide the kind of assistance that many companies need to be able to help locate customers and figure out how best to serve their needs in the best way.

Before he helped to found Pali Capital, Reifler was one of the stars at his former firm. The first business that he started was Reifler Trading Company. This business was acquired by Refco more than a decade ago.  Bloomberg shows that Reifler is also one of the directors at the Sino Mercury Company, a highly respected foreign company that has done business all over the world. Reifler has worked in many areas as well. He was previously a director of many other companies that are engaged in various aspects of customer service, a fact that has helped him to figure out what customers around the world want when they are looking for products and services that they might need.

But Brad is also known for his work with the middle class.  From opening up his company to middle class investors, to actually going a step further and providing free investment tips through Reuters.

Debunking the Rumor of George Soro’s $33 Million Contribution to Black Lives Matter


The Black Lives Matter movement has stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the last few months. With marches, sit-ins, and uprisings during political speeches many people feel that it is becoming a problem rather than a positive influence. In addition, certain people are under question about having associations with Black Lives Matter and its followers because of the negative image that it is beginning to portray. As an example, there has been a recent rumor circulating in the news and on the internet that George Soros is donating money to affiliates of Black Lives Matter. However, the rumor is not true at all.
In a recent article on The Daily Beast, the truth of the matter comes out regarding this rumor with George Soros and his large monetary donations to those individuals who are associated with Black Lives Matter. The headline on the article clearly lets the reader know that he did not give them $33 million. Bill O’Reilly brought attention to this rumor on the July 28 segment of his television show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” This also correlated with O’Reilly’s guest on the show, Kelly Riddell. Riddell wrote an investigative report earlier this year for the Washington Times regarding Soros’s charity ties to several left wing organizations such as Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter came into existence by three women who work for some of the organizations that Soros has contributed to in the past. However, just because he has made charitable contributions to these organizations, this does not necessarily mean that he is in support Black Lives Matter itself. It also does not mean that he actually made a charitable contribution to this specific movement. If he had indeed done so, it would potentially cause some serious issues for the Democrats. This is according to a piece written by Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker the same week as the article on The Daily Beast.
George Soros is the chair and founder of the Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is a network of projects, partners, and organizations that spans more than 100 countries. Soro believes in an open society. In an open society, nobody has the monopoly on the truth, individuals should be respectful of other members’ rights, and government is accountable. Because of Soros’s belief in this type of system, this is the main reason why Open Society Foundations is so successful. George Soro has a long history of philanthropic measures, which began back in 1979. He first provided scholarships to black South Africans who were under apartheid. He also helped to put an end to Communism in the Eastern Bloc during the 1980s by providing Xerox machines for the copying and distribution of banned texts. He also founded the Central European University, which promotes critical thinking, and has written several books on Open Societies such as “George Soros On Globalization.”