Stephen Murray’s CCMP Capital is Quietly Becoming a Top Financial Player

When it comes to investing in the current landscape, you don’t have a lot of alternatives. More and more banks are starting to either close up shop or merge, and when you think about the chances of doing it all by your lonesome, it either gets too costly in dollars or too costly in terms of time. What the tried and tested strategy is in the current landscape is to find partners in an investment firm who specialize in investments as their every day focus. While there may be some reasons that individual investors here and there would choose to go another route, these are the reasons that investors have been flocking to investment firms as of recently.

Various Legal Reasons
When it comes to trying to invest on your own, you are extremely limited in what your cash is. However, due to economies of scale the major players are able to not only spread out the costs of licensing, brokerage fees, trading costs, and etc., they are also able to receive the professional advice that a major company can receive. The economies of scale simply mean that they can do more because they have more, and overall all of that can be done on a lower per cost basis than if you were to do it all by yourself.

Access to Options
If you go on an individual trading platform hinted your asset purchases and overall options (bells and whistles to invest in) are limited. However, if you deal with a financial fund and group of investors that have a seat at the table, then you can gain access to trading multiple different investment vehicles. This is even more exciting when you realize this means you can trade almost anything, any where, and on virtually any market as well. If you are interested in a specific type of trading system or if you just like the idea of a given commodity or asset, then you have a much easier chance of obtaining those assets with a bigger trader.

History of Professionalism
As Steve Murray, the former President and CEO of CCMP Capital, used to say, “People before Profits.” The idea is that you need to partner with a larger institution solely because they know how to communicate effectively and can do it consistently as well. It is extremely important to understand the world of finances, but it is even more important to be able to communicate that information to the people you are working with and representing. Steve Murray believed that you could continue to spin your wheels going after small amounts of money, but the key to building portfolios that generate wealth on both ends is all about building relationships with the portfolio holders.

At White Shark Media, Customer Satisfaction Is A Top Priority

White Shark Media is a company that concentrates on helping business owners manage their Google AdWords campaigns in the confusing world of internet and search engine marketing. Among other things, customer satisfaction is one of the strongest points at White Shark Media, and great emphasis is placed on making sure that all and any complaints received from its customers are dealt with accordingly and effectively.

Here are just some examples of how White shark Media has improved itself and actually made significant changes to the way the company operates based upon and because of customer feedback and complaints. Some customers felt that there was not enough communication between them and their consultants and advisors who were helping them manage their AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media’s response was to bring their communication process to an entirely new level. Now, monthly conference meetings are conducted online between the business owner or his or her campaign manager and the White shark Media consultant assigned to the company. Each company is also provided with a phone number that leads directly to its consultant so that the consultant can be reached at any time.

Sometimes, a company may feel that the strategist assigned to them just doesn’t click. Because of this possibility, White shark Media makes sure that its senior strategists help out all new companies throughout the entire transition process, and even after a company is settled in nicely, these senior strategists are always available in the case that they are needed.

To further ensure that each strategist is fulfilling his or her responsibilities and is not slacking off or not putting in enough effort, each strategist assigned to a company actually has a supervisor that he or she must report to. These supervisors are not responsible for more than 3-5 strategists. This ensures that each strategist is on the right track.

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Madison Street Capital has Good News for 2016

According to Madison Street Capital, the outlook for 2016 for hedge funds looks good but it could be better. Of course, where money and businesses are concerned things could always be better. The fact that the hedge fund outlook does not have any dark clouds on the horizon is cause for a deep relaxing breath followed by a sigh of relief. Madison Street Capitals report also says that returns, for some, are what they expected but there is no need for alarm. For 2016 there are no blanket terms to describe what is going on. The devil is in the details.

In its fourth edition hedge fund overview, Madison Street Capital states that 2015 is a better year than the one before. This is due to a surge of deals that happened in the fourth quarter of 2015. There are 10 more deals on the record for 2015 than in 2014. The reasons for this surge are varied but the outlook points to 2016 being an even better year. This is really good news seeing as 2015 hit record highs for profit. This comes as a bit of a riddle for industry as the strategies, for hedge funds, in 2015 appear to yield average results. There are numerous factor to consider. One of these possible factors is institutional investors exploring and choosing alternatives in the management sector.

Other factors considered in the overview point to the fact that managers of hedge funds are facing ever increasing operating costs. This comes with the demand for decreased if not competitive service fees. The situation does not so much place firms between a rock and a hard place, but it requires some innovative thinking. Some of the solutions that arise are seed deals, or even revenue-share stakes. Putting deals on the back burner and coming up with better ways to slice the pie between businesses appears to work in 2015. It also opens the door to usher in an even better year in 2016.

Madison Street Capital has a finger on the pulse of these types of transactions as a leader in financial advising. They offer full service where strategy and advice is needed in big financial transactions. They perform this service world-wide. Some of the services they provide are portfolio valuation and financial restructuring. Karl D’cunha is the Senior Managing Director for this firm. The details of Madison Street Capital’s overview are available on

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Alexei Beltyukov Program Improves Education

It is the goal of many people to make a difference in the world and to leave things a little bit better than they found them. For Alexei Beltyukov this has been the case as he establishes himself as a significant proponent of higher levels of education. Not only is this Russian born entrepreneur successful in starting several successful companies, Alexei is also creating new interactive educational software that presents through which allows high school students to broaden their horizons and reach higher levels of achievement.

Beltyukov has been more than willing to share his cutting edge views on education with hundreds of teachers and educational staff members in order to introduce his interactive software to more students. He believes that with exposure to his products all students will be able to achieve at a higher level than they were able to do before. This is an online homework space for learners. They generate appropriate work for students to practice skills they need to work on in their own time. This provides students with the ultimate tool to take control of their education in their own dynamic manner. SOLVY is a program that embraces the pursuit of progressive thinking and promotes the growth mindset. This supports students in the process of making mistakes and learning from them and not making them a second time. Mistakes are not a fatal part of the educational process but a vital part of permanent learning.

There is an underlying goal of the program to create more name recognition with the SOLVY name and connect it with superior math education. Beltyukov has hoped that it will be a more efficient way to manage and understand all of their students regardless of the level they are currently working at. By making this math education more accessible to all they are increasing math scores and making the process of learning math more of a real world issue. The software is pretty comprehensive as it works to provide hints and suggestions to assist students in mastering mathematics and gives progress reports to teachers so there is no tedious correcting for teachers. That means more time in developing creative and effective methods for teaching.

The business career of Alexei Beltyukov was not his original goal. He began pursuing a career in medicine. His interest in business couldn’t be denied. He received his MBA from INSEAD Business School. It was after this that he started to launch several very successful businesses. He was hooked on being an entrepreneur and now his focus on providing great software programs that assist in evaluating the educational process is his latest passion and financial focus.

Sanjay’s Hiring Skills

This spring I will be graduating from my four years in law school. Although I am giving myself the summer off from work and other classes, I am still going to apply at some firms in the area for internships or even per diem positions. The one place that is first on my list is Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah who is the CEO at Solo Capital, just so happens to be the guy I wrote a short essay about in English Composition. I chose him because I wanted to use someone from the local area and because I have already read multiple articles on him and his organization Autism Rocks. I think it’s pretty cool that he is a CEO and manages all of these benefit concerts that contributes to Autism Research. It must take up a large majority of his time if I may say so myself.

If for some crazy reason I was accepted into Solo Capital for a per diem position or an internship which I don’t think they have, I would give Sanjay nothing but perfection. So far in school I have passed all of my courses with nothing lower than an A- so my credentials are definitely something Sanjay will be thrilled to see. Solo Capital is big on only having the most intelligent people work in the office and I think my grades just might meet their high standards, especially because of my essay. If I don’t get accepted I will be a little shocked, but I will not give up. I will keep applying until Sanjay feels that I am suitable for his team. There are many other firms in the area, but Solo Capital is the only one that is meant for me.

Because I have studied so hard in high school and now college, I will not accept any lower than the goals I have set for myself. Just because I cannot get into a good firm, does not mean I will stoop lower and go work at a firm down the road that has bad references and hardly any clients.

Sanjay Shah is a man I need to work next to in the office. Him and I both share high amounts of motivation, passion for law and most importantly, knowledge. A lot of people walk into the office to meet with Sanjay and their resume is borderline blank. When Sanjay comes across these types he almost immediately sets them to the side. He wants a thick resume full of degrees, high end jobs and excellent references. Without that it is doubtful he will hire that person. His responsibility is to fill the office with top of the line employees and that is exactly what he is doing.

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What Does Solo Capital Do?

Solo Capital is a company that provides investment information and banking opportunities to people who utilize their services. They work with industry experts to help teach their clients about investing, trading and they consult in all areas of business that any type of business owner or individual would need.

The investing portion of Solo Capital focuses mostly on professional sports investing. The company knows that this is a very lucrative type of business and that it is something that people will be able to make money off of. Professional sports, while profitable, is not something that is easy to invest in. The professionals at Solo Capital give all of the information that comes with investing in professional sports. They know the ins, the outs and the industry secrets that come with sports investing. They pass all of the things that they know about sports investing on to their clients to make them money.

Proprietary trading is a great business for any business or individual or business that wants to make money. To be able to properly trade, clients need to know what they are doing when it comes to trading. The professionals at Solo Capital have learned everything that they need to know about proprietary trading and they have passed it onto their clients. They do this because they are a business that wants to see their clients succeed with the goals that they have set. They also want them to be successful with the trades that they make.

Understanding business, trading and all things that are related to making money are the key to making the most money. With the right consultant, businesses and individuals can get what they need out of their business. They will be able to find the most information from Solo Capital because the company has trained all of their employees to be the best at consulting for businesses. They know that consulting for their clients is the single most important part of their business. Consulting is what the other two sectors of the business are all about.

Sanjay Shah has created the firm in a way that gives the clients the most opportunity for success. He knows that, without the company, the clients may not be able to succeed. He also knows that the company, and the employees, should be able to provide the clients with all of the information that they need to know regarding making money and being able to keep the money. Sanjay Shah, an accounting professional, works with everyone at the company to make sure that they have been able to provide the clients with the most important information possible. He knows that without his employees he would not be able to have success.

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Supreme Court Nomination Is Still Up In The Air

The New York Times published an article that discussed the recent concern over the next Justice of the Supreme Court. Justice Antonin Scalia passed away and he left a legacy of pro-business rulings. Republics would like the nominee to be yet another pro-business conservative. And even though they are hesitant about President Obama nominating a justice, there are many experts that say that Obama and the senate republicans could very likely come to an agreement on a judge. The article used examples of previous judges who had been both pro-business but they had been more liberal on social issues.

One justice that has been referred to as a liberal and was even appointed by President Clinton is Justice Stephen G. Breyer. Breyer does rank high on being business friendly in his decisions. There are also many possible nominees who have already been confirmed through the senate and garnered much republican support. President Obama has even ask the republicans for suggestions. The question that some are asking is how business friendly will Obama go and how much does he really want to appease the republicans. As the elections come closer and Hillary Clinton increases her popularity in the polls, Obama will likely not be forced to find someone too conservative. He will probably only offer an individual who leans more towards pro-business policies. This is not really a concession at all because the democratic base is not interested in these issues, even though contributors to democrats are very opposed to pro-business ideas. These pro-business issues that are cropping up tend to involve union rights, punitive damage limitations, restrictions on class actions and rules encouraging arbitration above court. With this being the end of Obama’s second term, his main goal will be to concrete his legacy.

There are many individuals and firms who are paying close attention to the outcome of this situation with the United States Supreme Court. Madison Street Capital is one such firm. Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that concentrates on the middle market. This firm as been able to create successful transactions between many companies, including InteriorMark Limited Liability Company and Sterling Commercial Credit, CEMD Elevator Corporation and a private consortium, FabTrol Systems Incorporated and Aveva Group PLC, and Star Seismic and Vopne Capital. The firm has been able to create this type of transaction all over the world because they have offices in the United States, Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital offers a variety of services to its clients. These services fall under 5 categories, which include corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, financial opinions and asset management industry focus.

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Igor Cornelsen and His Brazilian Investing Knowledge

Igor Cornelsen has provided a lot of ways for people to reach him and view his information. He has a Tumblr, and Facebook page. He also has a Twitter account. Igor has managed to stay connected through online methods, and there is a lot of social media buzz about the investing advice he gives. I discovered him through a couple of friends that were considering investing in Brazilian index funds. We would all discover that Cornelsen was the master of investing on foreign soil. He was especially good about giving advice on Brazil because he has lived there.

The core of the advice that he gives is aimed towards those that are actually interested in diversifying their portfolios with stocks outside of America. Cornelsen believes that far too many investors are leaving money on the table when they bypass the investment opportunities that exist outside of America. He knows this because he spent years in investing banking, and he followed the market. He has been able to rely heavily on his skills as a retired banker to help him make better choices about the investment staples in Latin America.

I found it interesting that Igor Cornelsen knew that it was also pertinent to become aware of Japan if one is investing in Brazil. I have discovered that in Brazil the raw materials are the products that result in a booming economy for Brazil. It has been stated, however, that this industry in Brazil is only as strong as the biggest supplier. If Japan cuts back on the raw materials that are being exported it can be hard to recover. I would have never known about the outside factors that will affect a country that has so much vested in the exports industry.

There is a lot of buzz about what Igor Cornelsen is doing, and I believe that many people are going to discover that he is among the best in portfolio building. That is why his Twitter followers are growing. That may also be the reason why he has a growing client list with hit Bainbridge Incorporated investing company.

People that are new to investing will feel a sense of comfort for someone like Igor Cornelsen. He has provided some sound advice, and the average investor thrives when they take heed of his advice. The role of a good investor is to educate those that have less experience. Igor has done this, and he has never withheld valuable information. He is the investor that has managed to create a foundation for those that want to secure a better retirement plan. Igor has held fast to a set of principles that are built on diversifying the portfolio with many different choices.

Economic Development Embraces the Youth of Newark

The city of Newark has seen some much needed business interest in recent years, an attempt to change the city’s image for the better and increase employment opportunities for those seeking work. As we get closer to the summer, Kevin Seawright, CFO of the Newark Economic Development Corporation, has announced a working partnership with NewarkWorks and key figures from across the city to help local young people find summer jobs at the the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Summer Youth Employment Plan, this joint initiative, will be providing paid work experience for six weeks this summer, banking on statistics that link summer employment with increased rates of college graduation. In addition to the work experience, this program will provide training in disparate fields, lectures on personal empowerment, and classes on college preparedness.

Working with Santander Bank and TD Bank, the program will also have courses on financial management and literacy. Seawright expressed his excitement on Twitter in this financial education component of the program, which will help these students, many of which will be employed for the first time, learn how to open and operate bank accounts and manage money, both of which are skill they’ll need in college and later on in life.

According to Seawright, more than 350 students have already applied online to be part of this program. He was particularly inspired by the online component that has streamlined the application process.

As for the city of Newark, this program hopes to bolster the local workforce with student workers, taking 2015’s employment number for this group from 3,000 to a projected 3,500.

The program will run from July 5th to August 16th, and all participating employers will pay their student employees at least minimum wage.

Kevin Sewright is both Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, working to develop the economy of Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, and in turn provided benefits statewide. The NCEDC has partnered with local businesses to attract new talent in the city to meet their mission objective.

Prior to his time with the NCEDC, Seawritght was the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for Maryland’s Departments of Recreation and Parks, where he administered upwards of $50 million in funding from both the local and federal governments. This lead to an outbound career in finance and education, which had him budgeting more than $200 million dollars, and an involved role in the construction of schools while preserving the local infrastructure. Later on, he’d work in structural development to the tune of $600 million. Searwright was also Director of Operations at the Collington Life Care Community, where he managed more then 500 residents living on the property, oversaw their care and maintenance of the property.

Questions and Answers With Stephen Murray

Before the passing of the infamous Stephen Murray reported by Wall Street, I was able to interview him for a class essay I was writing. The main subject of my essay was to conduct an interview with a CEO of any company I wanted. I just so happened to be a big fan of CCMP because of my deep want to work there, so I decided to interview Stephen. I was rather shocked on the day I walked into the firm asking if we could set up a date for the interview to take place, before I could even finish my sentence, Stephen waved for me to follow him into his office. He gave me an hour of his time that day which was very much appreciated because he gave me very detailed answers and was extremely upbeat throughout the entire interview. Usually CEO’s come off as irritated because of time being wasted with all the questions. Every question answered by Stephen proved him to be a very knowledgeable businessman and an even better citizen to his community.

I ended up receiving an A- for my final grade on the written interview with Stephen. I was never able to mail him the letter of how it turned out, but I do however have it framed and hanging on my wall at home. Not just for the fact that I got an amazing grade for my first interview ever, but because I have one of the last recorded interviews from Stephen Murray. I’m sure there are many people at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who would be interested in reading it, but after what happened I consider it to be more along the lines of personal Most people I know would flaunt it to everyone they saw, but I’d rather keep it on my wall and glance at it from time to time. Crazy, but that’s just who I am.

I am hoping that after graduating college I will be able to gain a position at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. I have always kept up with every article and news post that is related to them. What draws me to this particular firm is their success rates and the way they handle business with their clients. Many firms have the tendency to leave a sloppy trail throughout the years, but not CCMP. All of their employees are very professional and do not take any shortcuts in their career. Mainly because they know if they were to take any, it would only result with a negative outcome. If I am going to work anywhere, it will be a place like CCMP where every member is respected and appreciated because of their hard work and efforts. Nothing is more rewarding than getting paid for a job well done, rather than getting paid for taking the easy way out.