How the Move Towards Organic Pet Food Can Be Beneficial for Beneful

A drastic movement in food has occurred in the United States over the last decade or so. The farm to table movement has swept the nation and inspired an entire country to take a serious look at their diets and the consequences that are resulting from them. Vegetarian, Vegan, Farm to Table, and Wal-Mart stores have cropped up in alarming numbers. Restaurants are creating menus to cater to the holistic food movement. Educational facilities are making an effort to eliminate fried foods and sweets from their lunch programs in favor of baked goods and vegetables. Why the sudden interest in sustainable and healthy foods? The reason for the shift to healthy diets is the fact that the consumer population has become aware of the harmfulness of the standard American diet. This diet is not natural and is filled with man made and chemically laden products that often result in obesity, disease, and death. An unexpected result of this food movement is the fact that pet food companies have also become part of the shift towards health, organic foods.
Beneful, one of the producers of organic pet food, has listed as one of it reasons for developing a healthier pet food the improvement of the quality and longevity of the lives of animals. This shift from traditional, chemically laden and byproduct filled pet foods has been extremely successful for the company. Beneful has been able to improve sales because pet owners truly do care about the quality of the pet food that they buy. Pets are not merely animals to pet owners, but are members of their families. With this in mind, Beneful tries to operate by its core mission to develop products that families can be proud to feed to their pets.

The shift towards organic pet food has also been extremely beneficial to companies like Beneful because of the upgraded reputation of the brand due to the quality of the food. Now, organic pet food shoppers associate Beneful not only with quality pet food, but with pet food that is extremely beneficial to their pets. They now know wishes to support the overall health of their animals. Follow Beneful:

Florence’s Endeavor

It started with at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood with a conversation between artists. Florence of Florence and the Machine was talking to director Vincent Haycock about her recent troubles with a painful breakup. Florence and Vince’s conversation covered the in and outs of relationships, fame, and how to not lose yourself in the battle. While she is touring with the How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album, Florence still took time to collaborate with Vince. This collaboration is a 47 minute short film titled The Odyssey

As with the music of Florence and The Machine the movie was made with this amazing music. Cinematically adventurous and daring on Instagram, The Odyssey is new and shows an artistic vision of what Florence has gone through. The movie and her voice will leave people awestruck and asking for more.

As with anything new and trending in fashion, JustFab is an online subscription selling fashion to the people of today. From shoes to jewelry, pants to handbags JustFab has it. From everybody no matter what your style JustFab is the place to go for any occasion. Once taking the quiz to see where your taste lies, JustFab will give you a hand picked look at the styles you tend to wear. It seriously feels like the mall is right at your fingertips.

JustFab offers the styles that are current, styles that you will see out on the streets. Outfits on Facebook are carefully selected and put together for JustFab by their talented stylists. Not many people can afford a stylist, but with JustFab you are a click away. That and the fact that you can receive a new item each month to add to your wardrobe for affordable prices is amazing. What’s even better is you are not forced to buy each month, you can cancel for the month or months and hope back on when your ready.

The Role Played by James Dondero at Highland Capital Management

The growth of any firm in the financial sector largely depends on the executives that it employs. The firm ought to employ someone who will inspire a sense of duty to the other employees and also bring in a wealth of required financial knowledge into the firm. Therefore, it is necessary to hire qualified and experienced people in any firm in the financial sector. Highland Capital Management, L.P one of the largest investment firm globally. It was founded over three decades ago in Dallas, Texas. Although the firm is headquartered in Dallas, there are offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore and Seoul, South Korea. Recently, the firm employed the services of Terry Jones as the president of institutional products which will make him report to the Founder James Dondero.

His immense and invaluable experience and knowledge will assist him in effectively making to Highland Capital Management a better place for the clients. His task will be to work with strategic institutional allocators to drive solutions oriented business development and serve as a complement to Highland’s broader institutional sales platform. The experience that the employees of the firm have together, coupled with the infrastructure makes the firm perform better across market cycles. Mr. Jones stated that he looked forward to work with the Highland Capital Management team and together steer it to greater heights in investment matters.

Before joining Highland Capital Management, Terry had worked for Highland Funds as the Lead Director and also sat on the board of Genworth Life Insurance Company in New York and also sat on SEI AIC III board. He founded CIO of Battersby Capital Management and also worked as Port Folio Manager for Global Head of the Relative Value and Event Driven Sectors of the Hedge Fund Strategies Group of Goldman Sachs. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Columbia College and received his MBA, Gamma Sigma from Columbia Business School.

Dondero has been in the financial sector for over three decades. The financial guru has high hopes in Terry and believes that his leadership and experience at former employers would enable him work well at the Firm.

James is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management as an SEC registered investment adviser. He co-founded it in 1993 and the firm has grown to become one of the largest alternative credit managers in the world. The also offers alternative investments and specializes in credit strategies such as credit hedge funds, long only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special situation private equity and collateral loan obligations.

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Keith Mann Lending a Helping Hand to Uncommon Schools

Education reform is the topic of many politicians today. There are a lot of people who want to see their local schools changed for the better. Instead of worrying about various aspects of educations theory, there are actually people going out and making the world a better place. Keith Mann is someone who has a passion for business and helping others. Over the long term, he has been able to really impact the schools in the state of New York. Anyone who has ever dealt with education knows just how difficult it can be over a long period of time. With the resources he has from his companies, Keith Mann is able to dedicate a lot of time and money to this cause.

There are some people who have a massive amount of business success from an early age. Keith Mann is one of those people who just continued to add value to various companies throughout his career. This led to him being promoted quickly throughout his working life. Over a long period of time, the investment he made into other companies led to a lot of success in his life. There are a lot of people who wish that they had the work ethic and intellect of Keith Mann. As a small business owner in the New York area, he has a lot of experience dealing with people of different backgrounds. There are many people who are looking for ways to impact education, and Keith Mann is leading the fight for New York.

There are many schools in New York and other states that do not have the proper funding to succeed. Instead of looking at the short term cost, Mann wants to look at ways that he can impact the lives of others through education reform. Proper funding for public schools is one the causes that he cares the most about. However, he is also very passionate about a variety of other causes within education. Over the next couple of years, it will be exciting to watch all of the positive change that comes from his hard work in this area.

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Avi Weisfogel Wants To See You Smile.

The old saying goes “You are never fully dressed without a smile”, and Avi Weisfogel wants to see a smile on every kid’s face out there. Launching the much anticipated GoFundMe campaign to assist with Operation Smile, Avi Weisfogel is making it his mission to facilitate the funds needed in providing surgical dental care to children in other countries. These kids may not be able to afford the procedure required to correct their teeth or have they may not have the resources available to provide the much needed dental care that other countries may be lacking.

Operation Smile, internationally networked, gives kids everywhere a chance to have much needed dental care that would otherwise be unavailable. This organization sets up shop at various locations around the world and works closely with medical professionals, hospitals, and governments to facilitate the care given to these kids and young adults. Established in 1982 Operation Smile has been a long-standing organization and this GoFundMe is refueling the fire that sparked up when the efforts were initially first made. Weisfogel has a passion for this Operation Smile believing that the one thing that it offers aside from a smile is hope.

Always a fan of a gorgeous smile, Avi made it his personal mission to make everyone he could help have a smile worth sharing. Weisfogel practiced as a DDS and has had plenty of reason to be inspired. Having a father who is a cardiologist for over 30 years and being familiar with the medical industry, Avi always tried to find the most cutting edge treatment available.

Avi Weisfogel, a New Jersey native, went to school at the New York Universtiy College of Dentistry and graduated in 1997. Avi did his residency in New Jersey and afterward set up offices in his home state. An out of the box thinker, Avi strived to assist in making improvements in the field of dentistry.

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Talk Fusion Makes a Huge Splash

It only took a few weeks for Talk Fusion to take off after its launch. It is already considered one of the top communication programs throughout the world. With video chat, Talk Fusion has definitely shown that it is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to communications. Now, people are better able to communicate with each other as opposed to just merely hearing or reading from them. In Japan and Switzerland, it ranks in 5th place and 20th place respectively. This shows that Talk Fusion has something that is very useful for the user in keeping them connected with friends and family.

One thing that makes talk fusion very successful is that it is compatible with mobile devices. Even the Alexa ranking of the website has risen more than 30,000 positions within 90 days. A large part of that comes from there being a consistent amount of new products, enhancements and improvements being made on current products. Susan and Steve Baran are especially excited about joining with Talk Fusion with the belief that it does wonders for their future. One bonus that this product has is the HD picture quality which allows people to see who they are talking to clearly.

Talk Fusion has been designed in order to help businesses grow as well as keep people connected with their loved ones. As of right now, the innovative products are brought to people through interpersonal marketing. Independent Associates are used in bringing the product to different people. Talk Fusion is available and being marketed in 140 countries which makes it one of the larger and more successful communication companies. In this rapidly changing climate of communications technology, Talk Fusion is showing that it could not only keep up with the changes, but can also influence the changes being made in the industry.

The Value of Handy Cleaning Services during the Spring

I do okay with cleaning my home during most of the year. I don’t have to get much help because I have some kids that are doing the chores that I need to get done. It is going to be ideal, however, to get some help from a contracted company like Handy when I really need some thorough cleaning done.

That is why I am so interested in what Handy Cleaning Services represents. This is the company that has managed to become one of the best cleaning organizations around. I have to get some help and outsource when I have a need for help during the spring. I get all of my kids to get in the attic and sort through boxes. I get in there with them to clean up and get rid of old clothes. I have the ability to also get the family in the garage and clean that out as well. The thing about this is that we become far too busy to do anything else while we are getting all of that done. That is why I have the desire to actually outsource my basic cleaning services with the professionals.

Handy is one of those companies that you can depend on to help get your cleaning done in a timely manner. I never want to be in a position where I have to look for someone to clean. I like to have someone that I can book right away. This is what I will be able to do with Handy Cleaning Services. I like this company so much because I don’t have to wait all week for anyone to come. I am able to get my cleaning services with Handy because this company has a large number of cleaners all over the United States. I am certain that this is the best company that anyone that needs some cleaning done.

I don’t stop when Spring arrives. I still go out and use the company during the summer months when I host parties. I get cleaning services with Handy whenever I am overwhelmed.

Charles Koch Tries To Stop Donald Trump

Charles Koch is a wealthy billionaire based in the United States. He is the CEO of the Koch industries, and he works closely with his young Brother David Koch. The company is an inheritance they got from their father, and the brothers have worked very hard to ensure that it remains one of the strongest in the country. The billionaire is known for his philanthropic actions, and he gives most of his donations to schools, political parties and several other organizations that prove that they deserve his help. Since the general elections are just around the corner, Charles Koch has been in the headlines in the recent past due to his involvement in the politics. He has formed a political network to help campaign for his candidates.

Last month, the billionaire gave an interview when he was supporting his new book. Little has been known about the two brothers because they have always preferred to keep their lives private. However, this year, they have come out to give out their portfolios and also give interviews so that they can get more supporters. During the interview, the billionaire’s disillusionment because of the Republican presidential race was clearly visible.

In the year 2012, Charles and his brother David managed to raise four hundred million dollars in their network in order to support Mitt Romney. However, they did not succeed, because they were outmaneuvered by the Obama campaign at the end of it all. After the fall, the operatives in their side tried to discover what might have happened during these elections, and they have done all they can to ensure that the same mistake does not happen again in the year 2016.

Just when the 2016 election cycle was staring, the Koch brothers and all their allies had decided that they would raise over nine hundred dollars to support the Republicans. They only want to elect whoever will be facing Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sander during the general elections that will take place in November 2016.

However, things have not been working as the brothers had expected. All the Republicans did not realize that they would have to face Donald Trump in the presidential race. In the recent past, his policies and ideas have been so popular, and the Koch brothers are worried about him. They had refused to give him a helping hand in the past, and they are now having problems because of him. They have to deal with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump too.

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Only a Matter of Time: Venezuela’s Energy Crisis

Many areas throughout South America are sweltering in the heat. The ongoing drought in Colombia has caused the Magdalena River to recede and food prices to rise. Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia may have a reprieve from the heat but the torrential rain in their forecast may cause just as much damage to their crops. In Venezuela the Coroni River is crackling with heat, and hitting all time lows. Venezuelans rely on the Coroni River to feed the hydroelectric plant at the Guri Dam. The Guri Dam provides about 60% of the 16,000 megawatt energy demand in Venezuela, but as the drought continues it has gone from powerhouse to power problem.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has decided that time is of the essence. In 2007, Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez, turned the clocks back thirty minutes, to give children more daylight to start their school day. Maduro has decided to revert back to their old system, 4 hours behind the GMT. Finding that energy consumption is highest in the evening hours, Maduro is hoping the time change will save energy.

Maduro’s decision has been met with praise from Norka Luque and skepticism. Some believe they will consume the same amount of energy no matter what the clock says. With any decision there will be supporters and detractors, but only time will tell if Meduro’s decision can reduce energy consumption. Until then, dance. Dance in the name of rain.



Customer Emphasis as Laid Down by White Shark Media

The customer is always right and at White Shark media that’s all that matters. The advertisement company has done right with its clients. This is evidenced by the positive reviews found at Customers by their hundreds have expressed their satisfaction and delight after using the advertisement agency. At the same website White Shark Media Complaints team have listed a number that a potential customer or analyst can use to get in touch for free evaluation. This is a bold move that is customer focused and ensures transparency and reliability. The company has laid strong customer emphasis especially the mode of communication and inquiry. It has opened a communication portal with Disqus.Com. It is worth noting that Disqus is a discussion platform that facilitates independent discussions and launching of inquiries. Using their Disqus account White Shark Media is interacting with its clients in a more hands on approach using the information collected to better their services. for more information you can log in to

The social media was the next big thing after invention of the internet. Most people have social media accounts that they use to communicate. White Shark Media has a Facebook account. Using face book it is able to reach its customers and offer guidelines and new SEO techniques. A cursory look at their Facebook account will show customer reviews which are very positive and new marketing techniques. Using Facebook as a communication avenue is a very ingenious idea that allows real time communication. A person is guaranteed of almost an instantaneous reply. Face book has enabled it to convey important information such as the Google AdWords interface application. This is important especially to associates who will learn new operating systems and their listed advantages.

Marketing involves outreach and White Shark Media has subscribed to YouTube. According to its You Tube channel it has launched a complaints review plat form. The advantages of this are twofold; the customer will be attended to and White Shark Media will learn from its mistakes. It has several videos on You Tube detailing how complaints can be handled and the best way to remedy some of the difficulties that may arise. It appreciates its customers and is eager to have a cordial relationship with them. Educational videos can be accessed via

According to a testimonial posted in Shopify White Shark Media is a flexible and remarkable advertisement company. Its expertise in using the Shopify platform has earned it nothing but praise from its customers