Jennifer Walden Moves Her Plastic Surgery Practice To Austin

Jennifer Walden is one of the most successful plastic surgeons in the world, and she has moved her practice to Austin, Texas to be sure that she would be closer to family. Someone who values family this much is a great person to work with, and she offers the best customer service in the industry. She has a great office to hang out in, and she has a place for everyone to rest whether they are recovering from surgery.

Dr. Jennifer is a great person to work with when women want to make changes to their bodies, and they can come in for designer surgeries that will help them look their best. This is a very serious thing for most women because they want to look their best, but they cannot look their best until they make these small changes to their bodies.

These changes can be handled in the office after a consultation with Dr. Jennifer, and she wants every woman to come in and get exactly what she wants based on her personal needs. The designer surgeries can be done at any time, and the other surgeries can be recommended after a consult. Dr. Jennifer wants to show women every option that they have, and she wants them to feel like they have the best possible chance to look good. Every woman who is trying to get the best out of her surgeries needs to ask someone like Dr. Jennifer for help. They will be able to change their lives, and they can get every option they could ever want from Dr. Jennifer.

It is much better for a woman to feel like she is choosing the right kinds of surgeries or procedures, and she can get options that make her feel great. There are so many women who are trying to change their lives with a change in their appearance, and they can ask Dr. Jennifer Walden for help. She offers women a safe place to come, and she offers women the chance to look the way they want at any time. A woman who changes her body will feel amazing.


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Better Reputation Management for Businesses

There are a ton of companies that are looking for a better way to manage their online reputation. A lot of these companies have struggled over the years as stories get posted on the web that attack the character of business executives and businesses. It can be difficult to recover from this if there are lots of articles that are criticizing a company for something that happens over and over again.

When different people start to post the same comments online it can be hard for customers to decipher what is the truth. Better Reputation is a company that works hard to make all of the bad publicity and and online stories go away.

Is valuable to have a company like this in your corner because that can often clean up a mess that many executives may not even know is in existence on the Internet. There are a lot of executives in high-profile positions, and these executives often have no interaction with customers on the lower level. Executives that are in charge of things like finances and marketing may never been introduced to the disgruntled customers that are attacking the businesses that these executives work for. That is why Better Reputation is such a powerful business entity. This is a company that has the ability to trace the source of negativity and put these negative online comments in the background. A lot of this also focuses on search engine optimization and the way that people look for information online.

When a company is able to please customers this may not go much further than a single customer. When a company dissatisfies a customer, by contrast, this may go much further through social media.

Professionals that are considering a reputation management company should make sure that this company take search engines into consideration. Better Reputation has consultants in place that know that the search results that are found on Google may not be the same search results that are found on Bing. That is why these consultants work through many of the different popular website to clean up search results.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Offers Great Workout Clothing At Nominal Price

In a recent issue of Marie Claire at, Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson discusses active wear pretty and stylish enough to wear on a night out.

We has all had those days and nights where we simply didn’t have a thing to wear. Well, Kate Hudson to the rescue. Her new line, set to be released April 1st, Fabletics features dresses and other apparel which are a lazy girl’s dream.

Hudson told Marie Claire that the super chic line has little black dresses, but not the traditional type. These are comfortable, roomy and look fantastic from Fabletics. Hudson says she designed this line with the active girl in mind. You can go out on the town and still have a really casual look.

When Marie Claire asked if it was chic enough to wear on a date night. Hudson replied yes. “This dress will fill any bill. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out with friends, or going to the gym to exercise, it will always look great.”

Hudson gets her style and class honest. She is the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn. Hudson, along with Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler, were looking for a women’s athletic line that provided something stylish and of the highest quality. So in 2013, Fabletics was born. The company announce a launching in the U.K. Germany and France later that year.

Fabletics athletic gear is designed to inspire the athlete in us all. The inspirational clothing is great whether you’re at the gym, digging through the garden or chasing the kids. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t look good doing everyday things.

Hudson’s goal was to keep the prices at a manageable level. “I wanted to create something that not only looked good, but something that all women could afford,” said Hudson. “We couldn’t be prouder of the results and feedback.” See:

Securus Technologies Video Visitation Revolutionizing Communication Inmates

The days has come when you no longer need take the time to drive to jail and wait in those long lines to visit your loved ones in prison. With the help of Securus Technologies Video Visitation application, you would rather conveniently schedule your next visit according to your availability. You do not have to be subjected to limited visitation again.


More importantly, your will be able to share those magical moments with incarcerated friends and friends, and they will feel at home. Imagine inmates’ moms and dads reading a story to their child before they sleep, imagine parents from prison watching their children blow birthday candles, participating in sports events, or even watching their favorite pets.


Securus Technologies is a Texas-based firm, and the company has emerged as a leading developer of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company also develops cutting-edge and high-tech solutions for investigation, monitoring, and public safety. The company features 28 years of services to correctional facilities. Currently, Securus Technologies have been contracted by more than 3450 law enforcement agencies. The company also monitors more than 1.2 million inmates in the United States facilities.


Securus Technologies has announced a susscesful adoption of its mobile Video Visitation application for both Android and Apple platforms. And according to PR Newswire, just within six months since the launch, the Android app had received more than 65,000 downloads. The Apple App had received more 5500 downloads within just two weeks since it was launched. This is a clear indication people are becoming fans of the new Video Visitation App from Securus America Technologies.


BBB says the Securus Video Visitation app represents a revolutionized way through which friends and families can connect with their loved ones. It is a more convenient way that adds mobility function unlike traditional phone call and visits. The Video Visitation application eliminates the need for tethered web cameras, additional hardware, and computers. What you just need to use the app, is your android or apple devices with access to Wi-Fi or cellular services.


The Video Visitation app is free to download, and can be found on Google Play or App store. Moreover, the Video Visitation enables users to synchronized visitation details with calendars, receive notification, and test Wi-Fi and cellular connections for optimal video quality.


Securus Video Visitation app has gone a long way in bringing friends and families together through sharing special moments anytime with loved ones in correction facilities. While eliminating inconvenient logistics of traveling to jails and phone calls that are not enough,

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Sam Tabar Knows About Investing

Many people believe that they should find a way to create more income or be able to save money. They just do not know the best steps to do it. Sam Tabar is an attorney who was trained at Columbia Law School. He also is a capital strategist. He sees that their is a trend of people who are choosing commodity investments. He thinks that this could be detrimental due to fluctuating prices. People should do everything that they can do to get as much information as possible before deciding to make an investment. This way they know they will be making the best choices for themselves and their family in the long term.

He thinks that more people should invest into other companies; especially start up companies. One company that he invested in is THINX. Thinx is a company that is known for having panties that are designed for women have their menstrual cycle every month. For every pair of panties that are sold by THINX, Afripads donate seven cloth pads to women in developing countries in Africa. This is one great way for people to get something they want and give back at the same time. If Afripads did not give these pads, the women would have to spend a week off from school. This would keep them behind in education because they would not be receiving all of the information.  Sam is also a big part of GoFundMe, where he works with AWI to provide more assistance to Africa.

Sam Tabar encourages people from his Twitter to at least start with one investment and see where it goes from there. He believes that people will enjoy the experience once they have started.  Read more about Sam on, and contact him through Thumbtack.

Mike Baur – Private Banker and Head of Private Banking at Sallfort

Mike Baur is a Switzerland-based private banker. He was also the head of Private Banking at Sallfort, a Swiss Private Bank. He serves as a financial specialist for small startup companies whom are looking for capital and ways of being able to get off the ground with as little money as possible. Mike Baur has 20 years of experience as a banker in Switzerland, making him a great resource for entrepreneurship and knowledge of entrepreneurship. He combines his passion and experience for banking with an entrepreneurial mindset which he uses on a regular basis to support startups. He is close with youth-run startups in Switzerland, which allows him to understand the benefits of helping young people launch their dreams.

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Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) – Startup Accelerator

Erstes Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator Program Schliesst Erfolgreich AB

He currently runs an innovation lab, a startup association for Swiss startups, and a financing platform for Swiss technology startups. At the innovation lab (Called Swiss Startup Factory), Mike Baur is responsible for advising startups from a financial perspective as well as raising money for these startups to grow. These 3 ventures keep Mike Baur on his toes, and give him plenty of responsibilities in addition to his other business. He began his career at UBS, in wealth management. Since beginning his career, he has held many different wealth-management related roles at UBS and Clariden Leu. Following his experiences as a private banker at financial firms, he began launching his own entrepreneurial dreams – starting out with Think Reloaded AG. This is a next-generation financial advisory platform aimed at helping clients such as the ones whom he has assisted throughout his career plan for their financial futures. Think Reloaded advises startups and allows individuals to be assisted in the execution process of their business models.

Offering advisory services from experience sets Mike Baur apart in the industry. He can offer plenty of great insights to his customer base, which goes to show the potential he has as a startup adviser to draw from his many years of experience. His thinking is solid, and he is an intelligent person whom has the capability to change the world. In the world of startup advisory, the majority are unable to match his years of experience and expertise in the practice.

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Suspending Flights in Venezuela

The stories from that are associated with Venezuela are not good ones. No one is thrilled about the way that things are going in Venezuela. It is just no a good place to be right now, but some people are going to have to stay a little longer, even if they are only visiting.
The biggest Latin American airline in Venezuela – Latam Airlines Groups SA – has started to suspend flights out of Venezuela. As the country faces a crisis that is getting worse by the day, flights have been put on hold. It is difficult for people to face this reality, but the airline executives have a reason for these suspended flights.

It comes down to two things. Actually says Manuel Gonzalez, it is one thing in the form of two different realizations. The first realization is that there is a drop in revenue due to the economic crisis that is related to the currency in Venezuela. Another thing that caused the airline to suspend flights is the big decline in ticket sales. Businesses are pulling out of Venezuela so there is no real reason for people to really travel there. This is a disheartening fact, but it is something that the government has to realize.

Conditions are on going to get worse because there is a sharp domino effect. It is difficult to expect a country to maintain flights with constant power outages in Venezuela.

The Healing Power of Shea Butter

Dating back to Ancient Egypt Shea butter has been revered by many as having outstanding healing and moisturizing properties. Harvested from the African Shea tree the Shea nut is extracted and used to create a thick and creamy butter with benefits that are like super-food for your hair and skin.

Other than moisturizing, some of the more obscure uses for Shea butter are as protection from the sun, to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, as a base for homemade deodorant and lip balms, or as a natural collagen producer for skin. This list is only a handful of examples of the versatility of this little nut. From summer to winter anything that you want to soothe, heal, moisturize, or protect can be done with natural Shea butter.

How do you know what to look for in a quality Shea butter product? Shea butter comes in two forms-refined and unrefined or raw. Raw Shea butter is superior because it has not lost all of the beneficial healing qualities that are stripped out in the heating and bleaching of the refining process. I recommend a high-quality line of environmentally conscious, all natural, raw Shea butter products from a company called Eu’Genia Shea.

EuGenia Shea is a small family business that is dedicated to not only making an exceptional product but also driven to change the world. All of their products are made with raw unrefined Ghanaian Shea Butter. Their Everyday Shea Butter is a blend of Shea and other nourishing and essential oils meant for all skin types while the Dermatological Strength 100% Shea Butter is for serious scar healing, eczema, or psoriasis. They have also created a Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter for new mothers meant to reduce stretch marks.

By doing business in an ethical manner Eu’Genia has helped impoverished communities build sustainability and given work and hope to the many women who have been recipients of their charity. By using a high quality natural ingredient in a way that helps people, communities, and the environment Eu’Genia’s products are good for both your hands and your heart.

The Passing of Steve Murray Is A Loss For the Equities Industry

When it comes to handling large sums of money, it takes a special kind of person to balance the need for profit against the reality of risk management. Stephen Murray was just such a person, which is why many industry insiders are still feeling his passing last year.

Having left CCMP Capital suddenly back in February of last year due to health related reasons, Murray had become a seasoned and respective professional within the world of equity.

Having devoted much of his career to CCMP, dating back to 1989, his passing has been particularly felt by that private equity firm. As one of the world’s largest private equity firms at one point, Murray saw through the transition from Chase Capital Partner to JPMorgan Partners, and again to CCMP Capital.

He was an industry insider and was a guiding force behind taking the firm independent in 2006. At that point, he was named CEO where he remained until just before his death in 2015.

In addition to his role as CEO, Murray was highly sought after for his position on various domestic and international boards. Recently, these included Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., and LHP Hospital Group.

This demonstrates his immense knowledge of equities and the truth that many industry professionals respected his position and insight. His sudden passing came after an apparently brief battle for an undisclosed illness.  Read more: CCMP :: Team and CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund

With an educational background that began with a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984, Stephen Murray also earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Columbia Business School.

From there, he immediately began a successful career in the equities field with some of the major players in the financial world, including Chase Manhattan.

Stephen Murray was also known for his charity work. Most notably, he supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the New York area. He was also known to contribute heavily to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, demonstrating his commitment to the community in which he lived and work for most of his life. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

His other philanthropic endeavors included Boston College, Columbia Business School, and Stamford Museum. At one time, he was also the vice chairman of the Board of Trustees at Boston College, in addition to holding a seat on the chairman’s council of the Make A Wish Foundation in the Metro New York Area.