Invest Wisely With Forefront Capital

Forefront Capital is a firm founded by Bradley Reifler. Forefront Capital offers investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. The firm caters to non-accredited investors, unlike other investment programs who consider accredited investors. The best part is that its investment plan suits every investor.

Do you believe in turning money into money? Many people think that investment is only for the wealthy. With Forefront Capital, investment has been made possible to the middle-class people. Brad Reifler points out the reasons why you should choose Forefront Capital.

Limited Risk

How comfortable are you ready to risk your cash? Every investment is risky, and there is no guarantee of return on investment. Worry no more. Reifler has created a team of investment professionals who have sound knowledge on investment issues.The professionals make sure that the chances of losing your cash are minimal.

Investment For Middle-class Investors

Are you worried that you are a non-credited investor? Reifler created Forefront Income Trust to give the middle-class people a chance to invest. The fund offers non-credited investors to invest a minimum of $2500.

Works on Clients’ Interest

Forefront Capital gives its customers priority. It operates in the interest of its clients. Forefront Capital only makes money until its clients make 8 percent return on their investment. Its goal is to become a firm for the people.

Forefront Capital is the best place to invest your money. It assures you return on investment.Putting into consideration of the above reasons, always feel confident to invest with them.They have the power to turn your money into money.  See more on Brad’s official website, or follow Brad on his Twitter @BradleyR for updates.

Makari: A Leading Skin Care Company For Individuals Of Color

Makari is a skin care company that offers beauty products made specifically for women and men of color. In the past, women and men of color have been largely ignored in the beauty and skin care industries. The company was founded to fulfill these different needs that have long been ignored. In addition to fulfilling the unique needs individuals of color posses, Makari’s products are made with pure, natural ingredients that care for the skin. Many of Makari’s products are made with: Argan Oil, Caviar and Carrot Oil to give the skin extra hydration and nourishment. All of Makari’s products are free of Hydroquinone, an ingredient that has been linked to potential, harmful side effects when used frequently.

Makari’s skin lightening products are specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of acne and stretch marks, and dark spots. Reducing these skin imperfections help give Makari’s clients the more even skin tone, and overall healthier looking skin that they desire. The company is also the leading skin care company for skin lightening products. Their best selling product is their Body Beautifying Whitening Milk, which whitens pigmented marks and discoloration, to make skin tone more even. The Milk gives its user a smooth complexion while hydrating their skin. Another popular skin lightening product is their Carotonic Skin Lightening Serum. Along with evening the user’s complexion, it also removes toxic build up and protects the skin from free radicals.

Customers can feel confident that when they are using a product by Makari, they are treating their skin with safe and effective ingredients that will leave their skin healthy and improved. Makari is now available online, as well as in private locations in New York City. In addition to their skin lightening products, they have expanded to include: make-up, lotions and baby skin care products to fulfill other beauty and skin care needs.

Goettl Air Conditioning Thriving Under New Ownership

More than 75 years later, and Goettl Air Conditioning is still humming along. That is in large part due to new ownership. Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl in December of 2012, and in a mere two years the revenue almost doubled! That is what Goodrich has become known for, simply making companies better and stronger.
For Goettl, this came with a change of leadership, policy and quality of work. The changes enacted by Goodrich were big, as the company president, service manager, operations manager and other members of the top tier leadership were dismissed. A new management team assembled by Goodrich stepped in and the rest has been history.
Not long after his arrival, Goodrich ordered a follow up on more than 300 of the most recent jobs completed by the company, a cost that was estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. The goal was simple, to ensure that the work being done under the Goettl name was being done right. The resulting success of Goettl now makes that order to follow up on all that previous work look more like an investment than an expense.
An article detailing many of the changes, ACHR News also hints to the future plans that Goodrich has for Goettl Air Conditioning. The impression Goodrich gives, is that he has plans to make this the biggest and best of his ventures in rebuilding companies, and with history of success in the HVAC industry, that spells big things for Goettl.
Today, the established and reputable name that Goettl has built for more than 75 years is doing just fine, and this may just be the starting point from the perspective of the new ownership.


Lovaganza Implements New Goals for Foundation

One item that many people across the globe take for granted is the right to have access to clean water, food, and a safe place to live. Unfortunately, due to pollution, climate, and lack of resources many people across the globe do not have the ability to get these simple needs on a daily basis. Fortunately, one foundation is taking dramatic steps to help achieve the dreams of many and improve quality of life for those that do not have access to basis resources.

Lovaganza is an international foundation that is dedicated in improving the quality of life in all people across the globe. This organization believes that improving the quality of life of all people will need to start with improving the quality of life in all children first. Lovaganza has made an aggressive, but reasonable, goal of improving the quality of life in all children by the year 2035.

Lovaganza has started implementing their new program to achieve a Universal Quality of Life for all children under the age of 15 years old. There are several steps and milestones that the company believes will lead them to success in their timeframe. The first thing the foundation will do is providing access to clean drinking water to all children across the globe. This will require importing water from other areas of the globe, improving irrigation systems, and installing better filtration systems.

The next goal will be to provide all children will enough food and resources to have a safe place to live while also getting a healthy diet. This will require helping to ensure that local communities are able to grow their own food, develop their own housing structures, while also getting continuing support from other countries across the globe.

Lovaganza will also try and provide basic healthcare to all individuals across the globe, particularly children. Part of this process will require the continued use on international medical programs, but will also require the implementation and education of medical professionals in these countries. Along with medical training, Lovaganza will also look to implement a better educational program to provide all children in the world with the same opportunities and education as those in first-world countries.

Finally, the foundation will look for ways to improve the safety in third-world countries. In cases where this is too difficult, the foundation will look for safer long-term living situations.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Agriculture Matters

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a businessman who has put a lot of time and effort into the Venezuelan agriculture. He was the president of FEDECAMARAS and is currently deputy to the National Assembly by Guárico State. Jose is known for fighting for agriculture rights in the Venezuelan areas. The world of agriculture has depleted and Jose Gonzalez has been trying to work with the government and politicians to help some of these matters.
Jose has stated before that he believes, 500,000 tons of rice has stopped producing, along with 300,000 of corn. Due to these numbers, the support of the foreign exchange to import has also diminished. However, the Venezuelan Assembly has always tried to understand the situations dealing with agriculture, but it has also been an unsuccessful process. With a government that has turned their heads with this matter, arguing that “things were not dependent on them.”
Jose believes that insecurity in the area affects the productive outcome and in highly agricultural states, it is most seen. Mr. Gonzalez has noticed that Guarico is truly an unsafe state.
He has been known to fight for these rights and for the particularly high crime area of Guarico. Unfortunately, hundreds of farmers are suffering by paying vaccines to gangs, kidnappings occur, and frequent carjacks are known to happen in this area. The problems will continue to progress, until the regional or national governments are able to solve the problems of Guarico, the agriculture-based area. According to Mr. Gonzalez, “The money, instead of going to production targets organized crime acting with impunity.”
Jose has wanted peace, stating that the only way to solve these matters are with a national agreement. According to Jose’s thoughts and actions, the national agreement would show the economy that the crisis would end as soon as possible and would help the country in many ways. Jose has tried to issue peace, economic growth, and agriculture rights through all of his research and debates with the Venezuelan government. According to him, growth would help social inclusion and get people out of poverty due to more agriculture work.

Danilo Diaz Granados Is Changing The Hispanic Retail Model In Miami

Miami is a major Hispanic city. More than 70 percent of the city’s population is Latino. And more than 50 percent of that Hispanic population is foreign-born, according to a recent Pew Hispanic Report. The boom in the Latino population and the political changes that have taken place in the city has created a commodity rush, and the result of that rush has been an investment spike as well as more migration to the city.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Venezuelan-born entrepreneur that came to the United States to study. Granados picked Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts, and he earned a degree in economics from that institution. Granados was aware of what was going on in Miami while he lived in the Boston area, so he decided to begin his career in the investment industry there. Danilo was hired as an associate investment advisor for Fireman Capital Partners. Granados developed an impressive Hispanic client base, and he became a successful investment analyst. According to his blog, Granados always wanted to start a retail company, and after talking to some of his wealthy clients, he decided there was a void in the upper end of the Hispanic retail market. His male clients wanted a place where they could buy expensive designer cars, Swiss watches, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. Danilo had money set aside, and he raised some cash from friends. He opened Toys for Boys, a Miami upscale boutique that offered one-stop shopping for the wealthy and people visiting Miami.

Granados has never been a one-dimensional entrepreneur. He dreamed of opening a film company for years. He took film courses in school and thanks to his astute investment skills he was able to start a film company. The company, Edge of Glory Films, focuses on the Hispanic culture in the United States. Granados is the director, producer, writer, editor and promoter of his small film company. His first productions have been well received in the Hispanic community. He plans to expand his film company while he continues his career as an investment advisor at Firemen Capital Partners. Granados stays busy, and that’s the way he likes it because Miami is one of those cities that always has something to offer entrepreneurs like him.  Check out the Vimeo for updates on films as they happen, and his Twitter account for further updates on Danilo’s career.