How customers of Securus Technologies feel about the use of technology to prevent and solve crime

Securus Technologies are one of the leading companies in the provision of technological solutions for investigations, the safety of the public, monitoring and corrections. They have shared a few of the comments that have been made by their customers about the quality of the services which they offer. Below is a sample of what many of their satisfied customers had to say about their service.

The chief executive officer at Securus, Rick Smith stated that once a week, the company developed and released a product that was aimed at helping the law enforcement fraternity deal with crimes by preventing and solving them. Richard reiterates that as a company, building safety is in their DNA. The comments that are shared here have been redacted to states to protect the innocent.

One of the customers states that as a result of the technologies they were connected with by Securus for their office, they were able to net a corrupt member of the staff. The person was caught trying to introduce contraband into the corporate environment.

Yet another one says that they were able to use the technology offered by the company to track cell phone conversations that were being made between inmates and that information that as threatening in nature, inmate ownership of cellular devices, and money transfer plans were thwarted. There are other companies who claim that they have been relying on the services offered by Securus for close to a decade and that in the entire time, they have not had any reason to complain about the quality of the service. Other people that work in law enforcement claim that they have been listening in to conversations between incarcerated inmates and their siblings and that information shared on the telephone calls amount to witness tampering, and this will be useful to their investigation.

In summary, Securus seems to be making really significant steps in improving the safety standards in both the correctional facilities and public domain.


Thor Halvorssen; activisim for the betterment of humanity

There are many people that claim to be defenders and crusaders of human rights. However, not many of them are ready to do everything that it takes to ensure that every human is treated with dignity regardless of their color, wealth or other conditions of life. However, Thor Halvorssen is an activist with a different mindset. He has been the champion of the will of the defenseless for a number of years now and if his success is anything to go by, it pays to help other humans get better treatment from the government and society in general.

Thor is a citizen of Venezuela by birth. Many people have described him as one that was born into the life of activism because both his parents were activists. His father was originally Norwegian while his mother came from the lineage of one of the founding fathers of the nation of Venezuela. When he was a teenager, he watched his father get tortured under a cruel and dictatorial regime. This really changed his outlook on life and thus came his decision to become an activist.

He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is a human rights gathering that has been gaining following and has such a huge momentum that currently it has been described as the human rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum. He has also been through a lot in his attempts to advocate for human rights. For instance, there was a time when he was captured in Vietnam when covering a human rights interest story in their prison system. One of his cameramen had to escape with the video tape hidden in his person because their captors wanted it destroyed.

He says that he does not believe in the kind of activism where people group together depending on their shared beliefs. He is a lover of all people, but describes himself as a hater of humanity because of their inhumane nature. He states that he does not discriminate against anyone and that as long as he is running in the same cause with a person, then the person is fit enough to be called his friend. Thor is a truly inspirational filmmaker and activist

Jose Borghi’s Success in Advertising

The hallmark of any business is advertising. Although beneficial to a business, advertising can be very challenging because of the associated costs. However, the presence of a man like Jose Borghi helps to make this a less-challenging experience. Jose is Brazilian man known all over the world for his success in advertising. He is a founder of Mullen Lowe Agency, one of the most successful advertising firms in Brazil. He is the brains behind the company’s success such as the campaign involving children in animal costumes. This campaign was held during the advertisement of “Is Love, a Brazilian song. This is a song that all Brazilians remember today.

Borghi’s Career

Borghi is a successful businessman in ad company, However, as a child, he did not know exactly what he wanted to do in life. Like many other youths, he wanted to take many career paths. He was able to make up his mind when he went to a Brazilian theater with his sister. Jose had the ability to perfect various emotions, a trait that helped him get roles in different advertising agencies. One of the awards he got from his success in advertising is the Lions Award. Jose was overwhelmed by the emotions associated with advertising for various firms and as a result, he settled for marketing.When he finished school, he started working at Standart Ogilvy, a marketing firm in Brazil. For a while, Jose Borghi worked for many firms in Brazil before he finally merged with Erh Ray to start their own business. Some of the other companies that Jose worked for are FCB, Talent, Leo Burnett and DM9/DDB.

BorghiErh Founded

Starting a ad firm is not an easy task. Ray and Jose decided to start an agency but they did not have enough capital. Therefore, they had to worker very hard to develop strategies that would lead to the success of their agency. They got their own money to start this firm from scratch. They named the firm BorghiErh, which is a merge of their names.

Mullen Lowe Agency

Back in 2006, BorghiErh ranked among the best advertising agencies. As a result, Lowe, an advertising agency in Brazil, bought Borghi’s firm. During this process, Ray bought all his shares and went out of business leaving Borghi to do business with Lowe. After merging with Mullen Group, BorghiErh was renamed to Mullen Lowe. Thanks to Mr. Borghi’s help, Mullen Lowe has become one of the best advertising agencies in Brazil.

Jose Borghi’s Education

Jose Borghi went to the Pontifical Catholic University. It is located in Sao Paulo. It is at this school that he studied marketing.

Martin Lustgarten is a Leader in Investment Banking

Martin Lustgarten is Austrian-born American investment banking professional. He is a market leader in this field. Investment banking involves the provision of financial-related and various services to corporations, individuals and governments.

The services include raising of financial capital by acting as the clients’ agents or underwriting in the issuance of securities. Martin Lustgarten is a pro in this area whose experience calls for acclaim. Martin is one of the major brains in the investment banking. He has served his clients with quality and effective services for many years.

Martin is based in Florida and is a leading advocate for international investments. He has invested in various countries to maximize benefits from local growth and at the same time minimizing risks. He is an avid observer and follower of market trends. This ability has allowed him to provide on-time quality services to his broad client base.

Martin is a prolific role model in investment for a range of investors. In many occasions, he had demonstrated his ability to pinpoint market trends before their emergence. Martin is always ready to offer thoughtful investment banking pieces of advice and step-to-step moves for the realization of financial success.

Martin’s smart moves, strategies, and hardworking professional profile have enabled him to his investments quickly. He recommends that investors should maintain a diverse international investment portfolio, which is vital for expanding and growing once wealth. He also guides individuals in making wise investments for their retirement plan. Individuals should plan well in order to enjoy the comfort of their retirement period.

Martin urges organizations, governments, and individuals to make good use of the recovering economy. Economic recovery ensures financial stability and enables investors to expand their wealth with minimal risks of market downturns. Individuals should always plan for bright plans associated with financial success.

This is possible if individuals make wise and effective investment decisions. This requires the services of an investment-banking expert such as Martin Lustgarten. Apart from investment banking career, Martin Lustgarten is a lover of all things that are vintage, a collector of all items that are beautiful, curious, juggler, and is Vintage watch trader.


The 5th Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference was held on November 7, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Each year this conference is held with an aim to evaluate the local market, identify opportunities and challenges and develop strategies to maximize those opportunities and resolve the challenges. During this conference, the role of rapidly changing technology in transforming the financial sector was discussed.



John Holt, the president and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. was a panelist during this conference. He was part of the Banker Panel discussion regarding how innovation in the banking sector can be used to increase competition while benefiting the community. He talked about initiatives that his organization is undertaking to improve the community. The initiatives of NexBank include acquiring a bank specialized in college education saving and offering mortgages to low income families. These initiatives will not only increase the competitive edge of NexBank but also make life better for the community.



NexBank Capital, Inc. is a retail and commercial banking company that was founded in 1922. It has its headquarters at 2515 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Texas. The company offers private, commercial, business and personal banking services with clients in different sectors of the economy. It serves its large clientele through four core businesses: commercial banking, investment banking, mortgage banking, and corporate advisory services. As of September 30, 2016, the company had $4.0 billion in assets.



One of the reasons why NexBank has been successful is the strong management team. Led by their chairman James Dondero, NetBank is all about the customer. Dondero is also a Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management and has extensive experience in the banking and asset Management. NexBank’s executive management team and the Board of Directors is always committed to the success of the company by ensuring that they offer banking services that meet the needs of their clients.

The Effectiveness of Makari Skincare Products

Are you looking for a more safe way to take care of your skin? Are you a person of color? Unfortunately many of today’s skincare products cater to a specific market. Fortunately there’s hope and that hope is in the form of Makari de Suisse. This is a revolutionary brand of skincare products that are designed for people of color. With steady growth and extraordinary results, Makari has become one of the industry’s leaders thanks to it’s fantastic formulas. These products are infused with natural ingredients such as argan oil, caviar, and carrot oil. By reducing and eradicating dark spots, acne, stretch marks, and dark circles; your skin complexion will certainly brighten up.

The brand is been going strong for 10 years and it has expanded with numerous products such as Skin Whitening Cream, Makari Oralight, Sulfur Soap, Extreme Carrot/Argan Lotion, Caviar Enriched Soap, Hand/Body Lotion, Triple Oil Antiseptic Soap, Clarifying Cream, and many more.

All of the products are manufactured under strict conditions in Switzerland which is a testament to it’s results. This all exclusive luxurious line caters to your needs and your needs only. Visit for more details.


Human Rights Foundation, President Thor Halvorssen And His Work Against Civil And Political Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen is a 39-year-old, half-Venezuelan, and half-Norwegian, human rights advocate, film producer, Founder, and President of the New-York based Human Rights Foundation, that devotes itself to liberating political prisoners, and promoting human rights in the world. The Human Rights Foundation has made tremendous accomplishments in line with its mission by securing the release of seven political prisoners, since its inception. The human rights foundation works towards providing adequate evidence to the truth commissions on certain civil and political human rights cases around the world. The foundation has also managed to publish two books on rights and responsibilities of the country. Thor is also the founder of Oslo freedom Forum, a conference held annually, hosting human rights activists from all around the globe, and activists give speeches.

Thor Halvorssen’s mother is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela, Cristobol Mandoza, who was also a descendant of Simon Bolivar, the military commander, who led Latin America to independence. Thor has experienced the impacts of his activism work first-hand, with his mother shot dead in a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, and his father subjected to severe torture in a prison at Caracas for exposing government corruption deals, while he worked at Venezuela drug czar. Leopoldo Lopez, a cousin of Thor, is still serving as a political prisoner in a jail in Venezuela, for challenging the Chavista regime. Thor Halvorssen had employed Vaclav Havel as the chairman of Human Rights Foundation (HRF), until his death in 2011. Thor then employed Garry Kasparov, a political activist, and a Russian, Chess Master, to replace Vaclav as chairman of HRF.

The position of Chairman was not ceremonial as Garry Kasparov would eventually come to witness in 2012. He was physically abused by the Russian authorities in a country that staged a demonstration against the Riot verdict. The Oslo Freedom forum has now become a signature platform for the Human Rights Foundation, bringing together human activists, and donors. The foundation has 12 modest staff members, who cover the globe and work to shine a light on civil and political human rights violation issues across the world.

For more information please visit


Chris Burch: Recent Changes in the Fashion and Technology Industries

Christopher Burch is considered to be one of the most influential businessmen in the United States. He is known to many as the chief executive officer and founder of a powerful company known as Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has been in the business world for more than forty years, and he has expertise and knowledge in the field. Chris Burch is believed to have played a huge role in the success of some of the most powerful luxury and technology brands in the world. Brands such as Voss Water, Faena Hotel, and Poppin have done well thanks to his contributions.


Christopher Burch started his business journey when he was still studying in college. He made his first investment when he was at the Ithaca College, and fortunately, it was very successful. His elder brother was very helpful in this business. The establishment was known as Eagle’s Eye, and it was founded using two thousand dollars only. In a short duration, the company reported huge profits, and it was valued at one hundred and sixty-five million. Chris Burch decided to sell the business to the Swire Group years later. He uses the money acquired to invest in the prestigious institution known as Internet Capital Group.


Christopher has been focusing on the technology and fashion industries for a while now. He has a lot of knowledge in these two industries, and he recently wrote an article, explaining how the changes in the two industries were affecting each other. According to him, these sectors have significantly grown together in several aspects. On the one hand, technology has become fashionable, and the fashion industry has also become technologically fashionable.


The boom box was very popular in the 1970’s. Consumers using this device could be able to listen to music from different stations. Several years later, the cassette deck was introduced, replacing the boom box. The cassette deck was better because it allowed the listeners to listen to music and also record it. Experts in the field worked hard and introduced the Walkman. The Walkman was better and fashionable, and it enabled its users to enjoy music is a more personalized way. The invention of this device led to the introduction of the current iPod.


The fashion department has also experienced some significant changes. The modern designers are looking for ways to create better designs for their consumers in different parts of the world. These professionals have now embraced technology to ensure that their customers get the best designs.

Wengie’s Nighttime Hacks for a Better You

A good nighttime routine can be just as refreshing in preparation for a new day as your daytime routine. According to YouTube beauty blogger, Wengie, there are a few nighttime hacks you can do to promote a relaxing evening. And you don’t have to incorporate them every night, just whenever the mood hits you.


  1. Change into Your Favorite Loungewear


Your favorite loungewear could be something as simple as a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or your favorite pair of pajamas. After returning home in the evening, slip into your favorite loungewear to promote a better mood and relaxation.


  1. Incorporate Aromatherapy


Rosemary, peppermint, and lemon helps promote memory. To prepare for a night of work or a bit of studying when you return home, simply prepare a cup of tea, burn a candle, or light scent sticks incorporating one of these scents, to help clear your mind after a long day.


  1. Prepare a Healthy Snack


Fresh veggies and baked pita chips served with a low calorie dip, like pumpkin or beet juice hummus, make a good nighttime snack without packing on the calories. Serve your late night snacks in a muffin tray for added convenience and to avoid eating the entire tub of dip.


  1. Broaden Your Mind


If you’re at a lost about what to enjoy on television as you unwind for the night, Wengie suggests scanning the documentary and foreign sections of your video streaming service for a bit of culture and exploration.


  1. Remove Your Make Up


If you’d like, use a cleansing brush, which cleanses, removes make up, and exfoliates all at once, to remove your make up. This would also be a good time to apply a nurturing DIY facial mask, so you awaken refreshed in the morning. Wengie suggests using a honey-based mask, which both treats and prevents acne, moisturizes, provides anti-aging benefits, and promotes a natural glow.

Josh Verne’s Ways of Succeeding as a Buiness Leader

There are many ways in which a young person can succeed as a business leader. As a matter of act, you must find these ways to get better results in business and leadership. For those who are venturing into startups, these ways are better suited for you. Business and leadership, as a=outlined by Josh Verne, are two seamless entities that are related to truth and relationships. Therefore, Josh has simplified these steps to make work easier for all of us.


  1. Figure out what you are passionate about

For you to succeed in business and other leadership entities, you must first succeed in business. Look for what gives you passion for gaining maximum success. While there are many people out there doing what they are passionate about and fail to succeed, there are few who are not passionate succeeding in business and professional lives. Therefore, this is one of the most profound situations in your life. For you to gain enough success in business, you must first seek to do something that gives you passion for making you wake up every morning without regretting. Something that provides you with enough excitement to work every day is better. Otherwise, your life will be full of misery if you fail to work on other your passion.


  1. Have a balance in life

According to the wise people, they recognize this fact as true. Life is always a balance in life. While you can own all the money in the world, you will always suffer if your home and family are out of order and in bad health. This is a groundbreaking point. If you do not make enough money to sustain your family, they will suffer even if they make a loving family. Life is a matter of balancing. You must first work to ensure your relationships, wealth, health, and personal growth is all balanced.


  1. Listen more, speak less

While it is profound, this is the simplest point. There is a reason why you have two ears and one mouth. You must learn to use them in the correct proportion. Speak less and listen more to gain favor in the eyes of many.