The Lung Institute, Innovative Stem Cell Procedures

Lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), kill thousands of people a year throughout the world. In fact, it has been predicted that by 2020, COPD will take over as the third leading cause of disease related deaths worldwide. Several lung diseases, including COPD, BPD, IPF and asthma cannot be cured. Patients have to rely on lung transplantation for permanent relief. Unfortunately, the availability of donor lungs are very scarce and the body’s rejection rate for lung transplants remains high. However, on a positive note, stem cell therapy treatment may be an answer. Stem cell therapy is a procedure that integrates adult stem cells into the affected tissue.

The Lung Institute is a leader in stem cell therapy, treating each client’s case as unique. There are currently four Lung Institutes in the United States with locations in Pittsburgh, Tampa, Scottsdale and Nashville. The procedure implemented by the Lung Institute consists of withdrawing and then separating stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or blood. The cells are then reintroduced into the body where they settle into the patient’s lungs, helping to reduce inflammation.

The Lung Institute offers a two part, innovative stem cell procedure called bone marrow treatment and blood  (venous)treatment. On the first day, a tiny amount of bone marrow fluid is collected from the patient and on day two, a blood sample is collected using an IV. After the samples are carefully separated and processed, the clinicians intravenously return the cells to the patient to induce healing.

According, the Lung Institute makes certain that their patients are well informed about the procedure, and they are more than willing to answer any questions that may arise. The Institute team provides their patients with follow up treatment. Follow up treatment is performed at two weeks, three months and six months after the procedure.

Although there is no cure for COPD, the majority of patients who receive stem cell therapy show an improvement in the quality of their lives.

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The role that Eric Lefkosky has played in the Tempus Initiative

One of the biggest dreams that the medical fraternity of the 21st century harbors is that they will manage to treat and if possible eliminate of cancer completely this century. Many companies and initiatives have been set up towards the achievement of this goal. One of the most active of these is the Tempus Initiative that was started by Eric Lefkosky. The Tempus initiative hopes to make positive use of technology in creating applications that make cancer management simple and more importantly, affordable.

Eric hails from South Field in Michigan. His beginnings were very humble, owing to the fact that his mother was a Sunday school teacher and his father was an engineer. He grew up and schooled in Michigan all the way to the end of high school. Then, he joined the University of Michigan as a law student. Despite the fact that he was studying law, Eric had a passion for entrepreneurship and soon enough, he had invested in a company which sold upholstery. The company, which he founded in conjunction with a friend, came to be known as Brandon Apparel. The capital that was used in the establishment of the company was borrowed from family and friends.

His enterprise did not stop there because after a few years, he started a second business which came to be known as Inner workings. The main role of this company was to provide procurement services to small and medium scale enterprises. The company picked well and had their initial public offer at the stock exchange in 2012. When he was working with this company, he started a third business by the name of echo global statistics. This company was also quite successful and has been listed under NASDAQ since 2006.

The ideals behind Tempus Creation

Eric Lefkosky always believed that there is no better way to deal with fatal diseases such as cancer than genetic profiling. This is the idea that he had in mind when he started tempus. The profiling model is such that sick patients are analyzed and the characteristics that are specific to them established. When the medical experts are treating the sickness, they will only use the treatments that are specific to the needs of these patients according to their genetics. Using Tempus apps, the Doctors will know that a treatment will not work long before it makes any further negative impact on the patient’s life. Lefkosky is also a board member at the Chicago Children’s Hospital.

USHEALTH Advisor Leader- Troy McQuagge

Planet one Awards is a prestigious award giving organization which recently the organization named Troy McQuagge as the Gold winner of the Chief executive Officer of the year. The planet One Awards is an award giving institution which honors professionals and business persons who have excelled in their work. Planet one can be described as an international organization which provides chance to organizations as well as individuals in all sectors both private and public to submit their names for nominations.

Troy is the Chief executive Officer of USHEALTH he joined the health facility in 2010. Immediately Troy took he responsibility of changing the medical insurance provider by reconstructing the company’s distribution agency; USHEALTH Advisor. Troy became so dedicated with the renovation of the organization’s advisory tool something that gave him an opportunity to be elected as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the medical insurance company in 2014. Troy McQuagge led the company to higher heights and during his leadership the company has expanded its services to other clients growing its profit. Troy is a go-getter who has also made sure that USHEALTH is a head of its competitors and offers exceptional services making the leading health insurance company in the industry and read full article.

In a statement Troy said that it is an honor to be named the Chief Executive Officer of the year by Planet One Awards. Mr. Troy did not forget to thank the USHEALTH management and he also said that the award belonged to everyone at the facility. Troy also said that the awards were a testimony of how USHEALTH is dedicated to solve the problems in the healthcare industry.

Troy McQuagge is the President and the Chief executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. He can be described as a person who is passionate about health insurance. Troy has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. He is also a leader who has been displaying positive leadership skills throughout his career and contact him.

Troy began his career at President Agency Marketing Group in the health sector where he got an opportunity to gain experience in hiring and recruiting, as well as Public Relations. Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 where he continues to serve as the head of the organization.

Some of My Favorite Movies

We all fell in love with the best Denzel Washington movies as he first debut his acting abilities in the movie Flesh and Blood. The now filmmaker has stared in over a dozen films. Glory, Training day, the book of Eli, and his most recent film staring Viola Davis Fences. In Fences, Denzel Washington acts as a sanitation worker who had dreams of becoming a baseball player. He tries to be a great father and husband but his family life is threatened. He makes a decision that is well worth going to the theatre to see with family.


Next is the Disney channel as it continues to be one of the top sources for children’s entertainment some shows include K.C. Undercover, A.N.T farm, and Bunk’d. One of the current Disney shows is Girl Meets World. It is a spin off from boy meets world back in the day. Riley who is the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews faces many life lessons. However, her father is going to play an ideal role in her life as a history teacher.


Finally, this Oscar nominated actor continues to thrive on the big screen. He has received many awards proving that he belongs in the elite group in Hollywood. Some of his many films include: the dark knight, seven, and million dollar baby. Now you see me is among one of the fans favorite movies which stars Morgan Freeman. This magical film is about an FBI agent and detective trying to take down a team of illusionists.

The Fight Against Cancer with JeanMarie Guenot

JeanMarie Guenot is an extraordinary woman who has changed the world through her medical career. she has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D from the University of California. She is a woman known to construct and reconstruct health amenities. She is a professional doctor who has an experience of 20 years in the medical world, henceforth being so successful. JeanMarie Guenot specializes in biotechnology and Pharmaceutical in the medical industry, she has excelled in these fields tremendously.

Her first companies that she started administering are SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1. SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1 supplied drug creativities, dry AMD and incessant release ocular drug. She was previously the vice president of PDL BioPhama, at the company she managed the business and corporate development. After that Guenot joined Shangai in Basel and Hoffmann-La Roche as the company advisor. Jeanmarie Guenot was in charge of Biogen Idec which had 3 categories of autoimmune illness victims and Phase 2 Cancer.

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Her good work has never gone in vain, she received Bio Business Network Initiative award in the year 2005. JeanMarie Guenot as a businesswoman took part in the PDL’a lucrative trades and manufacturing. At PDL she was also a member of the executive team as well as the administrative Committee. Guenot also greatly contributes to abolishing oncology, neurology and autoimmune diseases.

Amphivena Therapeutics is the present company that JeanMarie Guenot heads together with his colleagues. The organization is found in California. The objective of the firm is to abolish various types of blood cancers, the company hopes that it will create a great and happy difference to people suffering from cancer. The creation of advanced therapy is what the firm has so as to eradicate this disease. the therapy joins the immune system f the victims.

The company keeps advancing in the therapy system, they now have an antibody action that senses cancer signs and symptoms. Various related companies together with their medical experts have joined Amphivena Therapeutics by giving them their assistance to achieve the same result and that is eradicating cancer symptoms.

Learn more about Jeanmarie Guenot:

Cassio Audi Is A Skilled Finance Professional

Cassio Audi always knew what he wanted to do with his life. This is why he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This was followed by MBA in finance. Today this is coupled with over 23 years of experience in the finance industry. With such credentials, he has become an enviable force in the field of finance.


Cassio Audi has experience of working for all kinds of enterprises. These include start-ups, public enterprises along with private companies, large multinational firms, and private equity businesses, besides turn-around cases. With such varied experience, he is an authority in the world of finance today.


He understands the business well. He can define and drive operations to foster the growth of any business. The aim is to enhance productivity here.


Cassio Audi advocates change. He knows that this is the only constant thing in business. Hence for any business to survive and sustain itself, it is vital that it is able to gauze the change around and adapt itself accordingly. His communication skills have made him a popular speaker on topics related to finance where he shares his immense knowledge with his audience.


Cassio Audi is known for his interpersonal skills that allow him to get along well with his colleagues and other staff.


He started his career in 1992 by joining J P Morgan Chase as a trader. Since then he has worked in various companies in a variety of roles.


Cassio Audi is known for his simple style of working. He can motivate people through his way of working. He is committed to implementing his ideas. It is his action-oriented approach that lets him achieve more than was expected out of him. Cassio Audi is an achiever. He does not believe in making a tall claim. This approach has made him an inspiration for many.

Important Information Regarding UKV PLC WINES

UKV PLC Wines is a company that is best known for their impressive wine delivery. Depending on the amount of wine being delivered, several employees may be present for the delivery. This is to ensure that the delivery goes as fast as possible. This is to also ensure that not one bottle of wine is damaged during the delivery process.

Moreover, UKV PLC Wines does not drop the shipment off and make the business owner put the wine away. The employees of this wine company have strict orders to place the product(s) where the business owners want them. This can be in the basement of a business or up two flights of steps.

UKV PLC Wines is also known for carrying several different types of wines. There most famous wines are their Italian, Spanish, and champagne varieties. These wines are brought to this wine company from all over the world. This company also has signature wines that they make in their headquarters, and these delicious wines are known all over the world. UKV PLC Wines have won numerous awards for their signature wines, and they have donated all of their financial winnings to a variety of charities all over the world.

UKV PLC Wines is currently open to investors. Individuals who invest in UKV PLC Wines do not have to invest a certain amount of money. Additionally, all investors will receive a monthly payment. This monthly payment will be based on the initial and continued investment of the investor. Many elderly people have enjoyed these monthly payments. This is a great addition to a social security check and the like. Signing up to be an investor as quick and easy. Those interested in more information can contact UKV PLC Wines with no obligation. Representatives for UKV PLC Wines are available seven days a week.

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