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Thor Halvorssen; activisim for the betterment of humanity

There are many people that claim to be defenders and crusaders of human rights. However, not many of them are ready to do everything that it takes to ensure that every human is treated with dignity regardless of their color, wealth or other conditions of life. However, Thor Halvorssen is an activist with a different mindset. He has been the champion of the will of the defenseless for a number of years now and if his success is anything to go by, it pays to help other humans get better treatment from the government and society in general.

Thor is a citizen of Venezuela by birth. Many people have described him as one that was born into the life of activism because both his parents were activists. His father was originally Norwegian while his mother came from the lineage of one of the founding fathers of the nation of Venezuela. When he was a teenager, he watched his father get tortured under a cruel and dictatorial regime. This really changed his outlook on life and thus came his decision to become an activist.

He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is a human rights gathering that has been gaining following and has such a huge momentum that currently it has been described as the human rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum. He has also been through a lot in his attempts to advocate for human rights. For instance, there was a time when he was captured in Vietnam when covering a human rights interest story in their prison system. One of his cameramen had to escape with the video tape hidden in his person because their captors wanted it destroyed.

He says that he does not believe in the kind of activism where people group together depending on their shared beliefs. He is a lover of all people, but describes himself as a hater of humanity because of their inhumane nature. He states that he does not discriminate against anyone and that as long as he is running in the same cause with a person, then the person is fit enough to be called his friend. Thor is a truly inspirational filmmaker and activist

Human Rights Foundation, President Thor Halvorssen And His Work Against Civil And Political Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen is a 39-year-old, half-Venezuelan, and half-Norwegian, human rights advocate, film producer, Founder, and President of the New-York based Human Rights Foundation, that devotes itself to liberating political prisoners, and promoting human rights in the world. The Human Rights Foundation has made tremendous accomplishments in line with its mission by securing the release of seven political prisoners, since its inception. The human rights foundation works towards providing adequate evidence to the truth commissions on certain civil and political human rights cases around the world. The foundation has also managed to publish two books on rights and responsibilities of the country. Thor is also the founder of Oslo freedom Forum, a conference held annually, hosting human rights activists from all around the globe, and activists give speeches.

Thor Halvorssen’s mother is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela, Cristobol Mandoza, who was also a descendant of Simon Bolivar, the military commander, who led Latin America to independence. Thor has experienced the impacts of his activism work first-hand, with his mother shot dead in a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, and his father subjected to severe torture in a prison at Caracas for exposing government corruption deals, while he worked at Venezuela drug czar. Leopoldo Lopez, a cousin of Thor, is still serving as a political prisoner in a jail in Venezuela, for challenging the Chavista regime. Thor Halvorssen had employed Vaclav Havel as the chairman of Human Rights Foundation (HRF), until his death in 2011. Thor then employed Garry Kasparov, a political activist, and a Russian, Chess Master, to replace Vaclav as chairman of HRF.

The position of Chairman was not ceremonial as Garry Kasparov would eventually come to witness in 2012. He was physically abused by the Russian authorities in a country that staged a demonstration against the Riot verdict. The Oslo Freedom forum has now become a signature platform for the Human Rights Foundation, bringing together human activists, and donors. The foundation has 12 modest staff members, who cover the globe and work to shine a light on civil and political human rights violation issues across the world.

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Sanjay’s Hiring Skills

This spring I will be graduating from my four years in law school. Although I am giving myself the summer off from work and other classes, I am still going to apply at some firms in the area for internships or even per diem positions. The one place that is first on my list is Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah who is the CEO at Solo Capital, just so happens to be the guy I wrote a short essay about in English Composition. I chose him because I wanted to use someone from the local area and because I have already read multiple articles on him and his organization Autism Rocks. I think it’s pretty cool that he is a CEO and manages all of these benefit concerts that contributes to Autism Research. It must take up a large majority of his time if I may say so myself.

If for some crazy reason I was accepted into Solo Capital for a per diem position or an internship which I don’t think they have, I would give Sanjay nothing but perfection. So far in school I have passed all of my courses with nothing lower than an A- so my credentials are definitely something Sanjay will be thrilled to see. Solo Capital is big on only having the most intelligent people work in the office and I think my grades just might meet their high standards, especially because of my essay. If I don’t get accepted I will be a little shocked, but I will not give up. I will keep applying until Sanjay feels that I am suitable for his team. There are many other firms in the area, but Solo Capital is the only one that is meant for me.

Because I have studied so hard in high school and now college, I will not accept any lower than the goals I have set for myself. Just because I cannot get into a good firm, does not mean I will stoop lower and go work at a firm down the road that has bad references and hardly any clients.

Sanjay Shah is a man I need to work next to in the office. Him and I both share high amounts of motivation, passion for law and most importantly, knowledge. A lot of people walk into the office to meet with Sanjay and their resume is borderline blank. When Sanjay comes across these types he almost immediately sets them to the side. He wants a thick resume full of degrees, high end jobs and excellent references. Without that it is doubtful he will hire that person. His responsibility is to fill the office with top of the line employees and that is exactly what he is doing.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is an entrepreneur and business man who has shown his success throughout the years and has accomplished many of his goals. As an established business man he has succeeded as a successful accountant and has opened his own brokerage firm that has made him millions. That brokerage firm is called Solo Capital and has busted into the million dollar market with an estimated net worth of $280 million. Before he opened his own investment firm, he worked as an accountant for many years. He wanted to spend more time with his family, so he decided to resign from his job as an accountant and start Solo Capital. He was able to hire some college graduates and trading partners to help him get started in the business. He gave it a solid year of dedication to see where it would go and found that it took off and the business increased rapidly.

Solo Capital is a proprietary trading investment firm that also specializes in consulting and sports consulting. Their team of experts are highly qualified financial educators that know the market very well. Their structured team and strategic business model has provided exceptional work ethic and client satisfaction. The company grew and continued to thrive in five short years, and created a foundation for Sanjay Shah to in a sense, retire. He is still very much a part of the business, but he has allowed himself to sit back and relax and let his executive employees continue to run the successful business. It’s allowed him to pursue other areas of interest that are close to his heart, such has his newly founded charity, Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah has experience in the music industry as well, which has helped him with Autism Rocks. It’s a private invite only concert that music artists have agreed to take part in. They help put on the concert and collect donations for the cause. Shah’s interest in autism has be related to the diagnosis of his youngest son in 2011. He started Autism Rocks in 2014 and was urged by Snoop Dogg after an afternoon visit and a cup of tea. He has had the pleasure of working with Michael Buble, Drake, and of course, Snoop Dogg. Shah and his wife want to do everything in their power to help their son and so what better way to help him than to have a charity that helps raise money. There is no cure for autism, so this is the next best thing. It’s allowed money for research so others can help those cope and better understand the neurological condition as it’s become more and more common. Their hope is to aid in the research and understand the cause.

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About Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital And Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is a Dubai based British business person and owner of Solo Capital. He is also a dedicated philanthropist who directs his efforts towards autism. Sanjay Shah is the founder of the autism awareness and research charity, Autism Rocks. Before he formed Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah partially participated in philanthropic missions in India where he helped less privileged children access medical care. In 2011 after his son was diagnosed with autism, he directed his philanthropic efforts to Autism and became a full-time philanthropist. Sanjay Shah uses Autism Rocks to spread awareness about autism and funds research into autism through the money raised by the charity. Sanjay Shah organizes private concerts by international celebrities to help raise money for autism. The first concert by Autism Rocks had a performance by the prince.Sanjay Shah and his wife donated buses to the Autism Center in Dubai in his first philanthropic move.

Solo Capital Markets is a global financial boutique that deals with investments, proprietary trading and general business consulting. Under its proprietary trading, it deals with FX, consumer commodities, and market derivatives. As a consulting firm, it offers to advise on investments, its market performance and the human capital the investment needs to prosper. It also manages professional sports investments. Its duties under this department include talent acquisition, commercial advisory, and representation, asset management, and performance management. Solo Capital has highly qualified and professional employees who are equipped with good market knowledge and experience. These employees provide the best consumer services in the market.

Solo Capital recently purchased Old Park Lane Capital and added it to its group of companies. The Old Park Lane is a stockbroker firm that specializes in natural resources stocks all over the world. The acquisition of this firm by Solo Capital shows, Solo Capital’s interest to venture into the natural resources industry as one of its expansion strategies. This Old Park Lane Capital takeover also comes at the height moment to save the struggling firm from collapsing due to continuous losses. Old Park Lane Capital was under threat of collapse after it made a £435,578 loss for the financial year to December 31, 2013. This is despite having made a profit of £82,056 in 2012 and a turnover of £1.8 million. In 2013, the turnover reduced by 57pc over to £777,527 by the end of the year.

For a long time, there have been rumors circulating around about this acquisition, but it has now been made official. Solo Capital has also appointed its current chief executive, Anne Stratford-Martin, as the new director of the board of management at Old Park Lane. The staff and clients of Old Park Lane are hoping that under this new ownership the company will be able to retrace its steps to success. The firm will get a financial hosting as part of this deal that will enable it to start its operations in the right foot.

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Thor Halvorssen: A Model of Human Rights

Human rights ideology focuses on believing that every single person has a birth giving right to be treated equally and fairly be everyone around them, but it also goes a few steps further than that. Those who participate in human rights movements are very active in moving forward the quality of living for everyone regardless of their diverse qualities that might otherwise succumb them to discrimination. Thor Halvorssen is one of many people who are passionate about moving forward the progression of society. Halvorssen is so motivation, that he founded the Human Rights Foundation so that he could read further with his dream of equality.
Halvorssen fights for civil and political rights for people all around the world. Whether his main focus is on mass educating a populace about how their political policies need to be changed in order to improve their lives as citizens, or if it’s about speaking to citizens about who they treat and interact with each other, Halvorssen does what is necessary to bring to halves together and create a new whole. On top of traveling, running his business, filming movies about human rights, and dedicating time to public speeches, he also writes literature about his beliefs and methods of advancing communities. Currently, he has two books published and recognized by The Economist as very prominent work, work that should be taken very seriously.
Halvorssen is extremely dedicated to his cause. The Human Rights Foundation has been up and assisting civil rights around the world for ten years, but prior to 2005 Thor Halvorssen was still traveling the world on his own dime attempting to improve conditions wherever he could. Halvorssen’s father was held as a political prisoner in Venezuela, which initially got him interested in understanding complex due process laws between different nations. From there, he decided to invest his efforts in helping individuals that got caught up in the wars between countries by attempting to get as many prisoners of war free from their often tyrannical sentences.