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Goettl Air Conditioning Thriving Under New Ownership

More than 75 years later, and Goettl Air Conditioning is still humming along. That is in large part due to new ownership. Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl in December of 2012, and in a mere two years the revenue almost doubled! That is what Goodrich has become known for, simply making companies better and stronger.
For Goettl, this came with a change of leadership, policy and quality of work. The changes enacted by Goodrich were big, as the company president, service manager, operations manager and other members of the top tier leadership were dismissed. A new management team assembled by Goodrich stepped in and the rest has been history.
Not long after his arrival, Goodrich ordered a follow up on more than 300 of the most recent jobs completed by the company, a cost that was estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. The goal was simple, to ensure that the work being done under the Goettl name was being done right. The resulting success of Goettl now makes that order to follow up on all that previous work look more like an investment than an expense.
An article detailing many of the changes, ACHR News also hints to the future plans that Goodrich has for Goettl Air Conditioning. The impression Goodrich gives, is that he has plans to make this the biggest and best of his ventures in rebuilding companies, and with history of success in the HVAC industry, that spells big things for Goettl.
Today, the established and reputable name that Goettl has built for more than 75 years is doing just fine, and this may just be the starting point from the perspective of the new ownership.