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An Improvement in Parent/Teacher Interaction

ClassDojo is fast becoming commonplace in many classrooms across the United States and has led to the excitement of many parents and teachers across the nation. This app allows parents, teachers and students to interact during the school day like they have never been able to before aside from the parent actually sitting and observing in their child’s class. Many parents are just too busy to do this. Most parents work and some even work multiple jobs just to get by. They would love to know more about what their child is doing in the classroom at school, but they just don’t have the time.

With the addition of Student Stories ClassDojo has added a gem to its app that allows kids to post pictures or videos to their digital portfolio that the parents can look at any time. This may be a report the child did at school or a project or just a picture of them writing and working on something. The teacher may also video your child reciting a poem in class or reading from a book. These are things that parents cherish and can help make them feel more involved in their child’s education and also feel more present.

Teachers find that the more parents are involved in their children’s schoolwork and the more interaction involved between teacher and parent that the child is able to do better in school and actually learn more. Having this interaction is priceless to parents who are never able to make the parent/teacher conferences due to time constraints for work. Being able to go along on a field trip can now be made possible digitally by the use of this app also and allow parents a chance to see what the child is experiencing.

The ClassDojo app also contains an announcement section so that parents will be up to date on all events coming up in the future and can make the necessary arrangements in advance to attend if possible. Like never before, parents now have the ability to feel part of the classroom and feel more involved in their child’s learning experience with this app.


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Talk Fusion Makes a Huge Splash

It only took a few weeks for Talk Fusion to take off after its launch. It is already considered one of the top communication programs throughout the world. With video chat, Talk Fusion has definitely shown that it is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to communications. Now, people are better able to communicate with each other as opposed to just merely hearing or reading from them. In Japan and Switzerland, it ranks in 5th place and 20th place respectively. This shows that Talk Fusion has something that is very useful for the user in keeping them connected with friends and family.

One thing that makes talk fusion very successful is that it is compatible with mobile devices. Even the Alexa ranking of the website has risen more than 30,000 positions within 90 days. A large part of that comes from there being a consistent amount of new products, enhancements and improvements being made on current products. Susan and Steve Baran are especially excited about joining with Talk Fusion with the belief that it does wonders for their future. One bonus that this product has is the HD picture quality which allows people to see who they are talking to clearly.

Talk Fusion has been designed in order to help businesses grow as well as keep people connected with their loved ones. As of right now, the innovative products are brought to people through interpersonal marketing. Independent Associates are used in bringing the product to different people. Talk Fusion is available and being marketed in 140 countries which makes it one of the larger and more successful communication companies. In this rapidly changing climate of communications technology, Talk Fusion is showing that it could not only keep up with the changes, but can also influence the changes being made in the industry.