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Danilo Diaz Granados Is Changing The Hispanic Retail Model In Miami

Miami is a major Hispanic city. More than 70 percent of the city’s population is Latino. And more than 50 percent of that Hispanic population is foreign-born, according to a recent Pew Hispanic Report. The boom in the Latino population and the political changes that have taken place in the city has created a commodity rush, and the result of that rush has been an investment spike as well as more migration to the city.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Venezuelan-born entrepreneur that came to the United States to study. Granados picked Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts, and he earned a degree in economics from that institution. Granados was aware of what was going on in Miami while he lived in the Boston area, so he decided to begin his career in the investment industry there. Danilo was hired as an associate investment advisor for Fireman Capital Partners. Granados developed an impressive Hispanic client base, and he became a successful investment analyst. According to his blog, Granados always wanted to start a retail company, and after talking to some of his wealthy clients, he decided there was a void in the upper end of the Hispanic retail market. His male clients wanted a place where they could buy expensive designer cars, Swiss watches, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. Danilo had money set aside, and he raised some cash from friends. He opened Toys for Boys, a Miami upscale boutique that offered one-stop shopping for the wealthy and people visiting Miami.

Granados has never been a one-dimensional entrepreneur. He dreamed of opening a film company for years. He took film courses in school and thanks to his astute investment skills he was able to start a film company. The company, Edge of Glory Films, focuses on the Hispanic culture in the United States. Granados is the director, producer, writer, editor and promoter of his small film company. His first productions have been well received in the Hispanic community. He plans to expand his film company while he continues his career as an investment advisor at Firemen Capital Partners. Granados stays busy, and that’s the way he likes it because Miami is one of those cities that always has something to offer entrepreneurs like him.  Check out the Vimeo for updates on films as they happen, and his Twitter account for further updates on Danilo’s career.

Igor Cornelsen and His Brazilian Investing Knowledge

Igor Cornelsen has provided a lot of ways for people to reach him and view his information. He has a Tumblr, and Facebook page. He also has a Twitter account. Igor has managed to stay connected through online methods, and there is a lot of social media buzz about the investing advice he gives. I discovered him through a couple of friends that were considering investing in Brazilian index funds. We would all discover that Cornelsen was the master of investing on foreign soil. He was especially good about giving advice on Brazil because he has lived there.

The core of the advice that he gives is aimed towards those that are actually interested in diversifying their portfolios with stocks outside of America. Cornelsen believes that far too many investors are leaving money on the table when they bypass the investment opportunities that exist outside of America. He knows this because he spent years in investing banking, and he followed the market. He has been able to rely heavily on his skills as a retired banker to help him make better choices about the investment staples in Latin America.

I found it interesting that Igor Cornelsen knew that it was also pertinent to become aware of Japan if one is investing in Brazil. I have discovered that in Brazil the raw materials are the products that result in a booming economy for Brazil. It has been stated, however, that this industry in Brazil is only as strong as the biggest supplier. If Japan cuts back on the raw materials that are being exported it can be hard to recover. I would have never known about the outside factors that will affect a country that has so much vested in the exports industry.

There is a lot of buzz about what Igor Cornelsen is doing, and I believe that many people are going to discover that he is among the best in portfolio building. That is why his Twitter followers are growing. That may also be the reason why he has a growing client list with hit Bainbridge Incorporated investing company.

People that are new to investing will feel a sense of comfort for someone like Igor Cornelsen. He has provided some sound advice, and the average investor thrives when they take heed of his advice. The role of a good investor is to educate those that have less experience. Igor has done this, and he has never withheld valuable information. He is the investor that has managed to create a foundation for those that want to secure a better retirement plan. Igor has held fast to a set of principles that are built on diversifying the portfolio with many different choices.