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A Road Map to Success in the Investment Industry by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a veteran in the well-established Brazilian banking arena. He has several decades of work experience. He is a graduate who specialized in business management and entrepreneurship. Throughout his long career, he has worked with a variety of clients, including high-net-worth individuals as well as local and foreign customers. Cornelsen is a consultant who assists entrepreneurs to establish directory accounts, foreign exchange, and institutional investments.


Igor Cornelsen advice to entrepreneurs


Cornelsen currently works at Bainbridge Investments in the role of a consultant and partner of the firm. Having served in both the banking and finance industry for a while, he understands market trends and strives to study and interpret the stock exchange. He also frequents cable news shows to give investment advice to upcoming entrepreneurs. Cornelsen encourages people to view investments as long- term opportunities rather than ways to make quick money. According to Cornelsen, indulging in long-term ventures enables one to save for their retirement and college fees for their children. Cornelsen is a believer that scattered investments are the best strategies in the stock market business. This approach is beneficial because it enables business people to diversify their portfolio. He also encourages entrepreneurs to conduct thorough research before purchasing stock. This strategy is to ensure that they involve themselves with firms that have excellent track record of staff retention and management.


Igor Cornelsen and the foreign market


Cornelsen is a champion of investing in overseas markets. For years he has earned and generated so much wealth from venturing in international trade. For this reason, Cornelsen encourages investors to look beyond their home countries. When talking at global platforms, he encourages investors to start viewing Brazil as a hub for wealth creation. According to Cornelsen, the Brazilian economy is similar to the Chinese market. He also encourages entrepreneurs to be conversant with the regulations of the country they wish to invest at by conducting research. Cornelsen believes that each country has its pros and cons and that every businessperson should know this before they decide to set up their businesses in these countries. Cornelsen spends most of his time in Florida and Brazil where he oversees his businesses and investments. Cornelsen is retired and spends his free time playing golf.


Dallas Bank Makes My Loan Banking A Lot Better

I have been pretty happy since I started at Nexbank because I never thought that I would even like going to the bank. It is never fun to go to a place that makes you feel like you are spending too much money on their services. I just wanted to go to a place that is going to help me get the accounts I needed without any extra problems. I started going there every week to make my deposits, and then I got to know a teller who has done a lot of things for me.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

I like to go into Nexbank when I am trying to get help to make sure that my documents are notarized, and I am trying to use them for small things like getting checks sent out. They have given me a lot of service that a bigger bank would not, and it makes me feel like a part of the family when I come into the office. I have been lucky enough to apply for loans inside the branch, and I have also been able to change my banking information a couple times when I moved and when the business moved.

I got my boss to move out accounts over to the Nexbank branch near the house, and I am thinking about how I can get even more out of their branch. They are trying to help me with a business loan, and I think I might go into business for myself.

I also got a car loan at Nexbank that is helping me save money on my car. It is not like I have time to overspend on the car that gets me to and from work. Saving money for me is a lot easier because now I am able to just go into the Nexbank branch when I need to.