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Try Out Lime Crime’s Amazing Hair Dyes

Lime Crime has just launched its new and colorful hair dyes. There are 13 amazingly vibrant unicorn-themed colors to choose from and you will definately want to try them all! There is Jello, a tropical green color, Salad, that’s a kind of seapunk green, Leeloo, that is a bright orange, and Neon peach, which is a very bright peach color. There is also Blue Smoke, a steel blue, Strawberry Jam, a muted pink-red, Anime, a candy blue, and Chocolate Cherry, which is a deep burgundy red. You can also pick Dirty Mermaid, which is a muted sea foam green, Bunny, a pastel baby pink hue, Gargoyle, which looks like stone, and Sext, which is a nude-mauve hue. You can choose one to match your mood, outfit, or the season. These fun colors let you be creative!


Lime Crime only manufactures products that are 100 percent cruelty-free, and their hair dyes are also vegan. They do not contain any harsh chemicals, so the dye will not fry your hair. In fact, Lime Crime’s hair dyes will leave your hair feeling silky soft and luxuriously smooth.


It’s easy to transform your locks into beautiful strands that reflect your one-of-a-kind personality. Simply apply the dye to pre-bleached, clean, and unconditioned hair. Then depending on the hue that you want to achieve, you can leave it on for 1-2 hours for a richer shade or for just 30 minutes for a nice pastel shade. The choice is yours. When you are done, just rinse your hair until the water runs clear and then you can shampoo and condition like usual. You should use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for color-treated hair to make your color last even longer. Lime Crime’s semi-permanent hair dyes typically last about six months.


You can actually choose form two different formulas-either full coverage or a tint. Full coverage will give you a darker hue and the tint will give you a pastel glaze if you have platinum blond hair. It’s best to use Lime Crime’s hair dyes on hair that is medium blond or a lighter shade.


Lime Crime Success with Mainstream Audiences

Lime Crime is the lipstick and eyeliner brand that has been marketed by as one of the most popular forms of cosmetics in recent months. Doe Deere is the founder and leader of this company that just keeps growing at an alarming fast pace. She has many secrets to success, but the best secret may be her ability to build an audience through social media.


There is a lot of interest in what she doing because she knows how to promote the Lime Crime brand in a way that appears to the youth. The hair dye is the newest sensation from this company, and young girls are going to love this. There are some colors that resemble many of the shades of lipstick that are available with this brand. When people can get hair dye and lipstick all from one website they are going to be much more inclined to utilize this website because it is convenient. The growing number of consumers that are flocking to the Doe Deere brand of cosmetics are aware that this is company that is unlike anything else that is out there.


That unique flavor that Lime Crime has brought to the table has made it possible for this company to get as many as a million followers on Instagram. There is a huge crowd of potential customers. A wealth of consumers have become interested in this brand because it presents such bold and intriguing colors. When people see other consumers with these different shades on Instagram they become intrigued by the way that the colors are presented. People on social media will have shades of hair and lipstick that are the same colors. It is something that motivates a lot of people that are trying to decide on a particular color.


This is a rebel cosmetics brand that has penetrated mainstream culture without any mainstream marketing. It has become one of the most interesting brands on the market even though it is in competition with powerhouse brands like Cover Girl and Mary Kay. Doe Deere has gained a cult following with her marketing campaign.