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Clay Siegall Journey to Success

Clay Siegall as a one of the recognized entrepreneur and also a scientist in the world and has always made sure that he accomplish a lot. He studied at the University of Maryland and attained a B.S in Zoology and also George Washington University where he got a Ph.D. in genetics. He as well is the co-founder, CEO and also the president of Seattle Genetic Company; at the company he also is part of board member whereby he is the chairman of the organization. He also makes sure that he devotes his time to help people and making the world a better place hence he was awarded as the 2013 Alumnus for math, natural sciences and computer from Maryland University. His creativity in the biotechnology industry made him accomplish more and many people and organization wanted his services.

Through the biotechnology Seattle Genetics are able to make drugs, the outcome of making these drugs is found a more improved drug to cure cancer so that they can leave a happy life. Clay Siegall and the company are determined to work hard so they can make better antibody medicine conjugate (ADC). The company has made patients who have cancer to faith in treatment for cancer because Clay Siegall and his staff member ensure that they provide better treatment for cancer. Adcetric is one of the drugs which the company created and also it has spread in many countries all over the world.

Seattle Genetics’s development rapidly increased due to the commitment of the staff member of the company. Many clinical centers in the world have received 20 ADCs therefore making the company develop. Furthermore the organization also made a lot of income since it began which is totaling to $330 million these is due to the better management and experience of Clay Siegall. The organization growth is due to the delivering of Adcentris to more than 15,000 patients suffering from Lymphoma worldwide. The company main objective is to always put the client’s priority first these also ensures that there is a better relationship between the staff members and their clients. Also the company partner with a different organization so they can invent more ways for treating cancer.