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Not Possible For George Soros to Have Funded Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has been dominating the news cycle recently. The organization was started as a response to the unjust killing of African-American men by police for petty crimes. It was started by three women as a means to protest the killings of Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice at It has been in the news recently as murders of African-American men at simple police stops in Baton Rouge, LA, and Minneapolis, MN took place during the last week. There have also been vicious attacks on police officers at Black Lives Matters protests recently that were not linked to the movement but used it as a means of justification.

Liberal billionaire George Soros has been accused by right-wing conspiracy theorists to have funded the Black Lives Matter movement. Some even have said that he is responsible for starting it and that it was started on the inside of one of his left-wing charitable organizations. The director of Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Ken Zimmerman, has completely refuted these claims. He has even provided information to back right-wing theorists claim that George Soros’ funneled $33 million into the Black Lives Matter movement using a variety of different liberal charitable organizations.

Zimmerman has defended these claims by revealing the donations that the Open Society Foundation did give out in the last year. The organization gave away $823 million in donations last year. The $33 million number that the theorists have used against Soros does match the portion of their giving that went to social justice campaigns. The only difference being in a large portion of that money was used to fund the fight against the war on drugs in different communities.

George Soros defenders also point out the very nature of the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to point out that Soros could not have funded it. It is very hard to fund an organization that doesn’t have a central leader or a headquarters at all. Black Lives Matter is a completely grassroots organization. This makes it very hard to fund in a traditional manner using a charitable organization. There would be no way to give money directly to those that are organizing the protesters in their communities. If you think of Black Lives Matter as a thought train and not a organized group this notion makes much more sense. In short, it would be nearly impossible for George Soros to organize and fund the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Debunking the Rumor of George Soro’s $33 Million Contribution to Black Lives Matter


The Black Lives Matter movement has stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the last few months. With marches, sit-ins, and uprisings during political speeches many people feel that it is becoming a problem rather than a positive influence. In addition, certain people are under question about having associations with Black Lives Matter and its followers because of the negative image that it is beginning to portray. As an example, there has been a recent rumor circulating in the news and on the internet that George Soros is donating money to affiliates of Black Lives Matter. However, the rumor is not true at all.
In a recent article on The Daily Beast, the truth of the matter comes out regarding this rumor with George Soros and his large monetary donations to those individuals who are associated with Black Lives Matter. The headline on the article clearly lets the reader know that he did not give them $33 million. Bill O’Reilly brought attention to this rumor on the July 28 segment of his television show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” This also correlated with O’Reilly’s guest on the show, Kelly Riddell. Riddell wrote an investigative report earlier this year for the Washington Times regarding Soros’s charity ties to several left wing organizations such as Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter came into existence by three women who work for some of the organizations that Soros has contributed to in the past. However, just because he has made charitable contributions to these organizations, this does not necessarily mean that he is in support Black Lives Matter itself. It also does not mean that he actually made a charitable contribution to this specific movement. If he had indeed done so, it would potentially cause some serious issues for the Democrats. This is according to a piece written by Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker the same week as the article on The Daily Beast.
George Soros is the chair and founder of the Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is a network of projects, partners, and organizations that spans more than 100 countries. Soro believes in an open society. In an open society, nobody has the monopoly on the truth, individuals should be respectful of other members’ rights, and government is accountable. Because of Soros’s belief in this type of system, this is the main reason why Open Society Foundations is so successful. George Soro has a long history of philanthropic measures, which began back in 1979. He first provided scholarships to black South Africans who were under apartheid. He also helped to put an end to Communism in the Eastern Bloc during the 1980s by providing Xerox machines for the copying and distribution of banned texts. He also founded the Central European University, which promotes critical thinking, and has written several books on Open Societies such as “George Soros On Globalization.”