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The Healing Power of Shea Butter

Dating back to Ancient Egypt Shea butter has been revered by many as having outstanding healing and moisturizing properties. Harvested from the African Shea tree the Shea nut is extracted and used to create a thick and creamy butter with benefits that are like super-food for your hair and skin.

Other than moisturizing, some of the more obscure uses for Shea butter are as protection from the sun, to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, as a base for homemade deodorant and lip balms, or as a natural collagen producer for skin. This list is only a handful of examples of the versatility of this little nut. From summer to winter anything that you want to soothe, heal, moisturize, or protect can be done with natural Shea butter.

How do you know what to look for in a quality Shea butter product? Shea butter comes in two forms-refined and unrefined or raw. Raw Shea butter is superior because it has not lost all of the beneficial healing qualities that are stripped out in the heating and bleaching of the refining process. I recommend a high-quality line of environmentally conscious, all natural, raw Shea butter products from a company called Eu’Genia Shea.

EuGenia Shea is a small family business that is dedicated to not only making an exceptional product but also driven to change the world. All of their products are made with raw unrefined Ghanaian Shea Butter. Their Everyday Shea Butter is a blend of Shea and other nourishing and essential oils meant for all skin types while the Dermatological Strength 100% Shea Butter is for serious scar healing, eczema, or psoriasis. They have also created a Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter for new mothers meant to reduce stretch marks.

By doing business in an ethical manner Eu’Genia has helped impoverished communities build sustainability and given work and hope to the many women who have been recipients of their charity. By using a high quality natural ingredient in a way that helps people, communities, and the environment Eu’Genia’s products are good for both your hands and your heart.

Joseph Bismarck: How Spirituality Translates to Business Success

Joseph Bismark is a man whose personal faith and spirituality translates into his overall success as a businessman. As a member on the board of directors for Qnet, he believes in integrity, and knowing that fellow business colleagues can bond with one another for a common objective. Some people questioned whether an individual could be able to remain strong in his or her faith despite handling the day to day pressures of being involved in making decisions in the corporate world. However, Bismark has been able to allow his overall belief show as his greatest strength.

Born in the Philippines, Bismark’s path toward a spiritual calling came when he decided to become a monk when he was younger. When he entered into the business world, he decided to combine what he learned with business principles so that he could have greater peace of mind dealing with decisions that were made in the corporate structure. He believes that when success is made, this also should translate into a spiritual awakening. This should reflect into the minds and hearts of all employees so they can deal with their customers with less stress. As he moved up the corporate ladder, becoming Managing Director for the Qi Group in 2008, this proved to be true as he established himself as an emerging leader. 

As a author and motivational speaker, he talks about his principles in a means to motivate other business that would like to understand the effectiveness of this management style. It has translated into a greater understanding of how employee should deal with daily situation on the job not only with fellow colleagues, but also with customers. However, it also helps them to feel better on the overall job environment in peace and mind, which is a quality that everyone needs to have.

Originally found on Bring on the Random. Retrieved 21/7/2015.