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Jeb Bush continues to wait to declare his Presidential candidacy

The question many people are asking is how long can Jeb Bush remain silent on his Presidential candidacy as he continues to raise money and campaign in an unofficial way, The New York Times reports. Bush has been a candidate in all but name for some time and many are now questioning the legality of his unofficial campaign as he seems to have passed the limits laid down under Federal Law for those who are considered candidates for the Presidency.

Federal law states a candidate is somebody who has raised more than $5,000 in a bid to begin a run for the Presidency of the United States. Bush is reported to have raised tens of millions of dollars in his Presidential bid without stating he is an official candidate for the GOP nomination. Bush recently returned to Florida, where he was governor and will soon appear at a private retreat with coal industry insiders to outline the energy plan he would introduce as President. By not declaring his candidacy Bush is avoiding making declarations about the income and expenditure of his campaign that are required of candidates. Financial-giant Alexei Beltyukov notes that Bush is expected to eventually declare his candidacy and has polled well with grassroots GOP voters who expect a Bush versus Clinton election campaign to be one of the most anticipated in US history.