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USHEALTH Advisor Leader- Troy McQuagge

Planet one Awards is a prestigious award giving organization which recently the organization named Troy McQuagge as the Gold winner of the Chief executive Officer of the year. The planet One Awards is an award giving institution which honors professionals and business persons who have excelled in their work. Planet one can be described as an international organization which provides chance to organizations as well as individuals in all sectors both private and public to submit their names for nominations.

Troy is the Chief executive Officer of USHEALTH he joined the health facility in 2010. Immediately Troy took he responsibility of changing the medical insurance provider by reconstructing the company’s distribution agency; USHEALTH Advisor. Troy became so dedicated with the renovation of the organization’s advisory tool something that gave him an opportunity to be elected as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the medical insurance company in 2014. Troy McQuagge led the company to higher heights and during his leadership the company has expanded its services to other clients growing its profit. Troy is a go-getter who has also made sure that USHEALTH is a head of its competitors and offers exceptional services making the leading health insurance company in the industry and read full article.

In a statement Troy said that it is an honor to be named the Chief Executive Officer of the year by Planet One Awards. Mr. Troy did not forget to thank the USHEALTH management and he also said that the award belonged to everyone at the facility. Troy also said that the awards were a testimony of how USHEALTH is dedicated to solve the problems in the healthcare industry.

Troy McQuagge is the President and the Chief executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. He can be described as a person who is passionate about health insurance. Troy has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. He is also a leader who has been displaying positive leadership skills throughout his career and contact him.

Troy began his career at President Agency Marketing Group in the health sector where he got an opportunity to gain experience in hiring and recruiting, as well as Public Relations. Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 where he continues to serve as the head of the organization.

The Launch Of Swiss Start Up Factory By Mike Baur Is Welcomed By All

Life for any start-up is tough. This is because young entrepreneurs to move around in a harsh and tough environment. But still, there is an ever-increasing number of Swiss who wish to be an entrepreneur. This is because it helps them to realize their dreams. They are able to create and present products and services that are as per their personal convictions.


But being out there on your own also means a higher risk of making a wrong decision. This is why the Swiss Start Up Factory is supporting such young entrepreneurs to take the right decision. It aims to support them so that they can realize their visions. This is because Mike Baur believes that any young entrepreneur in Switzerland must get access to a professional execution platform. This will help to guide them as they need to move through a business-driven process that will have ambitious milestones.


It was this strong conviction of Mike Baur along with his passion for entrepreneurship that led him to launch the Swiss Start Up Factory. It is like an accelerator that has an approach which is completely business-driven.


The Swiss Start Up Factory was launched in 2015. It is privately financed. This is why their founders have high interest in the growth and development of all their start-ups. All the entrepreneurs here need to undergo a highly ambitious accelerator process that lasts for three months. It is based entirely on the methodology of lean start-ups. It has eight milestones that are clearly defined and helps to reduce the time to market. This is not all. While this acceleration process is on, the entrepreneurs receive funding too. They also receive execution excellence that comes directly from the team at Swiss Start Up Factory team. Hence they get support in various fields that include Strategy, Law, Sales and Marketing. Other areas include Finance and Technology. This means that practically all the avenues required to launch any business tend to get covered up this way.


Another support is their mentorship program. Mike Baur has appointed 30 entrepreneurial exponents who are experts in their respective industries. A platform is provided to integrate the entrepreneurs in an environment with investors along with strategic, external partners. All this is an excellent combination of technical know-how and such other resources. This way the startups are able to get valuable input. It helps to build up a business model on a solid foundation of skill and knowledge. It will help in establishing start-ups in the highly competitive market.


Invest Wisely With Forefront Capital

Forefront Capital is a firm founded by Bradley Reifler. Forefront Capital offers investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. The firm caters to non-accredited investors, unlike other investment programs who consider accredited investors. The best part is that its investment plan suits every investor.

Do you believe in turning money into money? Many people think that investment is only for the wealthy. With Forefront Capital, investment has been made possible to the middle-class people. Brad Reifler points out the reasons why you should choose Forefront Capital.

Limited Risk

How comfortable are you ready to risk your cash? Every investment is risky, and there is no guarantee of return on investment. Worry no more. Reifler has created a team of investment professionals who have sound knowledge on investment issues.The professionals make sure that the chances of losing your cash are minimal.

Investment For Middle-class Investors

Are you worried that you are a non-credited investor? Reifler created Forefront Income Trust to give the middle-class people a chance to invest. The fund offers non-credited investors to invest a minimum of $2500.

Works on Clients’ Interest

Forefront Capital gives its customers priority. It operates in the interest of its clients. Forefront Capital only makes money until its clients make 8 percent return on their investment. Its goal is to become a firm for the people.

Forefront Capital is the best place to invest your money. It assures you return on investment.Putting into consideration of the above reasons, always feel confident to invest with them.They have the power to turn your money into money.  See more on Brad’s official website, or follow Brad on his Twitter @BradleyR for updates.

Sam Tabar Knows About Investing

Many people believe that they should find a way to create more income or be able to save money. They just do not know the best steps to do it. Sam Tabar is an attorney who was trained at Columbia Law School. He also is a capital strategist. He sees that their is a trend of people who are choosing commodity investments. He thinks that this could be detrimental due to fluctuating prices. People should do everything that they can do to get as much information as possible before deciding to make an investment. This way they know they will be making the best choices for themselves and their family in the long term.

He thinks that more people should invest into other companies; especially start up companies. One company that he invested in is THINX. Thinx is a company that is known for having panties that are designed for women have their menstrual cycle every month. For every pair of panties that are sold by THINX, Afripads donate seven cloth pads to women in developing countries in Africa. This is one great way for people to get something they want and give back at the same time. If Afripads did not give these pads, the women would have to spend a week off from school. This would keep them behind in education because they would not be receiving all of the information.  Sam is also a big part of GoFundMe, where he works with AWI to provide more assistance to Africa.

Sam Tabar encourages people from his Twitter to at least start with one investment and see where it goes from there. He believes that people will enjoy the experience once they have started.  Read more about Sam on, and contact him through Thumbtack.

Bernardo T. Chua is the Master of Direct Marketing Sales

Bernardo T. Chua, affectionately known as Bernie on Twitter, is a native of the Philippines and a highly successful multi-level marketing pioneer. His efforts have brought him to be known as an expert and one of the top names in direct marketing sales. Mr. Chua has focused his efforts coffees, teas and other food products containing the ingredient ganoderma. Ganoderma is an herb and has been known in China and other Asian countries for centuries and Chua was the first to market products with the ingredient outside of the Asian region.

He began his career as an executive with a company called Gano Excel. The company got its start in the Philippines and then under Chua’s guidance, expanded to Canada and Hong Kong before establishing an office in the United States. Mr. Chua relocated to the United States, taking up residence in California and took over as president of Gano Excel USA. The company marketed products such as instant coffee and capsules along with other food products and brought ganoderma to the North American market.

In 2008, Bernardo T, Chua founded Organo Gold. The company is the umbrella for a group of companies operating under the trading name of Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur. Mr. Chua’s vision for the company was to offer a variety of healthy bioactive coffee products. The products would be promoted, advertised and sold according to a multi-level marketing business model on a wholesale basis and offered to consumers at a suggested retail price. Organo Gold has more than one million distributors world wide.

In 2015, Chua rebranded the company as Organo and continued to offer a variety of foods through a network of independent distributors. He firmly believes direct sales marketing is the best way to distribute his line of products. It provides the opportunity to grow a business quicker and with more success than a traditional business model.

After Organo Gold was well established Mr. Chua was able to focus his efforts on streamlining his business. He works very closely with some of the best ganoderma producers in the world to provide a quality product without a steep price tag. He also funds research efforts related to the herb and that gives his company an advantage when new uses or breakthroughs are discovered.

Mr. Chua has said on Facebook he also believes education about ganoderma and the benefits products containing the ingredient can provide. Education helps to build trust with consumers and Chua attributes trust to the growth in the product.

Customer Emphasis as Laid Down by White Shark Media

The customer is always right and at White Shark media that’s all that matters. The advertisement company has done right with its clients. This is evidenced by the positive reviews found at Customers by their hundreds have expressed their satisfaction and delight after using the advertisement agency. At the same website White Shark Media Complaints team have listed a number that a potential customer or analyst can use to get in touch for free evaluation. This is a bold move that is customer focused and ensures transparency and reliability. The company has laid strong customer emphasis especially the mode of communication and inquiry. It has opened a communication portal with Disqus.Com. It is worth noting that Disqus is a discussion platform that facilitates independent discussions and launching of inquiries. Using their Disqus account White Shark Media is interacting with its clients in a more hands on approach using the information collected to better their services. for more information you can log in to

The social media was the next big thing after invention of the internet. Most people have social media accounts that they use to communicate. White Shark Media has a Facebook account. Using face book it is able to reach its customers and offer guidelines and new SEO techniques. A cursory look at their Facebook account will show customer reviews which are very positive and new marketing techniques. Using Facebook as a communication avenue is a very ingenious idea that allows real time communication. A person is guaranteed of almost an instantaneous reply. Face book has enabled it to convey important information such as the Google AdWords interface application. This is important especially to associates who will learn new operating systems and their listed advantages.

Marketing involves outreach and White Shark Media has subscribed to YouTube. According to its You Tube channel it has launched a complaints review plat form. The advantages of this are twofold; the customer will be attended to and White Shark Media will learn from its mistakes. It has several videos on You Tube detailing how complaints can be handled and the best way to remedy some of the difficulties that may arise. It appreciates its customers and is eager to have a cordial relationship with them. Educational videos can be accessed via

According to a testimonial posted in Shopify White Shark Media is a flexible and remarkable advertisement company. Its expertise in using the Shopify platform has earned it nothing but praise from its customers