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The role that Eric Lefkosky has played in the Tempus Initiative

One of the biggest dreams that the medical fraternity of the 21st century harbors is that they will manage to treat and if possible eliminate of cancer completely this century. Many companies and initiatives have been set up towards the achievement of this goal. One of the most active of these is the Tempus Initiative that was started by Eric Lefkosky. The Tempus initiative hopes to make positive use of technology in creating applications that make cancer management simple and more importantly, affordable.

Eric hails from South Field in Michigan. His beginnings were very humble, owing to the fact that his mother was a Sunday school teacher and his father was an engineer. He grew up and schooled in Michigan all the way to the end of high school. Then, he joined the University of Michigan as a law student. Despite the fact that he was studying law, Eric had a passion for entrepreneurship and soon enough, he had invested in a company which sold upholstery. The company, which he founded in conjunction with a friend, came to be known as Brandon Apparel. The capital that was used in the establishment of the company was borrowed from family and friends.

His enterprise did not stop there because after a few years, he started a second business which came to be known as Inner workings. The main role of this company was to provide procurement services to small and medium scale enterprises. The company picked well and had their initial public offer at the stock exchange in 2012. When he was working with this company, he started a third business by the name of echo global statistics. This company was also quite successful and has been listed under NASDAQ since 2006.

The ideals behind Tempus Creation

Eric Lefkosky always believed that there is no better way to deal with fatal diseases such as cancer than genetic profiling. This is the idea that he had in mind when he started tempus. The profiling model is such that sick patients are analyzed and the characteristics that are specific to them established. When the medical experts are treating the sickness, they will only use the treatments that are specific to the needs of these patients according to their genetics. Using Tempus apps, the Doctors will know that a treatment will not work long before it makes any further negative impact on the patient’s life. Lefkosky is also a board member at the Chicago Children’s Hospital.

Clay Siegall: The Name Of Quality Research In Cancer Therapy

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., one of the co-founders and CEO of Seattle Genetics, renowned for his contributions towards cancer therapies and researches. His passion towards improving the lives of cancer patients is well known around the globe. Dr.Siegall has interests in various subjects, and this can be clearly identified while going through his blog posts. From sports to space science, he shows keen interests on any developments. His recent posts regarding NFL draft, show that he is not a mere fan of the sport, but a critic and analyst of the games including its off-season programs and recruitments.

Clay B. Siegall has a decent collection of informative and interesting blogs that depicts his areas of interest. The blog relates to the journey offered from earth to the moon by the private company SpaceX in late 2018, show his widespread interest in space technology and how, he is updated on the recent developments, innovations, and advancements in space research science. Blogs on medicines that reduce the buzz alcohol show his commitment towards the society and how he is concerned about the health consciousness of the young and old generation.

Dr. Siegall’s passion and determination have helped the company to reach new dimensions in terms of research advancements. Dr. Siegall has always given predominant contributions to the biomedical world since he started his career in biomedical studies. The CEO of Seattle Genetics bags several accomplishments for cancer research and path-breaking findings in the cancer therapies. Under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics developed first antibody-drug conjugates, together with ADCETRIS that secured FDA approval in 2011.

Clay B. Siegall, in his initial career, worked as a Senior Research Investigator with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research from February 1991 and resigned as a Principal Scientist in December 1997.Dr.Siegall was presented with the Pierce Award in 1995 for his achievements in the area of targeted toxins. He was chosen as one among the finalists of Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award in the healthcare category. Dr. Siegall received B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University.