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The Health Benefits Provided by a Revolutionary Line of Coffees and Teas

A recent online article was praising the many benefits of drinking Organo Gold coffees and teas. Unlike traditional products, which are created with mega doses of caffeine, Organo Gold is imbued with the properties contained in an herb called Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 4000 years. The beneficial effects the herb brings to the coffee and tea products in the Organo Gold line can significantly improve the health and well-being of the individuals who consume them. This herb has been shown to improve health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

A Man With A Vision

Products such as Organo Gold are not created because of a fluke in the formula. This line of products was the brain child of a Philippine businessman named Bernardo Chua. In the last ten years Mr. Chua spent a great deal of his time developing a line of coffees and teas, that would provide people with health benefits. He is considered one of the primary leaders in direct sales within the Philippines. Mr. Chua originally began developing the Ganoderma Lucidum herb for his company Gano Excel, which he later transformed into Organo Gold. Because of his Chinese lineage, the award winning Bernardo Chua was always familiar with the properties contained in the Chinese herb and was among the first to actually market the herb as an ingredient in beverage products.

The success Bernardo Chua achieved with his healthy revolutionary line of beverages has not gone unnoticed. He has been the recipient of many awards in the fields of marketing, sales and business. Bernardo Chua has also expanded his line of Organo Gold products to include many healthy supplements, for which he was recognized by the National Shoppers Choice organization. Although his company has become well established within the business world, Mr. Chua continues to work toward making it better by contributing money toward the research of the Ganoderma herb.  A point that Bernardo Chua has made in several speeches.  Make sure that you check out the Facebook fan page, to keep informed about what Bernardo has coming out next.

Political Views of Charles Koch on the Onset of Liberty Observance

Charles Koch is the president of Koch Industries that amounted to a net worth of thirty-six billion dollars in 2014. His company got ranked as the second largest independently held institution in the United States. Sir Koch was born on 1935 in a family of five. He succeeded the Koch industries after retirement of his father, Fred Koch. Charles Koch multi tasks his work capabilities by being a politician, businessperson, and philanthropist.

He manages the Koch industries in assistance of David Koch, who is his young brother. His firm specifically focuses on the manufacture of pollution control equipment and ranching services. He fathers his two beloved children who include Elizabeth and Chase Koch. Charles Koch is a professional investor who expanded the original Koch business up to an international industry.

An interview was recently conducted by the New York Times officials Charles Koch. Koch openly opposed the policies run by Senator Cruz Ted of Texas and Donald Trump in the United States political onset. In the interview, Koch stated that he was not about to settle and relax while other politicians abused his desires by not addressing them. He urged that America needs to be acquired personal attention.

Billionaire Koch highly disagreed with Cruz’s policy of bombing and destroying the Islamic States. According to Koch, the scenario would create more chaos and a cold war. Sir Koch also urged Donald Trump to seize implementing the policy of forbidding people bearing Muslim religion from entering the United States. In 2015, Charles Koch and his brother depicted that their political party was on the move to spend more than nine hundred U.S billion dollars to help their candidates in the fourth coming election.

Koch urged his opponents to join hand with him and stop opposing the funding of the candidates. Charles implied that his party funded the applicants who had ambitions to undertake in an attempt of making the United States a better nation. He added that he was not very ascertained of the funding, but the answer of the funding would be evident after a period of ten years.

Koch concluded his opinions by implying that America was not a country representing wrong doings. According to Koch, banning the Muslims from entering the United States would not solve anything. He added that the observance of Liberty was an important factor that was uniting the Americans. Sir Charles Koch asked Donald Trump and Senator Cruz to defend the Muslims Liberty so that the Muslims would do the same in return.

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The George Soros Empire.

George Soros cuts the figure of an outspoken and influential business mogul. He made his name in investment banking and hedge funds in a career spanning three decades. Today, he took the back seat having had a career to envy and making billions for himself and partners.
The year is 1930; George Soros is born in Budapest, Hungary at a time when the international system was full of anarchy. His homeland found itself right at the center of the violence. Like other citizens of the time, there wasn’t much to look forwards.
In his late teenage years, he embarked on an intellectual journey that would lead him to greener pastures. He settled in England and became one of the few lucky individuals to study at the London School of Economics. This was no mean achievement for Soros at the time. The institution was producing some of the best brains in Europe.
George Soros reveled in this rare opportunity. During his stay at the college, he mastered politics and economics. In 1952, he ventured into investment banking in a junior capacity. This exposure enabled him to learn and develop his business talents.
A few years down the line, he found himself on the shores of the US where his expertise in business analysis and investment attracted many employers. Over the next seventeen years, he enjoyed working relations with three prestigious firms. These investment companies include; Wertheim & Co, Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, and F. M. Mayer. While working for these enterprises in New York, George built a foundation for a very successful future.
In the early 1970’s, he decided to call it quits on employment. He had the knowledge and skill to go it alone. He established the Soros Fund Management company that did some very profitable business ventures in the coming years.
George’s prudent management and venture capitalism earned him massive profit margins. Armed with the financial muscle of investors who had confidence in him, he made billion in dollars over two decades. In 1992, a currency speculation he made on the British pound ended up earning him a $1 billion profit in one single day.
George Soros is perhaps one of the best financial minds ever seen. He uses his global reach and influence to advocate for social and political change. Since his retirement from active management, he has dedicated his entire resources to the empowerment of societies. His organization remains profitable and now operates as Quantum Fund.
George Soros’ influence is now felt in philanthropic and human rights sectors of society. Just like in the business world, his influence across the globe serves a focal point for democracy and human rights. His ideas shape humanitarian policy. He is an active author and writer on social and political topics.
He serves as the leader of the Open Society Foundations. These umbrella body links like-minded partners, civil organizations and change makers to promote education, economic empowerment, good governance and human rights. They mobilize resources to sponsor Democratic campaigns, education of the young generation and the campaign for human rights.

The Life And Career Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s childhood was like any other, however she wanted to be different. At a young age, she knew that she wanted to be unique and out of the box when she became a grown up. She was born in Russia, a strict country but she used her imagination to venture to new places and be herself before actually moving away. She has called New York City and California home. When she came to the United States, Doe Deere wanted to do things completely differently when it came to her career. The funny thing is, her career trajectory all started with a simple desire for a different makeup than what was out currently. Her unique desire created what is known today at Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetics in the mid 2000s. Lime Crime Cosmetics started out as a shop on ebay, selling a small selection of makeup products that Doe Deere made herself. While Doe Deere was selling on ebay, her brand and the quality of the makeup products started to become very popular. While continuing with the store on ebay, Doe Deere started doing makeup tutorials on youtube. These makeup tutorials became popular and she matched them up with her own makeup products, creating a successful marketing plan.

After the popularity of the youtube channel and the ebay store, Doe Deere decided to move the store to its own website. With its own website, Lime Crime Cosmetics would become a household name and more revenue and profit would come Doe Deere’s way. With the stand alone website, there is no doubt that Lime Crime Cosmetics and Doe Deere saw an amazing jump in sales and the increase in popularity. Doe Deere states that Lime Crime Cosmetics is for the unicorn in every young adult and woman. Lime Crime Cosmetics reaches tens of thousands of young women, in an effort to get them to enjoy the store.

Doe Deere makes makeup that is colorful, unique, revolutionary and 100 percent cruelty free. Lime Crime Cosmetics features lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, eye glitter and bright nail polishes. The bright colors and the quality of the products draw the customers in every time. Doe Deere prides herself in providing amazing customer service to all of her customers. Doe Deere calls her customers unicorns, a name she called herself early on in life. Doe Deere implemented a look book on the Lime Crime Cosmetics website, showing customers how to use their products. The look book gives customers photos of how to pair their makeup with different outfits and how to do certain makeup techniques. Doe Deere also implemented a chat feature to gives customers the ability to communicate with the Lime Crime staff about order issues or issues with the products. This feature gives customers peace of mind that they can buy products and always have a Lime Crime staff member on hand to talk to. The feature boosted sales and it generated positive publicity for the company and Doe Deere.