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Helane Morrison Moves To the Top In Male Dominated Industry

The compliance officer role in one that is usually reserved for males. This is the reason why so many people are talking about Helane Morrison, the compliance officer for Hall Capital. She has certainly become one to watch in the corporate world because she is breaking the well-know glass ceiling that so many women encounter. 

Morrison has worked hard to move beyond the barriers that have kept other women out of these type of corporate roles. She holds a law degree and she has a lot of experience in different government roles. Morrison also holds a degree in journalism so it has been easy for her to build a resume that is quite diverse. That is the most important thing in the industry. A person that can show that they have different skills can excel in the business industry easier. This appears to be something that Helane Morrison knew, and that may be the primary reason that she has built a career of this magnitude. 

Helane Morrison has been in the corporate industry for 30 years. She is enjoying her time with Hall Capital, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight to her career. She is building a reputation as one of the most important pieces of the Hall Capital investment puzzle. She is in place to do internal investigations when needed, and this makes her a prominent member of this investment team of executives. 

The world of corporate business is filled with a lot of corruption. In many cases it has been a corrupt industry with male ring leaders in place. Morrison, however, has managed to make her way to the top and stop the corruption in lots of different ways. Prior to her role as compliance officer for Hall Capital, Morrison was working for the San Francisco Security Exchange and Commission (source). This would prove to be her most important role in the work force. It would be the thing that she would need the most to prepare Helane Morrison for the current position of compliance officer.

With all of her previous experiences she has become one of the most sought after compliance directors in the industry. Hall Capital is fortunate to have someone that is so well versed in regulating rules. She is a leader of rules and regulations that is inspiring a new generation of young professional women that want to follow her footsteps.

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