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Clinton to call for expanded early voting period

The battle for the White House is beginning to heat up as Hilary Clinton will use a speech at Texas Southern University to call for an end to the restrictions being placed on early voting options in many Republican controlled states. The Washington Post reports a number of key states controlled by GOP legislatures have been introducing new regulations for early voting that will lower the time available for early voters. Legal challenges are now being established by Democrats in many areas of the country where Democrats feel their voters are being pushed out of the Democratic process.

Clinton’s speech at the college with a strong tradition of being a largely African-American campus will see her call for early voting to be expanded to 20 days across the entire nation. Texas has become one of the many states controlled by a Republican legislature to place increased restrictions on early voters, which Democrats claim are designed to lower the number of Democrats voting in future elections. Keith Mann noted that the state of Wisconsin has also introduced restrictions on early voting and is seen as a battleground state that could go to either the Democrats or Republicans and early voting laws could have a major effect on the final outcome of the election.