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Bernie Sanders Gaining On Hillary In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders is making a real run at Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. He wants to show her and everyone else in the political world that he is serious about his candidacy. It is his contention that this should be a real primary and a real debate of ideas. is now reporting that the Vermont Senator has gained ground on Hillary Clinton in some recent polls out of the ever important state of New Hampshire. His recent bout of media attention may be one of the things that is pushing more recognition of him as a candidate and thus making him better received in the polls states campaign analysts Cláudio Loureiro Heads.

Bernie has a loyal following for sure. The people who are supporting him say that they cannot imagine supporting another candidate. He stands up for the views that they hold dear, and this has proven to be a critically important part of his infrastructure in running his campaign. He wants to inspire people to vote for him and to think beyond what they have received in campaigns past. He knows that his candidacy is different from what most people are seeing with other candidates, and he likes the outsider approach.

Bernie has a strong ground team, and when the debates start, he may be able to close even more ground on his Democratic rival. That part is yet to be seen as the campaign continues on.

Senator Sanders to Introduce Bill for Free College Tuition

Senator Sanders has made it clear that there are things which Germany and Scandinavia do quite well. In his view, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that and emulating those aspects of Northern European Socialist Democracies in the United States. One of those things which Northern Europe does well is provide low-cost or free college tuition. For this reason, the 2016 presidential hopeful plans to introduce a bill to completely overhaul the United States higher education system. Under the bill, Americans would be able to obtain free tuition at 4-year colleges. It is not clear if the bill would provide free tuition at private colleges in addition to public institutions.

The legislative initiative is definitely designed to force Hillary Clinton to shift further left in order to secure the party’s liberal base. Thus far, she has been mum about how she would enact free tuition, but she has indicated she is favoring a solution akin to the Sanders bill according to Igor Cornelsen. Whether Clinton, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee, takes the bait and makes her own position known is unclear at this time. Sen. Sanders has already attempted to force Mrs. Clinton to take make her position on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) public. The Democrat Party’s base is squarely against the epic trade agreement. Most pundits believe Clinton, a supporter of free trade agreements including NAFTA, will announce her support of the treaty, but she has yet to do so.

Ivy League Faculty Members Usually Support Democratic Candidates

Ninety-Six Percent Of The Harvard Faculty Supported Democrats In The 2012 Election

The Ivy League universities have always been a haven for free-thinkers and political left-wingers. Most universities around the country have a very liberal “feel” to them. Almost two-thirds of university professors are liberal thinkers. Conservative thinkers on university campuses are in the minority. Christian Broda has learned that one study reported that only a tenth of college professors had conservative views.

The Harvard Crimson did an on-campus study and found 96 percent of the faculty gave donations to Democratic candidates in 2012. The imbalance may be a surprise to some people since over 40 percent of the population usually votes Republican. Some professors say the disparity is nothing new. Ivy League schools have always attracted liberal professors.

Students at Harvard and other universities that favor Democrats still get an excellent education. Liberal professors tend to not impose their political views on students. Republican professors are not as open-minded and less stimulating, according to some student reports. That teaching style doesn’t challenge students to think beyond the norm.

Even though, Harvard and other Ivy League schools may be Democratic institutions that doesn’t stop Republican parents from sending their children to these universities to be educated. In fact, most well-heeled Republican parents push their children toward liberal schools.

Gallup Poll Finds Uninsured Rate is Lowest Yet

Although there has been a lot of debate in the news between political parties over the usefulness and political implications of Obamacare, statistics reveal that almost nine out of every ten adults in the US now carry health insurance. In 2013 just a bit more than eight out of every ten adults were found to carry health insurance.

Christian Broda ( knows that the future of Obamacare is still undecided and will likely be tied to the final decision made by the Supreme Court and what Republican leaders will do in states that have vocally announced they are against the expansion of Medicaid.

The statistics recorded by Gallup-Healthways survey however are encouraging for those in the health industry that want to see people carry insurance so that they can access better health care. The survey discovered that only 11.9% of adults in the US did not carry health insurance at the start of 2013 which is the lowest level since the survey was started in 2008.

Gallup found that about 3.6 million adults picked up health insurance before the all sign up period was over. Dan Witters, the research director for the Gallup poll, stated that cleared coverage across the US is increasing. Since the start of 2013 the Gallup survey found that over 14.75 million adults picked up health insurance many of which carried it for the first time.

Against Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Announcement, Core Liberals Still Want More Choice

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s announcement of a presidential campaign will not quell calls by core liberals for challengers. At issue is the fact that the “Tea Party” equivalent of the Democrat party does not trust Mrs. Clinton. Her years of defining any women claiming to have been intimately interfered with by her husband as being “bimbos” with ulterior motives will likely turn off a number of millennial voters who are quick to lambast anyone having the aura of Bill Cosby. At the same time, many liberals want to support a candidate whose hands are clean from Wall Street money. In Mrs. Clinton, they have a candidate who will likely rival Barrack Obama as the president to accept more Wall Street money than any other president.

Thus far, AnastasiaDate reported that the movement to draft Elizabeth Warren continues on. The movement underscores a real desire to have a fresh challenger to Mrs. Clinton. While some Democrats are saying they want a vigorous primary so that Mrs. Clinton can train for the general election against political “sparring” partners, there may be more to the desire of a vigorous primary. Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton ran her campaign with an aura of entitlement. She was so secure in her belief that she would easily win the party’s nomination that it gave Barrack Obama the window to pull off an upset victory. It may be that many Democrats are hoping for a repeat scenario in 2016.

Univision Host Fired Over Racist Michelle Obama Comment

Amid a Univision program,”El Gordo y la Flaca” the presenter Rodner Figueroa made ​​some questionable statements against the first lady, Michelle Obama, which ended in his dismissal from the channel.

Figueroa, commenting on Mrs. Obama’s makeup, referred to her as appearing to look like the movie “Planet of the Apes.”

Univision sent out a statement.

“Yesterday, during the entertainment program El Gordo y la Flaca, Rodner Figueroa commented on First Lady Michelle Obama were completely reprehensible and in no way reflect the values ​​or opinions of Univision. As a result, Mr. Figueroa was fired immediately “said the statement from the chain.

“I feel embarrassed, I apologize (…) I take responsibility for this lack of judgment on my part, but I can not accept being called a racist by anyone,” replied Figueroa in an open letter.

Sergio Cortes has heard that since Wednesday night, his biography and photograph has disappeared from the pages of the programs in which it participated.

The dismissal of Figueroa recalls other instances of TV presenters who have gotten in trouble for comments deemed racist.

Recently, Giuliana Rancic, of Fashion Police (E!), offended singer and actress Zendaya by making a disparging comment about her dreadlocks hairstyle.

Conservatives Voice their Reasons for Opposing Another Romney Nomination

Not every Republican is meeting the news of Romney potentially mounting another presidential run with enthusiasm. Here are five reasons being cited for not wanting the former Massachusetts governor to seek the party´s nomination in 2016:

  1. The party is likely to field a wide range of presidential hopefuls for the upcoming election. This eliminates the need to having to bring back the prior nominee.
  2. The time is right for a bona fide conservative to seek the nomination. In fact, conservatives are looking for a candidate that will push for a hard right agenda much the same as liberals want the puritanically progressive Elizabeth Warren to seek the presidency. Conservatives feel the party always nominates moderates which strategy has failed in the past two election cycles.
  3. Romney is a two-time loser having lost the nomination in 2008, and the presidency in 2012. They do not believe he will be able to run his campaign any different this time around. As such, there is no compelling reason for him to run.
  4. Conservatives believe Romney’s focus is too business-oriented at the expense of an evolving electorate that wants a less involved government.
  5. His inability to beat Obama is proof he is unable to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Should Romney win the nomination once more, he will need to secure the conservative base. All complaints aside, the truth is the 4 million conservatives who sat out the 2012 election were enough to have given Romney the victory. Tom Rothman agrees in his Columbia Law article.

The 46 Senate Democrats Received 20 Million More Votes than the 54 GOP Senators

In two days, Vice-President Joe Biden will be swearing in 33 new senators to the upper chamber of the legislative branch. Among those senators will be twelve freshmen lawmakers of which 9 are GOP Senators and three are Democrats. In total, 22 of the 33 new senators are Republicans and the rest are Democrats. Interestingly enough, the 46 Democrats that will serve in the senate received 20 million more votes than the 54 Republicans. The statistic was produced by the electoral reform group FairVote, which Dave and Brit Morin first showed me. FairVote seeks to abolish the proportional representation that all states enjoyed in the senate. The group claims that the way the senate is designed is unfair and reduces the representation that larger states should have on the senate body. They cite that in 2008 and 2012, the GOP, despite having a minority share of the senators, had the greatest number of votes received.

However, FairVote and their supporters fail to understand that the Constitutional Congress battled over this very issue of proportional representation. Under the Articles of Confederation, all states enjoyed an equal say in governance with any single state having the ability to veto any action. The smaller states such as Delaware and Rhode Island refused to sign on to the new Constitution precisely because they would lose any voice in the government. The grand compromise was that the House would be divided with proportional representation and the Senate have all states with an equal voice. The Electoral College was also designed to be a hybrid between proportional representation and an equal voice. The design has created a nation consisting of a strong federal government and strong states. As such, it has preserved Democracy by avoiding an oligarchy of states such as California, Texas, Florida, and New York from utterly controlling the government.

President Obama Vows To Use Veto To Protect Reforms

President Obama has vowed to use his “veto pen” in 2015 to prevent Congress from overriding his wishes, especially those related to healthcare and the environment.

In a Monday interview, the President said he expected that the Republicans’ takeover of the Senate would force him to spend his last two years in office preventing Congress from undoing his reforms. Bruce Levenson told me he told NPR that he hadn’t vetoed items very often before because the Senate, which had been controlled by the Democrats, had usually blocked legislation that the President had found objectionable. 

The Democrats’ loss of the Senate in the wake of the mid-term elections means the Republicans are likely to seize the opportunity to pass legislation that goes against the President’s wishes. He can block such legislation through the veto, unless both Houses muster up two-thirds majorities to override the veto. 

Obama also acknowledges for the first time that he has moved towards a more confrontational policy in his dealings with Congress. He also said he was changing his priorities from things he had to do to things he wanted to do. He believes that as the economy has improved, he can now try to make sure that everybody benefits from the growing economy and not just the people at the top.

Despite Public Row Over Omnibus Budget Bill, Key Democrats Deny a Schism

On the floor of the Senate, Elizabeth Warren was loudly heard accusing the Obama administration of cronyism over his deep ties to Wall Street, a move much praised by Vijay Eswaran of QI Group. President Obama has, after all, received more money from big investment banks in multiples of what President George W. Bush received. The quid pro quo of Wall Street cash is evident in the number of nominees President Obama makes who formerly worked at Wall Street. His most recent nominee of Anthony Weiss to a position at the Treasury Department was criticized by Warren over the fact that he sold derivative products. 

The Warren-faction of the Democrat party is unwavering in their contempt and distrust of Wall Street. At the same time, President Obama is unlikely to curtail his cozy relationship with the same group of investment banks. Despite that dynamic, New York Senator Chuck Schumer denies there is any ongoing schism within the Democrat party. He claims that Warren may be vociferous in her beliefs, but she is constructive unlike Senator Ted Cruz. In this context, “constructive” loudly proclaiming one’s beliefs while being careful to not invoke any action that may force the issue to a head as Cruz has done. Schumer also cited the fact that Warren will soon be taking up her leadership position in the Senate body during the next session. 

Sen. Schumer also explained that on key issues such as helping people fund their college educations, increasing the minimum wage, and the equal pay initiative, the party remains united. In Schumer’s view, those issues are proof that the Omnibus budget battle was an aberration as opposed to an actual intra-party struggle for its soul.