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Outgoing AG Eric Holder Says It is Hard to Leave DOJ

To critics, Eric Holder had a personal agenda to advance a far left wing agenda at the Department of Justice. Supporters saw history in his nomination given he became the first Black person to serve as attorney general. Now, his 6-year tenure has come to an end at the DOJ. In making one final farewell address to employees, Holder expressed the difficulty he personally felt in walking away from the post. He resigned as attorney general this past fall. The move was likely meant to both quell lingering GOP investigations into the “Fast & Furious” gun running debacle that put hundreds of armed assault weapons in the hands of brutal Mexican drug cartels. Both Holder and Obama were being scrutinized for the deal over concerns regarding its legality.

For his part, Amen Clinic customers say that Holder said it was always his intention to defend the rights of minorities including the LGBT community. Despite the criticism levied against Holder, his role in the developments in Ferguson, Missouri, proved important to helping quell potential rioters. In the end, Holder begrudgingly exonerated the police department of any wrong doing and confessed that so-called witnessed perjured themselves. While not explicit in his reference to false witness statements, the widely reported “hands up, don’t shoot” testimony witnesses claimed to have heard proved to be fabricated. For the remainder of President Obama’s term in office, Loretta Lynch will occupy the post. She was confirmed late last week by the senate.