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What Top Shelf Ingredients are Really Healthy for Dogs?

If you’re like most loving pet owners, you’re starting to realize that there are some nutrients and some ingredients that are both healthy for you and healthy for your pet, including:

-Coconut oil a popular ingredient in adult and senior blends because it elevates your dog’s metabolism, provides energy, protects them from illness and softens your dog’s skin and coat;

-Antioxidants in green vegetables, freeze dried cranberries and freeze dried blueberries to protect dogs from free radical damage;

-DHA, EFAs and Omega Fats in salmon, fish oil and supplement form to improve your dog’s brain health, skin and coat and increase energy; and

-Lean and healthy meats that you expect like pork, chicken and beef; along with unexpected lean, healthy meats like duck, salmon and liver that are high in nutritional value and healthy fats

In fact, Beneful is a dog food brand that you can find in most major stores that features almost all of these ingredients throughout their many formulas.

However, though a lot of the healthiest ingredients for humans are great additions to dog foods like Beneful, all human food isn’t healthy for dogs. For example, many human recipes feature onions and onion powder. Some feature chocolate or a twist of lemon zest. Some also feature all sorts of other spices that are unhealthy and even dangerous for your dog to consume.

In addition, though a lean turkey burger topped with vegetables, on a whole wheat bun with healthy portions of toppings like mayo and ketchup etc; might be perfectly healthy for an adult human to consume. These proportions of lean meat, veggies and fat are completely out-of-whack for your 6 lb. Chihuahua or 23 lb. Terrier to consume.

In addition to size differences, dogs have different body systems and structures. Though they are similar to us, they aren’t the same. Therefore, they need different nutritional support. Therefore, in human food:

-There’s often too much fat,

-There aren’t enough of the nutrients your dog needs per bite, and

-The starches and grains, (especially in restaurant food), are out of proportion, typically processed and void of nutrition

Food brands like Beneful, Freshpet and Blue Buffalo are on the forefront of the pet food industry. Experts are calling their recipes, “the next level in pet feeding.”