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Don Ressler’s Indelible Marker in The Fashion World

Don Ressler is a renowned business figurehead with an impeccable investment record and executive leadership experience. According to Bloomberg, Don Ressler serves as Co-Founder or Co-Chief Executive Officer of several entities, including Fitness Heaven, Intermix Media, Alena Media, Intelligent Beauty, Brand Ideas and JustFab. Ressler is also the brainchild behind a number of successful startups and subsidiaries in the fashion industry, including ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics. Ressler and his co-business partner, Adam Goldenberg teamed up in March 2010 to establish JustFab. Over the years, the key personalities, products and service offerings of the El Segundo, CA based fashion retailer have been highlighted in a number of media houses and networks including Style Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine and MTV.

Following a series of successful fundraising and positioning, a prominent Hollywood stylist, Kimora Lee Simons joined JustFab in September 2011 as Curative Director and President an excerpt by Wikipedia reveals. Fabletics sticks out as one of the most successful JustFab divisions. Since its launching in 2013, the brand has changed the perception people about fitness. The company offers technically accurate and fashion forward athletics wear at highly competitive rates, a fact that has turned fitness a fashionable item. In 2015, the JustFab generated a whopping $500 million in revenues, with Fabletics contributing one third of the sales. Don Ressler believes JustFab brand will grow to become the next H&M. According to an article published by Hollywood Reporter on April 2015, JustFab unveiled a plan to branch out to handbags and jewelry division after sticking out as an online footwear portal since 2010.

Ressler told the Hollywood Reporter that the plan to start a ready to wear apparel division was informed by the fact that shoes contribute the largest share in the company’s sales. The collection includes ballet flats, gladiator boots and tall boots. Most products sold by JustFab retail at an enticing price of under $40. These products come with several attractive incentives including new member discount and free shipping. Today, JustFab’s e-commerce site has a strong membership of over 35 million members. This number is set to grow after the forays the company has made in Europe, Canada and Australia. Riding on this wave of success makes Don Ressler believe that JustFab will become the next online H&M of curated fashion. On a personal note, according to Don Ressler met his wife Ginger while in college, thanks to the passion they both hold for college athletics. See:

New Technology Enhancements For Online Products

Currently one of the most popular uses of the Internet is online shopping. Many people shop online for a wide variety of products and services. With the technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades, numerous enhancements have been made concerning online shopping. Technology innovations such as WiFi, high definition, broadband, smartphones, and smart software have all contributed to the current capabilities provided with online shopping.

From better websites to better network communications, technology innovations have helped the online shopping experience for millions of people. Although online shopping has improved tremendously since the early online shopping days, there are still various areas of online shopping that frustrate online shoppers.

One of the areas concerning online shopping where many people would like to see some technology enhancements involves online products. In several ways, the online products available for purchase still have some of the same problems that affected online products a decade ago. Some of the main problems involve no images for online products, poor image quality for online products, and no realism concerning online products.

Even though many people still struggle with the online product experience, there are several tech startup companies that are developing technology to improve the online product experience. A significant portion of this technology focuses on visual search. The ability to search for online products that provide the capability to view the products in a real world perspective is one of the major benefits concerning image recognition technology.

Slyce is a tech startup company that has developed software that gives shoppers a real worldview of online products. The software developed by Slyce is available for retailers and e-tailers. The software can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

One of the core components that allows Slyce software to provide a closer real world experience are the real world objects utilized in conjunction with online products.

Tech startup companies such as Slyce are making a major impact in the visual search arena. The technology is changing the way people search for online products. In addition, the technology is offering people a much better online shopping experience.