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Top Voter Concerns Regarding Upcoming Presidential Elections

According to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, American voters have expressed a number of concerns regarding the upcoming presidential elections. While some voters are concerned about the dynastic nature of some of the presidential candidates who come from the families of former presidents like Jeb Bush, Ronald Paul, and Hillary Clinton, others are slightly more worried that nothing in the affairs of the country will change at all, no matter who wins.

When discussing the top concerns noted by voters in the poll,, results found that over 33 percent of Americans are afraid of the influence wealthy individuals and corporations might have on determining who wins through their connections and financial contributions. People at Boraie Development LLC have learned that another staggering 25 percent fear the unjust influence of negative media campaigning on potential candidates. While 16 percent showed concern that the elections will yield little to no changes in the country’s political and economic climate, only 12 percent of showed any concern for the economic conditions the average American faces and the relevant competency of potential candidates to deal with those issues.

Although significant enough to be included in the top five concerns of voters regarding this upcoming presidential election, with only 12 percent of voters concerned with the candidates’ ability to thoroughly understand and address the nation’s ongoing economic crisis and its impact on the average citizen, the area of economic policy still receives far too little attention.