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Joseph Bismark Brings Qi Group to the United Nations

On September 11, 2015 Joseph Bismark, on behalf of his international conglomerate the Qi Group, accepted membership into the United Nations Global Compact Network, according to an article published on Yahoo Finance .

Acceptance into this prestigious membership means that Bismark and the Qi Group, which he established in 1998 and is the parent group of QNET commits itself to improve its functions in several areas such as anti-corruption, labor rights, human rights and the environment, and is a huge privilege and honor and will allow the Qi Group to access the United Nations vast and extensive knowledge and experience in solving development issues and increasing sustainability.

In 2008 Joseph Bismark took on the role of Group Managing Director and as such is based in Singapore so that he can best oversee the groups business operations and functions, and since was essential to founding QNET as well as RYTHEM, the Social Responsibility department of the Qi Group. Think of it as The Qi Groups Conscience. Over the years, joseph Bismark has shown himself to be a versatile, ethical, and dynamic leader. Running the company on a philosophy of mutual respect an understanding, the simple life that he maintains has allowed him to grow the company without losing site of the core values that made it successful to begin with. Showing a care for the wellbeing of the planet as well as his own employees, Bismark has been an essential drive into the companies venture into wellness and healthy living, as well as organic foods.

Much of this philosophy has come from Joseph Bismarks unique upbringing. Starting his life in great wealth, he chose to leave those comforts at the early age of nine to venture into the mountain area of the Philippines and seek out an ashram there, commiting himself to the life of a monk, and remaining their until the age of seventeen, when he returned to the corporate world. This experience as child allowed him to cement a unique position in the corporate landscape, and showing that it is not only possible to inject spirituality into the doings of a corporate, but that said corporation can thrive from doing so. Despite achieving such great things, Bismakr is not just business. As an author of blogs and books, he bestows the great lessons he has learned on anyone that wishes to learn them.

Young Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park Fights For North Korean Citizens

At only 21 years old, Yeonmi Park on youtube is a survivor. But she is also much much more than that. Born in North Korea, she mother began their journey of survival and escape through a friend who helped them cross the border into China when she was 13. After her horrifying ordeal of which crossing into China was only the beginning, Park has become a human rights activist using her story and her experiences to get the word out about North Korea and what is really going on beyond the borders.

She hopes that her story and her efforts will inspire other people to help change the lives of citizens in North Korea, as millions of people are still trapped by the oppressive regime there. 24 million people are forced to live in this country without much help or knowledge of the outside world. They are forced to live in poverty, and you children are taught not to express their feelings, as the North Korean government has created a form or Orwellian government, where spies are everywhere and anyone can be a spy.

After living in China for several years, where she and her mother were both sold into human trafficking and slavery, Park eventually escaped to South Korea. There she was able to live a more normal life, and is now going to Dongguk University in Seoul, where she studies criminal justice. She has been active writer, and has been published in several newpapers, including the Washington Post. She has been a guest on BB2, Voice of America, and Radio Free Asia. She also is a regular on Now On My Way to Meet You, a South Korean show that attempts to bridge the gap between North and South Korea. But all of this is not simply an attempt at fame. Instead, Yeonmi Park hopes that by telling her story and by teaching others about her ordeal, she will help give the millions of people living in North Korea a chance at a better life.

According to Park, conditions are so harsh in North Korea that even cow meat is very rare. Even as a middle class person, she said, she only had cow one time in her life and it was very tough because the cow was a working animal. She also said that it was illegal for most people to eat it. She said she witnessed executions of people who had been caught eating meat. Instead, people mostly ate rice, corn, and kimchi. For most people it is very hard to understand what it is like to live like this, and several interviewers initially thought she was exaggerating or talking about people who were poorer than she was.

By telling her story, Park is able to raise awareness of what life is really like in North Korea so that the rest of the world can work together to help change living conditions for the people that live under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Il.

Ski and resort entrepreneur Andy Wirth

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are two well-known and highly profitable ski resorts in northern California. The president and CEO, Andy Wirth, has a career history deeply rooted in the mountain resort industry that many visitors may not be aware of. He started out in leadership in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort, which eventually lead to a head position at Intrawest Resort Holdings, his current position of CEO at Squaw Valley after Nancy Cushing departed in 2010, and most recently Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board chairman.

Mr. Wirth has always had a love for recreation and the outdoors. He served as a backcountry ranger and was on the ambulance crew of North Routt Fire Protection District. That experience gave him invaluable knowledge during a life-changing sky diving accident in October 2013. High winds forced a landing in a vineyard, where a support pole detached Wirth’s right arm nearly causing him to bleed to death. Numerous surgeries and a lengthy stay in the ICU at Davis trauma center gave him a renewed sense of appreciation for life, and he even credits the Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe” with keeping him calm during the experience. Good physical health from years as a cyclist and triathlete can be credited to his recovery.

After recovery, Wirth gathered a team to compete in Lake Tahoe’s Ironman 70.3 race and proved that determination will lead to success no matter the circumstance. A lesson of success in business and in life can be learned from the extraordinary circumstances faced by Squaw Valley CEO and philanthropist Andy Wirth.