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Abortion Clinics Closing in Texas

Just because abortion clinics are now regulated in Texas, they think that they have to close. All but one clinic has to follow regulations so that the women who receive an abortion are pretty much treated like humans instead of like a way to earn money. Abortions aren’t allowed after 20 weeks, and if there is an emergency, then the doctor has the right to send the women to a hospital for treatment. These shouldn’t even be regulations that need to be handed down. Boraie Development recently told the Wall Street Journal that if a clinic wants to perform an abortion, then it needs to do so in a safe manner. It’s a woman’s choice as to whether she has an abortion in most states, but she doesn’t have to enter a building where she feels like she’s at a slaughter house. Clinics that don’t follow certain regulations should be forced to shut down so that woman can have a safe procedure if they desire to have it done.