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Jeffry Schneider’s Alternative Investment Skills are Second to None

Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider, is a successful alternative investor whose leadership skills are second to none. It takes a lot to run a billion dollar business, and to do it well, you need the kind of stamina, dedication, charisma, and care for people that a man like Jeffry Schneider has. While many other business’s have failed due to a lack of vision and creativity, Ascendant has thrived and grown. The company started out with only two employees and now has over thirty. It looks to be earning $50 million a month over the next year, and countless family offices, investment advisors, and broker dealers can thank Ascendant for a large part of their own success.

At Ascendant, Jeffry Schneider has carefully crafted a special company that cares about its employees. He assures, daily, that every single employee feels appreciated, valued, and encourages them to share their ideas and opinions in a transparent environment that focuses on trust rather than greed. The health of his employees are also of great concern to Jeffry and he pushes himself to research about the latest health findings and to provide the office-place with plenty of nutritious food options. Jeffry also takes part in half ironman challenges outside of the business to ensure that he is doing all he can for his own health.

He started out his work career by spending time with numerous prestigious firms, such as, Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch and also worked as part of the management staff for both Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. While with these companies he learned all about alternative investing and was, and still is, the go-to-guy for advise about how to best structure various investment vehicles. With over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, now, he knows his stuff. During the earliest years of Ascendant, Jeffry helped Virtus Real Estate raise six different funds that eventually purchased more than $1.5 billion in Real Estate.

Outside of work Jeffry has supported loads of charities and among them are the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, the Cherokee Home for Children, and Gods Love We Deliver and Jeffry on Facebook.

Madison Street Capital Handles Mergers & Acquisitions

Madison Street Capital takes the time to work with their clients when it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions. They makes sure that the precise needs of their clients are met. They take the time to sit with their clients and find out what it is that they are looking for. Then they move forward with their services in order to make sure that their clients are satisfied. Madison Street Capital figures out a strategy that is both rewarding and efficient. They are also helpful with managers when it comes to putting together earn outs and other forms of compensation triggers that are forward thinking.

Madison Street Capital offers its services from the standpoint of a company that values people. They are also interested in helping their clients build strong businesses. They do more than just perform business transactions with their clients. After all, they are investing in the company. It is also important that they exercise their influence in the company so that they can maximize the success of both the company and their investment. They are very involved with their clients. They also give their clients a lot of information that they could use to their advantage so that they can successfully expand their businesses.

Madison Street Capital is also involved in philanthropic efforts that give people who are at a slight disadvantage a chance to improve their lives. Among the different charitable efforts that they are supporting are United Way Disaster Relief efforts. This is so they can help people that have fallen victim to natural disasters and other catastrophes. As one could see, it can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, a little bit of relief can be helpful to those who have found themselves in such and unfortunate incident. Madison Street Capital makes it so that it could happen.

So as one would see, Madison Street Capital does more than deal with clients and businesses. They truly care about people. They understand that it is people that are the greatest assets for businesses. Without people, businesses will fail. In this case, they treat their clients with decency and respect. They also advise that their clients treat others with the same respect and care that they were given. When a customer feels good about shopping or doing business with a company and is treated with respect, they are more likely to return to do business with the company again.

US Money Reserve; Giving Back Is As Precious As Gold And Silver

The holidays are a time for giving back to the society. This is because it is during this time that most people break from their routine working schedules to relax and get a breather. It is a time to spend quality time with family friends. What a better way to celebrate your holiday by sharing the goodness with the less fortunate in the society. This spirit of sharing with the needy during the holidays have prompted the US Money Reserve CrowdRise holiday campaign. Using CrowdRise, US Money Reserve hopes to raise funds to give those to those in need in the Central Texas Area. Branded US Money Reserve: Holiday Drive for Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, the campaign encourages the US Money Reserve clients, friend and family to give back to those in need. The Capital Area Food Bank has always been on the fore front when it comes to hunger relief with the help of around three hundred Partner Agencies in twenty one counties across Central Texas. In 2014 they provided thirty one million pounds of foods to families in need. To help the surpass that record in 2015, you can make your contributions to the campaign.
US Money Reserve is one of the largest and most trusted distributors of U.S government gold and silver coins in the world as rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. It is also the only precious metal company led by a former U.S Mint Director. The president of U.S Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl was the 35thDirector of U.S Mint. Founded by gold market veterans who realized that there was need to combine excellent customer service, expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance which is necessary when purchasing precious metals, it is no doubt that US Money Reserve has the reputation it holds.
With a team of over a hundred professionals such as gold specialists, numismatic experts and coin research professionals, US Money Reserve has had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients who have clearly taken the advantage of financial benefits that come with owning precious metals.Their commitment to excellence especially in customer service has seen many clients place their trust in the company’s ability to help them choose the coins that can earn them the highest returns over the years. Because of this, many have been able to make wise purchases that has made them tremendous profits.

Terry Bradshaw’s Success On Today In America

Terry Bradshaw in an individual who has been in the media for quite some time. After his successful career as an NFL quarterback, Terry Bradshaw created a great name for himself as a TV analyst. He has also been the host for many different TV shows, most notably Today in America. This is a show where Terry has been able to tackle some big issues and also showcase some great companies and individuals. The information that Terry Bradshaw shares with the nation on his show is a testament to the great skill that Terry Bradshaw has gained as a television personality.

Terry Bradshaw tackles many different issues in the world and the economy is just one that he happens to tackle in the episode featuring Madison Street Captial. Terry Bradshaw tackles the ever changing market and addresses some of the big changes affecting the economy. Terry addresses the fact that it is harder now for companies to find the capital funding that used to be so much easier in the past. These changes have made a big change in the world of capital investments as well. Banks are much less willing to give out businesses loans. This is where Madison Street Capital comes into play.

Madison Street Captial is a firm that allows individuals to create the type of capital that they need for their business. Madison Street Captial has a unique ability to work hand in hand with CEOs to bring their business to a new level. The investment professionals at Madison Street Captial have the ability to give CEOs the type of information that they really need to hear. This is important when it comes to crucial changes that need to be made in a company. Madison Street Captial continues to push forward as one of the leading forces in the world of capital management. It will be amazing to see where the next few years takes Madison Street Captial. Madison continues to help companies get the funding that they are looking for in the most crucial times of growth. As Madison Street Captial continues to grow so will many small businesses grow as well.

Tips On Investing Your Money

Are you looking to build your business? Do you want to achieve success in a specific field? When it comes down to business, investing your money in the right place can go a long way. Choosing your business investments wisely also dictate what happens with your business and if you achieve a good ROI. Some people need to be more weary than others when it comes down to making a good choice. If you are planning on investing your money, use these tips to help you achieve more growth and where to put your money.

– Know The Ins and Outs

It pays off to go through your entire contract and know where your money is going. If you are putting your money into your own business ideas, it’s so important to know every other aspect of your business before you shell out big money. It’s vital to see what everything entails when you out your money into a certain place online. It should be something you know all about to avoid future pain. There are some people who forget to go through every aspect of their investments, so watch out for every part of your business to avoid problems.

– Invest Only What You Can Afford

It’s important to make sure that you only invest your money in the right places. You should also make sure that you only out in what you can risk. Every single investment is going to be a risk, and if you risk too much out of your hand, you could potentially miss out on earning some good money, so be sure to invest your cash after carefully checking to see wha twirls for you. There are some people who recommend being a little less cautious and just investing a bit more than you should, and doing so may be all that you need.

It’s always recommended to ask for personal advice from professionals to make sure that you know what’s going on. Working with the Madison Street Capital can be a helpful way for helping you out when it comes down to providing you with personal advice focused on your investments. You are going to find that they can help give you a wide range of great information and helpful advice that can save you from putting your money in the wrong places. Madison Street Capital allows you to get an inside look on your business choices so that you invest properly and make better choices.