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Getting to Know More About Beneful

Whether someone is a dog owner or not, there is a pretty good chance that he or she has heard the word Beneful used at some point or another. Beneful is a brand of dog food that is made by Nestle Purina and is one of their most popular dog food brands. This brand in particular produces different types of food for dogs including wet and dry dog food that comes in multiple flavors. As a matter of fact Beneful was the fourth most popular dog food brand in 2012 and has generated as much as 1.5 Billion dollars in annual revenue. Beneful was first introduced onto the market back in 2001 and has seen a significant amount of success since then. The meaning of the word “Beneful” is defined as meaning “full of goodness”. Beneful had the largest television advertising campaign in Nestle Purina’s history coming in at around 34 Million dollars. Besides producing wet and dry dog food, Nestle Purina’s Beneful also produces canned dog food and also produces snacks as well. Beneful is also the first dog food to produce food that is made from soy protein rather than the typical meat protein that many of the other leading dog food producers do. Beneful also produces a type of dog food that is different than the one’s mentioned before with it being made Grain Free. Some of the dry dog food flavors that Beneful makes include Chicken flavor as well as Beef flavor and they come with actual chicken bites as well as beef bites in them. They also produce a salmon flavor that contains real salmon bites in it making it very appetizing for dogs. The wet dog food that Beneful produces is also very nutritious for dogs as it is made with real meats such as chicken and beef while also containing tomatoes, carrots and wild rice.

Small Stores Can Rely On The OSI Group

It is true that OSI Group, LLC ( is the leading food processing company in the United States, and it hopes to soon be the leading food processing company in all the world. However, the OSI Group does not look down on local corner-stores. It will happily do business with the smallest store in the country.

Small corner-stores have the option to get a variety of foods from the number one food supplier in the United States. These foods consist of items like eggs, cheese, sausage, ham, and similar items. Other items include pizza, chicken, fries, and nacho cheese. These are just some of the many items that are available through OSI. The food given to corner-stores from OSI can come neatly packaged in frozen form, and it can even be delivered ready to serve.

There are many other benefits that small stores can gain from OSI. One of those benefits is the inventory service that is provided by OSI Group. The cost of the inventory service is cheap, and it can be built right into the cost of the food. The inventory service is ideal for store owners that do not have a staff. All the store owner has to do is work the register and keep the store clean. OSI Group, LLC will have a representative keep track of all the items that are purchased by the store.


If that’s not good enough, store owners can mail in their receipts to OSI on a weekly basis, and a representative will keep track of all the products that have been sold from week to week. This will come in handy when a store owner needs to file taxes or when a store owner is audited by the IRS. OSI Group also has representatives from all languages, so store owners never have to be afraid to contact this company.

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In addition to this, representatives are available seven days a week and all hours of the day and night; this includes minor and major holidays, too. These representatives can be contacted over the phone, through a chat service, or via email. Whichever method is used by a store owner, OSI promises that a representative will be in contacted within 30 minutes from the initial message from the store owner. OSI Group wants more and more business owners to get out of the industry days where they feel like they are not going to make it through the night.