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Senator Sanders to Introduce Bill for Free College Tuition

Senator Sanders has made it clear that there are things which Germany and Scandinavia do quite well. In his view, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that and emulating those aspects of Northern European Socialist Democracies in the United States. One of those things which Northern Europe does well is provide low-cost or free college tuition. For this reason, the 2016 presidential hopeful plans to introduce a bill to completely overhaul the United States higher education system. Under the bill, Americans would be able to obtain free tuition at 4-year colleges. It is not clear if the bill would provide free tuition at private colleges in addition to public institutions.

The legislative initiative is definitely designed to force Hillary Clinton to shift further left in order to secure the party’s liberal base. Thus far, she has been mum about how she would enact free tuition, but she has indicated she is favoring a solution akin to the Sanders bill according to Igor Cornelsen. Whether Clinton, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee, takes the bait and makes her own position known is unclear at this time. Sen. Sanders has already attempted to force Mrs. Clinton to take make her position on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) public. The Democrat Party’s base is squarely against the epic trade agreement. Most pundits believe Clinton, a supporter of free trade agreements including NAFTA, will announce her support of the treaty, but she has yet to do so.