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How the Move Towards Organic Pet Food Can Be Beneficial for Beneful

A drastic movement in food has occurred in the United States over the last decade or so. The farm to table movement has swept the nation and inspired an entire country to take a serious look at their diets and the consequences that are resulting from them. Vegetarian, Vegan, Farm to Table, and Wal-Mart stores have cropped up in alarming numbers. Restaurants are creating menus to cater to the holistic food movement. Educational facilities are making an effort to eliminate fried foods and sweets from their lunch programs in favor of baked goods and vegetables. Why the sudden interest in sustainable and healthy foods? The reason for the shift to healthy diets is the fact that the consumer population has become aware of the harmfulness of the standard American diet. This diet is not natural and is filled with man made and chemically laden products that often result in obesity, disease, and death. An unexpected result of this food movement is the fact that pet food companies have also become part of the shift towards health, organic foods.
Beneful, one of the producers of organic pet food, has listed as one of it reasons for developing a healthier pet food the improvement of the quality and longevity of the lives of animals. This shift from traditional, chemically laden and byproduct filled pet foods has been extremely successful for the company. Beneful has been able to improve sales because pet owners truly do care about the quality of the pet food that they buy. Pets are not merely animals to pet owners, but are members of their families. With this in mind, Beneful tries to operate by its core mission to develop products that families can be proud to feed to their pets.

The shift towards organic pet food has also been extremely beneficial to companies like Beneful because of the upgraded reputation of the brand due to the quality of the food. Now, organic pet food shoppers associate Beneful not only with quality pet food, but with pet food that is extremely beneficial to their pets. They now know wishes to support the overall health of their animals. Follow Beneful: