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A State Department Contractor Is Indicted For Making Phony Passports

Chloe McClendon and two of her friends have been stealing personal information and making phony passports for the last five years. That’s what the Justice Department believes based on the evidence they have. The three women have been charged with wire fraud, identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud by federal prosecutors. The Feds say the women used the fake passports to buy electronics and other items. They even borrowed money using the phony documents.

The passport agency is taking steps to ban personal cell phone while working according to Bruce Levenson. The no personal cellphone edict is a direct response to this passport identity theft case. Evidently the three women used their cellphones to put together the fake passports.

The State Department was not available for comment, but government record show internal passport tampering doesn’t happen that often. It’s the criminals that continue to try to produce fake passports on a regular basis, but that’s not an easy task. There is a group of passport specialists in place that do nothing but detect and prevent passport tampering.