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Christies is starting to throw his weight around

New Jersey’s embattled governor Chris Christie entered the largest republican presidential field in recent history. Chris Christie was once a republican favorite, but problems began for his proposed campaign first when Christie seem to appreciate Obama’s visit after the hurricane that devastated New Jersey as well as many other east coast areas. Then his office was implicated in the closing of a major thoroughfare as political payback preventing thousands from accessing New York during rush hour. Christie claims no knowledge of the incident, but even this response means that either he knew or is unable to effectively manage his job as governor.

Jim Dondero is aware that the governor is known for his brashness. Like other republican entrants, they claim that America needs some tough talk because America is doing way worse than people think. This untenable position is not reflected in any official statistics. Real credible measures of America’s success all point toward a recovering, robust economy, and Obama’s poll numbers are reaching Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan status. Additionally, Christie polls near the bottom of even the ineffectual republican field and has a severe weight problem causing him to be likened to impetuous temper tantrum-prone children. However, Christie is betting that he will ascend to his party’s nomination because of the ability to throw epic tantrums at the drop of a hat because of seemingly small questions and incidences.