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About Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital And Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is a Dubai based British business person and owner of Solo Capital. He is also a dedicated philanthropist who directs his efforts towards autism. Sanjay Shah is the founder of the autism awareness and research charity, Autism Rocks. Before he formed Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah partially participated in philanthropic missions in India where he helped less privileged children access medical care. In 2011 after his son was diagnosed with autism, he directed his philanthropic efforts to Autism and became a full-time philanthropist. Sanjay Shah uses Autism Rocks to spread awareness about autism and funds research into autism through the money raised by the charity. Sanjay Shah organizes private concerts by international celebrities to help raise money for autism. The first concert by Autism Rocks had a performance by the prince.Sanjay Shah and his wife donated buses to the Autism Center in Dubai in his first philanthropic move.

Solo Capital Markets is a global financial boutique that deals with investments, proprietary trading and general business consulting. Under its proprietary trading, it deals with FX, consumer commodities, and market derivatives. As a consulting firm, it offers to advise on investments, its market performance and the human capital the investment needs to prosper. It also manages professional sports investments. Its duties under this department include talent acquisition, commercial advisory, and representation, asset management, and performance management. Solo Capital has highly qualified and professional employees who are equipped with good market knowledge and experience. These employees provide the best consumer services in the market.

Solo Capital recently purchased Old Park Lane Capital and added it to its group of companies. The Old Park Lane is a stockbroker firm that specializes in natural resources stocks all over the world. The acquisition of this firm by Solo Capital shows, Solo Capital’s interest to venture into the natural resources industry as one of its expansion strategies. This Old Park Lane Capital takeover also comes at the height moment to save the struggling firm from collapsing due to continuous losses. Old Park Lane Capital was under threat of collapse after it made a £435,578 loss for the financial year to December 31, 2013. This is despite having made a profit of £82,056 in 2012 and a turnover of £1.8 million. In 2013, the turnover reduced by 57pc over to £777,527 by the end of the year.

For a long time, there have been rumors circulating around about this acquisition, but it has now been made official. Solo Capital has also appointed its current chief executive, Anne Stratford-Martin, as the new director of the board of management at Old Park Lane. The staff and clients of Old Park Lane are hoping that under this new ownership the company will be able to retrace its steps to success. The firm will get a financial hosting as part of this deal that will enable it to start its operations in the right foot.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a business professional with many years of experience in the investing business. He started out as an accountant working for an accounting firm after graduating from college. He worked there for a number of years before he decided to start his own brokerage business. He originally attended King’s College in Central London to study medicine. It didn’t take him too long to realize that being a doctor wasn’t something that he wanted to do. That’s why he decided to go into the accounting field of work. After working in the accounting business for a number of years, he decided that he wanted to work for himself. That’s when Solo Capital came about. He started his company by hiring a few graduates and trading partners to help him get his business up and running. It didn’t take him long to grow the business into a million dollar business. It’s estimated net worth is now $280 million.

The success of his business has been a huge accomplishment. Solo Capital is successfully run in Dubai and in Central London. There are approximately 39 offices that are currently proving to grow and be successful. With the increase in business and the success Shah has had with Solo Capital, it has allowed him to foresee other areas of interest. He is financially stable enough to take a back seat to Solo Capital and let his business partners continue to run the business so he can pursue other passions of his. He started a fundraiser charity for Autism, named Autism Rocks.

He is currently focusing his efforts on Autism Rocks and is passionate about the success as well as the details behind the charity. It’s especially close to his heart because his son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. At the time, he didn’t know how exactly to help his son and other around him. He had been donating to children in India for a number of years. Now he’s able to also donate his money as well as help raise money for the cause to help others in need. He was in a stable financial position and able to get the necessary help for his son, but realizes that not everyone has that luxury. He has spent years researching the details of Autism in hopes for a cure and hoping to help others around him. He has been able to pair with famous music artists and their concerts to help raise money for the charity. It wasn’t until an afternoon visit with his friend, Snoop Dogg that he realized he should get back into the music industry. One he has staged certain gigs with certain artists; he was able to help raise money through the concert for Autism Rocks.

Joseph Bismarck: How Spirituality Translates to Business Success

Joseph Bismark is a man whose personal faith and spirituality translates into his overall success as a businessman. As a member on the board of directors for Qnet, he believes in integrity, and knowing that fellow business colleagues can bond with one another for a common objective. Some people questioned whether an individual could be able to remain strong in his or her faith despite handling the day to day pressures of being involved in making decisions in the corporate world. However, Bismark has been able to allow his overall belief show as his greatest strength.

Born in the Philippines, Bismark’s path toward a spiritual calling came when he decided to become a monk when he was younger. When he entered into the business world, he decided to combine what he learned with business principles so that he could have greater peace of mind dealing with decisions that were made in the corporate structure. He believes that when success is made, this also should translate into a spiritual awakening. This should reflect into the minds and hearts of all employees so they can deal with their customers with less stress. As he moved up the corporate ladder, becoming Managing Director for the Qi Group in 2008, this proved to be true as he established himself as an emerging leader. 

As a author and motivational speaker, he talks about his principles in a means to motivate other business that would like to understand the effectiveness of this management style. It has translated into a greater understanding of how employee should deal with daily situation on the job not only with fellow colleagues, but also with customers. However, it also helps them to feel better on the overall job environment in peace and mind, which is a quality that everyone needs to have.

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