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Avi Weisfogel, The Man Curing Sleep Apnea

What causes sleep anxiety and sleep apnea? What causes so many Americans to can’t sleep simply because of pain, discomfort or simply the inability to breathe properly during the daily sleep hours? There are many possible causes of the sleep disorder and the problem in the breathing system at night, including heart diseases, diabetes, and other diseases. With such extensive options, it is very obvious that science is still walking slowly towards a convenient solution to these issues.

1. Avi Weisfogel, Owner of Dental Sleep Masters, has made his lifetime research the goal of finding the causes of severe breathing while sleeping and try to find a cure for the undiagnosed cases. He has found success in making that research worthwhile, as his research team, the Dental Sleep Masters, have already found treatment to all of the remaining causes of the breathing disruption.

“Before Dental Sleep, every time I laid in bed, my eyes started itching, and my throat started itching as well, and I couldn’t breathe. Many remedies that treat allergies were given to me, but none worked. It was only when I met the team of Dental Sleep Masters that I found a permanent solution with one of the cleanses that they recommended to me. It was simply an irritation that I had that needed no pharmaceutical, heavy medication, just a little bit of special attention.”

2. Avi has improved what medicine knows about sleep disorders tremendously, having made the subject his career since he founded his first startup, the Old Bridge Dental Care, which he managed for fifteen years and established in 1999. Since then, problems with sleeping were his specialty.

Avi Weisfogel has launched a Go Fund Me campaign in 2016 that focuses on finding people that want to contribute to his mission in the search for solutions for sleep apnea. Although the group Dental Sleep Masters is continuously evolving, his Go Fund Me campaign is meant for people that want to further the advances of the research and help more people as a result of it.