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Maggie Gill is the Chief executive officer and the president of Memorial Health center. She joined the organization in 2004 as the vice president of finance and became the chief operating officer in the year 2005. Due to her competency and aggressiveness in her job she was later promoted to her current position as the president of the organization. Her main role involves providing leadership to the senior members of the organization to ensure that the health center runs smoothly. She also manages the health center’s facilities and is part of the management of memorial Health University. Prior to joining the health center she worked at Tenet south Health Systems for a period of five years. Maggie Gill has won few awards that have given her recognition in the health sector.

Maggie has also done well in her education having been awarded a behavioral neuroscience Ph.D. from Kansas University. She later conducted her postdoctoral fellowship at Medical University of South Carolina. After her fellowship she ventured into teaching neuroscience and psychology at North Central College. Due to her outstanding performance she is in the list of Becker hospital review that contains prominent people running 135 nonprofit hospitals and health care systems. The program entails letting people in towards knowing the chief executive officers running the organizations. She is good at what she does and that made her appear on this list because the list was created through nomination and discretion. This means that other people recognize the work that she does and the passion she has towards her responsibilities.

Under her leadership the health center won seven awards in the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards. The awards recognize teams that give exceptional services to the people and the community at large. Under her leadership the team at Memorial Health care has become good at their jobs and love what they would for the community. In addition to her career and achievement Maggie has a life outside the confinements of her office job. She enjoys spending time with her family as it is the most important thing in her life outside the office.