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Media Tries to Figure Out Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Strategy

Political pundits in the media are struggling to determine just what will be Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House. Her husband became the first Democrat reelected as president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt precisely because he was able to articulate a centrist agenda. This allowed him to carry the critical swing votes in traditional GOP strongholds.

By contrast, Barrack Obama largely wrote off the swing vote and white male vote choosing instead to build a new coalition of various minority groups in the South, West, and Great Lakes states. Naturally, pundits are curious as to which approach Mrs. Clinton will take. It appears that many pundits believe she will seek to reduplicate the Obama approach and write off swing voters. This will allow her to shift hard left to unify her base and maintain Obama’s electoral lock on the presidency.

There is good reason to believe that Mrs. Clinton will adopt that strategy says Dr. Daniel Amen. For starters, she has recently flip-flopped on a host of issues such as immigration reform, same sex marriage, voting rights, and criminal justice with each new position being identical to that of her party’s Warren wing. Also, the political landscape has changed dramatically from the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. Politics has become polarizing which has reduced the number of swing voters. At the same time, the case can be made that Mrs. Clinton is merely giving her party’s base the red meat it wants during the primary season. Once she has locked away the nomination, she will start shifting back to the political center.