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How customers of Securus Technologies feel about the use of technology to prevent and solve crime

Securus Technologies are one of the leading companies in the provision of technological solutions for investigations, the safety of the public, monitoring and corrections. They have shared a few of the comments that have been made by their customers about the quality of the services which they offer. Below is a sample of what many of their satisfied customers had to say about their service.

The chief executive officer at Securus, Rick Smith stated that once a week, the company developed and released a product that was aimed at helping the law enforcement fraternity deal with crimes by preventing and solving them. Richard reiterates that as a company, building safety is in their DNA. The comments that are shared here have been redacted to states to protect the innocent.

One of the customers states that as a result of the technologies they were connected with by Securus for their office, they were able to net a corrupt member of the staff. The person was caught trying to introduce contraband into the corporate environment.

Yet another one says that they were able to use the technology offered by the company to track cell phone conversations that were being made between inmates and that information that as threatening in nature, inmate ownership of cellular devices, and money transfer plans were thwarted. There are other companies who claim that they have been relying on the services offered by Securus for close to a decade and that in the entire time, they have not had any reason to complain about the quality of the service. Other people that work in law enforcement claim that they have been listening in to conversations between incarcerated inmates and their siblings and that information shared on the telephone calls amount to witness tampering, and this will be useful to their investigation.

In summary, Securus seems to be making really significant steps in improving the safety standards in both the correctional facilities and public domain.


My Experience With Securus And Global Tel-Link

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Securus Technologies lately. If you know Securus, then you know at least one person who has been to prison. Securus is a telecommunications company that only provides its services to prison and jail facilities.


If you know someone in prison, then I hope you haven’t had the displeasure of doing business with their competitor, Global Tel-Link. That company is the worst. They made me set up an account with them, pay them to put money into the account, and then they got busy hitting me with all sorts of fees. At the end of the day, I was paying a couple hundred bucks per week for terrible service. Oh yeah, did I mention that the telephone calls were the worst? They dropped all the time and you spent half the call repeating yourself.


Securus, on the other hand, lets me video chat with my husband. This video visitation, as they call it, has saved our relationship. With Global Tel-Link, I had to pay over one dollar per minute for terrible telephone calls. With Securus, I pay less than three dollars per video session and I get to see my baby.


That’s why I am writing this blog. I want the entire world to know that Securus is really helping me out, and I want everyone to know just how well this video service works. I heard that Securus is trying to spread the word with ads and viral videos. But what better source of positive press is there than word of mouth.


The difference between Securus and Global Tel-Link couldn’t be any clearer. One of them helps their customers out by bringing them together with new tech. The other company just abuses its position to charge you astronomical fees so they can make a killing.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation Revolutionizing Communication Inmates

The days has come when you no longer need take the time to drive to jail and wait in those long lines to visit your loved ones in prison. With the help of Securus Technologies Video Visitation application, you would rather conveniently schedule your next visit according to your availability. You do not have to be subjected to limited visitation again.


More importantly, your will be able to share those magical moments with incarcerated friends and friends, and they will feel at home. Imagine inmates’ moms and dads reading a story to their child before they sleep, imagine parents from prison watching their children blow birthday candles, participating in sports events, or even watching their favorite pets.


Securus Technologies is a Texas-based firm, and the company has emerged as a leading developer of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company also develops cutting-edge and high-tech solutions for investigation, monitoring, and public safety. The company features 28 years of services to correctional facilities. Currently, Securus Technologies have been contracted by more than 3450 law enforcement agencies. The company also monitors more than 1.2 million inmates in the United States facilities.


Securus Technologies has announced a susscesful adoption of its mobile Video Visitation application for both Android and Apple platforms. And according to PR Newswire, just within six months since the launch, the Android app had received more than 65,000 downloads. The Apple App had received more 5500 downloads within just two weeks since it was launched. This is a clear indication people are becoming fans of the new Video Visitation App from Securus America Technologies.


BBB says the Securus Video Visitation app represents a revolutionized way through which friends and families can connect with their loved ones. It is a more convenient way that adds mobility function unlike traditional phone call and visits. The Video Visitation application eliminates the need for tethered web cameras, additional hardware, and computers. What you just need to use the app, is your android or apple devices with access to Wi-Fi or cellular services.


The Video Visitation app is free to download, and can be found on Google Play or App store. Moreover, the Video Visitation enables users to synchronized visitation details with calendars, receive notification, and test Wi-Fi and cellular connections for optimal video quality.


Securus Video Visitation app has gone a long way in bringing friends and families together through sharing special moments anytime with loved ones in correction facilities. While eliminating inconvenient logistics of traveling to jails and phone calls that are not enough,

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