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Fashion Events Made Accessible By Magnises

Magnises has recently helped its members get into the upcoming fashion show at AMCONYC. This fashion week shows off the upcoming trends of the spring and summer of 2017. This coming event is filled with a lot of great looking designs and colors that are flattering to women of different body types. These types of events are often very hard to get into. Fortunately, Magnises takes care of all of the hard work for its members. Therefore, they not only get to visit the events, but they also get to enjoy the upcoming styles and designs from the best seats in the house.


Magnises offers access to many different events in culture. A lot of them are art related. Even fashion itself can be consider a form of art. Designers put together clothes that people could wear as a form of self expression. During fashion week events, people are able to take a look at all of the different outfits that are put together. They get to enjoy some of the most beautiful outfits as well as some really weird designs and colors. Designers often have fun with the clothes they create and Magnises offers its members the chance to experience some of the fun that is had with the designs. offers more info.

For those that are interested in art walks, and other cultural events, Magnises has the pass that is needed for people to join in on the often exclusive events without any hassle. The founder of the company, Billy McFarland, understands the importance of being able to live a fun and fulfilling life. With Magnises, he has managed to take lifestyles that are only experienced by the elite few and make it accessible to more people with an annual fee of only $250. Members have access to many events in many different cities.  Click here for related topics.

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Why Invest in Gold?

The US Money Reserve may not be what you think it is? It is not the big bad “Federal Reserve” that will send its goons and henchmen to kill or arrest you when you do not pay them their cut. The US Money Reserve is actually quite the opposite. The US Money Reserve is here to help. They are one of the worlds largest gold distributors. The US Money Reserve serves numerous people who look to invests their money in precious metals. They have a staff of the best in the business. The US Money Reserve sells coins that are backed by the US Government and authorized by Congress. All coins are produced with “face value” denominations which makes them legal tender in the US. Founded in 2001, the US Money Reserve has an annual revenue of $500 million. The US Money Reserve sells the best quality precious metals in the world. With products such as gold bullion, silver bullion, gold numismatic coins, and platinum numismatic coins.

Founded by gold market veterans, the US Money Reserve strives continuously to provide its services, experience, and expert market knowledge to over one hundred thousand customers. The US Money Reserve has gold numismatic coins for sell. The list is extensive and impressive. The 1986-2010 American Eagle Proof Gold coins in fifty,twenty-five,ten,and five dollar denominations are .9167 fine gold. They also sell Modern Congressional Gold Coins from as early as 1984 up to 2008. The “w” mark American Eagle gold coins are available in mint state. The US Money Reserve also has Ultra-High Relief Double Eagle gold coins, American Buffalo gold coins, First spouse gold coins, Pre 1933 US gold coins, and a large variety of American Eagle platinum proof coins.

Thousands of clients trust the company to help them chose the coins that will afford the highest value in the market. That is why they are a proud member of the Business Consumer Alliance.

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The Dorchester Collection: Striving for Luxury and Excellence

The Dorchester Collection is a luxury hotel company that manages 10 five star hotels located in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Switzerland, and Italy. The Dorchester Collection began in 1987 when Hassanal Bolkiah bought the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel. In 2006 the Dorchester Collection was officially established to manage some of the world’s leading luxury hotels. Dorchester Collection is dedicated to their vision of passion for excellence and innovation and to honor each individual iconic hotel and its heritage.

Each of the Dorchester Collection’s hotels has its own original character accented by contemporary styling and state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities range from the service to the decadent restaurants. These restaurants are award winning and feature everything from afternoon tea to a modern grill.

The Dorchester Collection even offers relaxing spas to its guests. Here guests will be pampered where 1930s Art Deco glamour meets a modern contemporary edge that is inspired by the iconic British style only the Dorchester Collection can offer. Guests can enjoy signature facials, aromatherapy, relaxation rooms and aromatic steam rooms. The Dorchester Collection also offers a fitness studio with full weight sets.

Each of the Dorchester Collection’s 10 hotels is outstandingly located near key destinations in each locations city. In addition to the outside view, Dorchester Collection hotels seek to embody the culture of the city to provide guests the feel of the city both inside and out.

The Dorchester Collection is not a stagnant company and is constantly seeking to improve for its guests. Dorchester Collection is hoping to expand to manage 15 luxury hotels very soon. From its founding in 1987 and 2006, the Dorchester Collection has brought new meaning to the words luxury hotel offering state-of-the-art facilities, guest service, a spa and fitness studio. The Dorchester Collection has certainly lived up to their vision of passion for excellence and innovation and to honor each individual iconic hotel and its heritage. Be sure to like The Dorchester Collection on their Facebook!