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A Road Map to Success in the Investment Industry by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a veteran in the well-established Brazilian banking arena. He has several decades of work experience. He is a graduate who specialized in business management and entrepreneurship. Throughout his long career, he has worked with a variety of clients, including high-net-worth individuals as well as local and foreign customers. Cornelsen is a consultant who assists entrepreneurs to establish directory accounts, foreign exchange, and institutional investments.


Igor Cornelsen advice to entrepreneurs


Cornelsen currently works at Bainbridge Investments in the role of a consultant and partner of the firm. Having served in both the banking and finance industry for a while, he understands market trends and strives to study and interpret the stock exchange. He also frequents cable news shows to give investment advice to upcoming entrepreneurs. Cornelsen encourages people to view investments as long- term opportunities rather than ways to make quick money. According to Cornelsen, indulging in long-term ventures enables one to save for their retirement and college fees for their children. Cornelsen is a believer that scattered investments are the best strategies in the stock market business. This approach is beneficial because it enables business people to diversify their portfolio. He also encourages entrepreneurs to conduct thorough research before purchasing stock. This strategy is to ensure that they involve themselves with firms that have excellent track record of staff retention and management.


Igor Cornelsen and the foreign market


Cornelsen is a champion of investing in overseas markets. For years he has earned and generated so much wealth from venturing in international trade. For this reason, Cornelsen encourages investors to look beyond their home countries. When talking at global platforms, he encourages investors to start viewing Brazil as a hub for wealth creation. According to Cornelsen, the Brazilian economy is similar to the Chinese market. He also encourages entrepreneurs to be conversant with the regulations of the country they wish to invest at by conducting research. Cornelsen believes that each country has its pros and cons and that every businessperson should know this before they decide to set up their businesses in these countries. Cornelsen spends most of his time in Florida and Brazil where he oversees his businesses and investments. Cornelsen is retired and spends his free time playing golf.


Martin Lustgarten is a Leader in Investment Banking

Martin Lustgarten is Austrian-born American investment banking professional. He is a market leader in this field. Investment banking involves the provision of financial-related and various services to corporations, individuals and governments.

The services include raising of financial capital by acting as the clients’ agents or underwriting in the issuance of securities. Martin Lustgarten is a pro in this area whose experience calls for acclaim. Martin is one of the major brains in the investment banking. He has served his clients with quality and effective services for many years.

Martin is based in Florida and is a leading advocate for international investments. He has invested in various countries to maximize benefits from local growth and at the same time minimizing risks. He is an avid observer and follower of market trends. This ability has allowed him to provide on-time quality services to his broad client base.

Martin is a prolific role model in investment for a range of investors. In many occasions, he had demonstrated his ability to pinpoint market trends before their emergence. Martin is always ready to offer thoughtful investment banking pieces of advice and step-to-step moves for the realization of financial success.

Martin’s smart moves, strategies, and hardworking professional profile have enabled him to his investments quickly. He recommends that investors should maintain a diverse international investment portfolio, which is vital for expanding and growing once wealth. He also guides individuals in making wise investments for their retirement plan. Individuals should plan well in order to enjoy the comfort of their retirement period.

Martin urges organizations, governments, and individuals to make good use of the recovering economy. Economic recovery ensures financial stability and enables investors to expand their wealth with minimal risks of market downturns. Individuals should always plan for bright plans associated with financial success.

This is possible if individuals make wise and effective investment decisions. This requires the services of an investment-banking expert such as Martin Lustgarten. Apart from investment banking career, Martin Lustgarten is a lover of all things that are vintage, a collector of all items that are beautiful, curious, juggler, and is Vintage watch trader.

Everything You Need to Know about Raj Fernando

A lot can be said about Raj Fernando; he is a Philanthropist, a successful trader, and a political Supporter. Before starting his company Chopper Trading in 2002, Fernando gained an extensive experience in the Stock exchange industry. He started out by working at the lowest position on the Chicago Board of Trade in 1991. He slowly rose his position to becoming a member in 1997, he retained this position until 2003.

Apart from being successful at business, Raj Fernando is a generous person and a philanthropist especially in the City of Chicago. Fernando raised Chopper Trading to donate about $1.7 million to several nonprofit organizations in 2011. The company today features more than 250 employees. Fernando gives to several organizations and even when one of his employees has a need. is a recently launched startup by Mr. Fernando. He is an expert in technological innovations and financial markets. He is actively involved in foreign policy organizations and today serves at the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee and at the Brookings Institute too. He is also the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the American Security Project.

Fernando’s career in the financial markets never had a big start. He started at the least positions and had several years of trading. By the year 2004, he was able to work on a full-time basis at the Chopper Trading and technological leader. As the CEO, he was able to manage, implement and design several complex systems. He developed trading, monitoring, communications and risk management systems that were highly beneficial in the industry.

Mr. Fernando has participated in multiple policies and industry conferences in the nation. In 2013, he addressed a big audience of media and shareholders at the annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leadership Conference. This was an exclusive industry forum meant to find new financial marketing strategies.

Mr. Fernando sold Chopper to DRW Trading in 2015. DRW is a leading company in the financial sector field. After this, he launched his business with the name; an internet startup that delivers a reliable information to individuals and enterprises. The company’s objective is to increase professional and corporate growth in the industry.

More about Mr. Fernando:


Today’s content is all about what most financial advisors will not tell you. The Wall Street Journal is bringing this to your attention to you remain armed with the knowledge. This way you can make more informed choices, even better informed choices when it comes to your investments.
1)Most financial people will not tell you this, but they want you to be honest. Most have a hard time doing business with clients who have trouble being honest with the institution and themselves. There is an old saying, “To know thine own self is to be true”.

If you can’t identify who you are and what you want, how can you make good choices?

2)Most professional money people will not say this, but most feel this way. “If it’s not on our approved list of stocks, we really wish you wouldn’t do this or that”.

It is up to the client, ultimately; but, most professionals according to a study by the PR Newswire do have their own opinions. if we tell them not to do something, there is usually a pretty good reason for it. Please take your advisor’s thoughts in mind. It’s kind of an unsaid rule. Most financial people do not feel the need to express thoughts or feelings which should be obvious.


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