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Troy McQuagge An Innovative Leader Who Knows How To Create Growth

President and CEO of US HEALTH Group, Inc., Troy McQuagge, was named the winner of the One Planet Business Award for 2016. The One Planet Business Award is highly coveted, as it recognizes companies and individuals for their professional and business acumen globally. Companies of all industry types that are public, private, for-profit, and non-profit are all capable of being selected for the One Planet Business Award, whether they are established or a small start-up. Troy McQuagge of US HEALTH Group, Inc. was selected out of many qualified nominees, because of his commitment to excellence and outstanding results within his industry.


Troy joined US HEALTH Group, Inc. in 2010, and quickly sought to re-build the agency by re-tooling Advisors. Soon, Troy found himself elected President and CEO in 2014. During Mr. McQuagge’s time working for US HEALTH Group, Inc. the company has seen phenomenal levels of growth, profit, and success in an extremely competitive health insurance market. US HEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Ft. Worth, Texas. This insurance holding company has focused on providing innovative insurance coverage, which is affordable, yet capable of growing with client needs. Clients for US HEALTH Group, Inc. are predominantly self-employed or small business owners. Superior customer service is a top aspect of the company, in addition to offering competitive insurance products.


Troy McQuagge is a veteran within the insurance industry, with over 33 years of experience under his belt. Under Troy’s leadership, US HEALTH Group, Inc. has seen record sales growth and profits for 4 consecutive years. Troy received his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida. His interest in building a career in health insurance began early when he first joined Allstate Insurance in 1983. He later moved on to UICI in 1995 and continued on an upward trajectory to be recognized as the business leader he is today, at US HEALTH Group, Inc. Troy has continued to win numerous awards, honoring his business prowess and leadership skills. He has received awards for Sales Growth, Field Sales, and Fastest Growing Company under the Stevie Awards for 2015 and 2016. Troy has also been awarded for being CEO of the Year, in addition to being honored as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year for the 2016 CEO World Awards. Troy is also committed to volunteering and cares about many causes. He currently is a Community Volunteer for Trinity Habitat for Humanity.