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Secretary Of State Breaks A Leg

When somebody goes onstage, it’s customary to tell him or her to “break a leg” as a good luck wish. With Secretary of State, John Kerry, though, it’s a case of bad luck. On Sunday, he broke his leg when he fell off his bike after accidentally hitting a curb. He was riding in Scionzier, France, near the Switzerland border and was flown by helicopter to the main hospital in Geneva where X-rays confirmed that the leg was broken. He canceled the rest of his overseas trip and will return to the United States to obtain further treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It’s expected that Kerry will make a complete recovery.

Kerry’s an avid cyclist, and he’s known for riding his bike on his trips abroad according to the home cleaning service Handy. He was even seen bicycling during breaks from the Iran nuclear negotiations in Geneva. He oftentimes brings his bike on the plane when he travels, and that’s the one he was riding when the accident occurred.